After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 528

Chapter 528: The daughter of the lord chamberlain came again

Being bullied, the knight called out a small group of elf archers to pack up the wolf knights.

The elf elder went to arrange actors and actresses to prepare the magic props.

Robb was having breakfast when he suddenly saw the transmission portal behind the chapel rippling with a purple light. Then several guards jumped out. After confirming their safety, they bowed to him, and one of them returned to the portal.

Dozens of seconds later, the guard brought a beautiful woman through the transmission portal. She was the daughter of the lord chamberlain.

Her features were pure and beautiful, and she looked quite innocent. She was really a good choice to act Princess Sissi.

Today, she wore a long pale yellow dress, which was decorated with various jewelry, making her look bright. Unfortunately, this kind of dress would completely cover her legs. She used to like wearing gorgeous silk stockings, but now her long legs were covered by the skirt, which made Robb a little unhappy.

She took up the dress with her hands and made a curtsy to him from a distance. Then she came over in an elegant manner. While walking, she looked askance at the chapel next to her.

Robb could guess it without thinking. She wanted to see Robb Smith.

Alas, why did these women have a romantic brain? You can’t learn from me! I devoted myself to her career. Oh, no, it was all about laziness. It was troublesome to fall in love with someone, and it was troublesome to coax a woman. It wasn’t better than being lazy.

The daughter of the lord chamberlain came to Robb and bowed again. “Godfather, my father said that you wanted to shoot a love movie called Princess Sissi. He asked me to act, so I came.”

Robb smiled and said, “Did you voluntarily come here, or did you just follow your father’s orders? If it’s just your father’s orders, but you don’t want to do this voluntarily, I won’t force you.”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain blushed and said, “I wanted to come to Westwind town by my own will.”

“Oh? You just wanted to come to Westwind Town, not to act in a movie?”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain said, “I’m willing to do anything as long as I can come to Westwind Town, so I’m willing to act in the movie.”

“Okay, as you like. But… Robb Smith is busy with his study, so he doesn’t have time to see you.”

“Ah?” the daughter of the lord chamberlain obviously showed a very disappointed expression. She glanced at the chapel next to her, but she didn’t know which room Robb Smith usually lived in, so she didn’t even know which window she should look at. She could only glance around and then said pitifully, “he is so busy with his study that he is so busy now. Then…”

After saying half a sentence, she stopped in a hurry, but Robb had already sensed it. He guessed that this sentence should be “then what’s the use of me coming to Westwind town?”

Robb was speechless. Women, women, falling in love is really troublesome. If you have such an idea, can you still shoot the movie next? No, I can’t ruin a great movie. I have to find a way to cheer up the actors.

Robb had no choice but to say, “I’ve thought it over just now. The male lead of the movie hasn’t been decided yet. Why don’t I let Robb Smith be the male lead?”

“Oh?” the daughter of the lord chamberlain was overjoyed. “Really? Isn’t he very busy with his study?”

Robb said, “acting in a movie is also a kind of learning. People can’t just know fighting and killing, but also have some art recuperation. So I’ll let him shoot a movie to cultivate his character.”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice, “Okay, okay. Please make him the male lead. He will play the male lead, and I will play the female lead, right? Wow, I’m suddenly interested in acting.”

Robb was speechless

The daughter of the lord chamberlain quickly approached him and asked in a low voice, “Godfather, is there a kissing scene?”

Robb was speechless

“Judging from your expression, it seems that there is no kissing scene. Can’t you add it temporarily?”

Robb: (╯‘-’)╯︵┻━┻

“even if there is a kissing scene, it will sacrifice you!”

“Ah? Godfather, I don’t mind sacrificing myself for the art. There is no need to shoot at a different .”

When the two of them were having a good time, the sound of flapping wings came from the sky again. The dragonhawk knights flew over and landed beside Robb. A tall female archer jumped off the back of dragonhawk. She bowed to him and said, “Godfather, the army of the monsters is a little restless right now, as if they are about to organize their third attack.”

The monsters have attacked Westwind town twice now. The first time was with harpies, murlocs, and wolf riders.

The second time was with lava giants, caterpillars, and the kobolds.

“If the monster army attacks again this time, the number of troops they will send will definitely be more than the previous two, and it will be more difficult to deal with. Our elder is now obsessed with writing the script, so we can’t count on him, so I’m here to ask Godfather’s opinion.”

“They want to come here for the third time?” Robb said with a snicker, “it’s just in time. The first movie of the Lord of the Rings has achieved a great success. I’m about to start shooting the The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. There is a large-scale urban defending battle in this movie… Since the monsters want to take the initiative to be the mass actors for us, we can only thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their cooperation.”

Sweat broke out on the elf archer’s forehead. “Godfather, the monsters are coming to attack the town. It’s a big deal, a disaster. Why are you thinking about shooting a movie? Oh my God! Our elders and Godfather can’t be relied on anymore. It’s over.”

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Robb rested his hands on the back of his head and lay on his stone stool. He thought for a while. The most important scene The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was when the monsters attacked Helm’s Deep, which made the allied army of humans and elves desperately defend and resist the incoming monsters. In the end, Gandalf appeared with the reinforcements from Rohan and crushed the monsters in one go.

This scene was easy to make in his original world. The castle of helm’s deep could be made with computer special effects.

However, Robb couldn’t do computer special effects for now. He could only rely on reality. Although he didn’t have to completely do the same thing as Helm’s Deep in the original book of the Lord of the Rings, he couldn’t casually build a few stones or walls to fool people.

It was not a good time to waste cement in such a place.

Where should I shoot the scenes of Helm’s Deep?

Robb was in a dilemma when he suddenly saw commander Elsie, coming over. He brushed his face every day as a routine. “Godfather, good morning. I came to report to you the recent occurrences of the town .”

At the sight of his face, Robb suddenly remembered something. “Right, Westwind prison!”


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