After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 527

Chapter 527: Don’t interrupt my art explanation

The elf elder came. Although it was late, the elf elder didn’t mind moving at night. There was also a tribe of high rank elves that specialized in moving at night, called the night elves.

The more than 900-year-old man looked very excited now. As soon as he arrived in front of Robb, he couldn’t wait to say, “Sir, I heard from your maid that you wanted to invite me to carry out a literary and artistic creation?”

Robb couldn’t help laughing, [look at this old man’s joy! He beat the monster army, ate delicious cakes and took the train. So many wonderful things didn’t make the old man as happy as this. Now that he had to ask him to write something. Why did he become like this? As expected, the most proud skills of the elves were literature and poems?]

“Calm down, sir,” Robb said, “the script I want you to write is not a literary work. It’s different from poems, novels, literature and so on.”

“Oh?” the elf elder rubbed his white beard and asked, “what’s the difference?”

Robb, “the difference is that the script is used to shoot a movie. The dialogue should be written in the most honest and closest tone to the character’s usual tone. It can’t be written in the mode of those tall poems and novels.”

The elf elder let out a sigh and said, “in other words, you want me to write vulgar words, right? That’s very degrading, isn’t it? Well, if I don’t write it or not, what I want to write is very noble literature, and it’s very profound. How can I write such superficial things?”

Robb put on a serious face and began to fool him, “You’re wrong! Do you think that you can’t show something profound with vulgar slang?”

The elf elder shook his head and said, “I don’t think so!”

“Well, let me give you an example.”

Robb began to tell stories, “in the past, there was a person who wanted to live in a big house since he was a child, so he worked hard to make money and finally bought a big house. Although he was very happy to have a new house, the money he earned was used up. He lived in an empty big house and there was no money for him to spend anymore, which made him feel very distressed.”

The elf elder said, “what’s so strange about this story? It’s very low.”

“What’s the hurry? I haven’t finished yet.” Robb continued, “so this person decided to make more money. He earned money, money, money, money, and money. So he piled these gold coins in his house, everywhere in the house, but he didn’t even have a place to stay. So he sat on the balcony every day.”

Robb pointed at a mansion in the distance. The elf elder opened the detection skill and saw that it was Nuolun’s home. At this time, he was sitting on the balcony and looking at the stars, looking very lonely and seeking defeat.

The elf elder said, “so it’s the story of Nuolun?”

“No, it’s not!” Robb said, “I just saw Nuolun on the balcony, so I used him as an example. Did you get anything from this story?”

The elf elder thought carefully, and suddenly seemed to understand something. “Oh, I see. This person makes money to buy a big house, but after buying a big house, he piles money in the house. However, he doesn’t have a big house to live in anymore, so he can only stay on the balcony. What’s the use of his money? Philosophy! It’s a really good story, full of imaginable space.”

Robb chuckled in his heart, [what philosophy! I’m just talking nonsense! Anyway, it’s your business.]

The elf elder said, “now I completely understand. Even with simple and easy words, I can draw a deep meaning. Hahaha, I can definitely write such a story, and then use the deep story I write to make a movie, right?”

“Yes, yes! That’s it!” Robb said, “but don’t really write the story I just told. Ordinary audience can’t understand it, only a literature master like you can understand it.”

Being praised, the elf elder was overjoyed. Being praised as an art master was much better than being praised for his magic fighting skill. He shook his head and said, “of course. How can an ordinary person know literature like me?”

“So…” Robb continued, “I suggest that when you write a story, you should focus on love stories. Romantic love stories are the most convenient to bear a deep feeling, and they directly point to people’s inner feelings. Don’t you think so?”

The elf elder nodded and said, “yes, you’re right. I also think that love stories are the best. I’ll go back and write a love story, and then try to make a movie with it. Haha, I even have an idea. The name of this story is called 《Woodlanders》.”

Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “Good Luck!”

The old man left happily. While walking, he was thinking about the beautiful and touching love story he was about to write. He was so absorbed in it that he fell on the halfway up the mountain and a bag fell on his head. But he didn’t care at all. The pain in his body wouldn’t affect his wealth in spirit.

The second morning, just at dawn, the elder elf took out a long story. At such an old age, he actually stayed up late to write a love story. Even if he was an elf, he was barely able to withstand it. With two dark circles under his eyes, he looked very strange.

However, when people started to do what they liked, no matter how tired they were, they were full of energy. He actually ran to Robb’s chapel yard early in the morning and sat opposite the stone table, waiting for Robb to get up.

As soon as Robb came out and sat down on his stone stool, the old man took out his own script and began to explain it. It was not until he got Robb’s confirmation that he said happily, “do you think this can be shot?”

“Yes!” although Robb felt that his story was a little old-fashioned, he guessed that people in this era would not mind it. After all, movies were new things, and even the audience would watch them with great interest.

The elf elder chuckled and said, “then I’ll go to prepare the actors now. I’ll find the most beautiful elf girl and the most handsome elf boy to shoot the most sad and beautiful love story…”

Just as the elf elder said this, a dragonhawk knight suddenly flew over from the sky and landed beside the two of them. The knight hurriedly reported, “Sir, I found a small group of wolf knights moving in the forest six miles away. What should we do?”

The elf elder turned around and hit the head of the knight with his walking stick. “Deal with this kind of small thing by yourself. Don’t interrupt my art explanation.”

The dragonhawk knight was speechless


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