After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 530

Chapter 530: Fear

Robb put the camera used to shoot the movie in his bag and asked Xuelu to carry it

He also handed a crystal ball to her and asked her to do the live broadcasting. Of course, this live was only transmitted to the LCD panel of the queen. Because what he was going to do next had something to do with the movie he was going to shoot. He didn’t want to spoil the show and make the audience disinterested in the movie.

Then he told Suofa to go to the prison to make some arrangements.

“Well, let’s go,” Robb said with a smile. “Miss queen, you can just watch how I make the monster army attack Westwind prison.”

He held Xuelu’s hand, but in the eyes of outsiders, it was a green skinned goblin and a red skinned goblin. The two goblins jumped into the sewer with a smile.

The dwarf sentry guarding the underground passage in the sewer was startled and was about to hit him with a hammer. Robb quickly said, “don’t hit me! It’s me!”

The dwarf sentry was confused. “Ah? Why is it the voice of the grandmaster blacksmith?”

Xuelu giggled and said, “don’t hit me, too.”

“Is this miss… Xuelu’s voice?” the dwarf sentry shook his beard and asked, “what magic is this? You look exactly like goblins.”

Robb didn’t explain. With a smile on his face, he pulled Xuelu and squeezed past the dwarf sentry. “Watch the underground passage and wait for me to come back.”

The two of them hopped into the underground passage like ordinary goblins, and then ran with swift wind. Soon, they ran dozens of miles and arrived at the valley where the monster army gathered.

Another two kobold sentries replaced the entrance of the underground passage. The two kobold sentries that were killed by Robb last time were burned to ashes by Robb, so no one knew that someone had invaded the temporary camp of the monster army. The monsters thought the two kobold sentries were deserters, but they didn’t care.

Anyway, the monster army was an army with poor training and loose management. It was not surprising that a few soldiers would escape.

A kobold was a little surprised to see two goblins walking over from the cave. He raised his weapon and asked, “where did you come from?”

“Ah, we just arrived from Westwind town.” Robb deliberately lowered his voice, with a kind of funny tone that was unique to him. “We scouted Westwind town and then came back from the the tunnel.”

The two kobolds looked at Robb and Xuelu with vigilance, but they looked left and right. Both of them were goblins.

Robb pretended to be very anxious and said, “we have learned very important military information, and we need to report it to the demon king immediately.”

At this time, the queen on the other side of the TV was already in a bad mood. Smart as she was, she had already guessed what Robb was going to do. And according to her understanding of Robb, this cunning guy would definitely do it.

Now the queen was thinking about something else. [Oh, no! She was likely to lose. What kind of silk stockings would she have to wear this time? No! It would be embarrassing to wear anything. In the final analysis, it was all his fault. This damned man always had endless dirty tricks and strange moves. Where on earth did he learn these strange things?]

The two kobold sentries made way for them. Robb and Xuelu walked towards the bottom of the valley, jumping like goblins. Last time they came here, they only looked down at the entrance of the valley and did not go deep into it. This time, they walked directly into the valley and could observe the monster army more carefully.

Not all the races of the monster army gathered together in the valley. Many of them had conflicts with each other. If the demon king forced them to gather together, they would have to fight. They were mostly divided into different races and stayed together in this valley. For example, the goblins were all in one place, and same with the orcs.

Most of the intelligent monsters, such as goblins, ogres, and orcs, had already put up tents and temporary wooden houses.

As for monsters with poor intelligence, such as thunderbirds, behemoths, and mammoth giants, they would find a cave or forest and lie down there.

Xuelu said in a low voice, “Three behemoths… It’s so terrifying.”

The queen on the other side of the TV said at the same time, “there are actually three behemoths. This is too terrifying.”

Robb asked in a low voice, “what’s wrong? Is this thing very powerful? Why do I feel that it’s just ordinary?”

Xuelu said in a low voice, “everything is ordinary in your eyes, but to us, the behemoth is a very powerful super monster. Its combat power is even stronger than that of the angels and the skeleton dragon, but it can’t fly and can only run on the ground. Moreover, it has a very low intelligence. If it meets Angels and the skeleton dragon, it will be killed.”

“Oh, I see,” said Robb

In the real world, the strength of many monsters was different from that of the game world, because there were levels of monsters in the game world. Some very strong monsters would be very weak because of their low levels. For example, a level 20 flying dragon couldn’t defeat a level 50 flying dragon, but in the real world, there was no level difference. Whether a monster was strong or not depended on its race. The flying dragon could beat goblins with its eyes closed.

Therefore, Robb’s understanding of the fighting capacity of the monsters was not as clear as that of Xuelu.

The two of them walked past the three behemoths. One of the behemoths was a little hungry. It raised its head and considered what to eat tonight with its stupid brain. Suddenly, he saw two goblins walking by. Although the demon lord had warned them not to eat their own people, once the behemoths got into a frenzy, it would not even obey the demon king’s orders. It stretched out a huge claw, trying to catch the two goblins and eat them up.

The huge claw was even bigger than Robb’s head. It came horizontally with an astonishing momentum.

Xuelu was taken aback, and the queen on the TV also felt nervous.

However, at this moment, Robb suddenly raised his head and glared at the behemoths. When the behemoth met Robb’s eyes, it was frightened to the point that its entire body trembled. It became obedient and once again lay under the tree.

Xuelu asked in surprise, “what did you do to it? Why did it become a coward all of a sudden?”

Robb chuckled and said, “Fear! Just scared it. Anyway, it’s stupid. It won’t tell anyone if it is attacked by fear, so what if I bully it?”

Xuelu was speechless

The queen couldn’t help but open her mouth wide in surprise. She had never heard of anyone who could throw fear on a behemoth, because this monster was extremely powerful and would not be affected by the fear of a mere human, even the most famous hero in history couldn’t do such a thing.


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