After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 531

Chapter 531: You can’t lie to me

The two of them continued to go deep into the middle of the monster army. The queen also took the opportunity to learn the real strength of the monster army through the livestream. All kinds of monsters could be counted in detail, and the more she counted, the more shocked she became.

She thought to herself, [Fortunately, there is a crazy man guarding the back for me in Westwind town. Without the crazy man and his West Wind Town, if this army of the monster broke into the kingdom of Gran… it would have killed people everywhere. I can’t watch my people being ravaged by the monsters. Do I have to send an army to deal with it? By then, if Mondra takes the opportunity to attack Bright Road, won’t I die?]

When the two of them walked to the innermost part of the valley, they found that there was a crack in the ground, and there was a rugged road that went straight to the ground. They couldn’t see it from the top, and they could only see it when they went deep into the ground.

The two of them continued to go deep into the ground.

Xuelu was so moved that her hands were trembling with joy. “If we go down here, maybe we’ll see the demon king city. You still came to see the demon king city with me.”

Robb, “don’t be silly! This is just the temporary camp of the monsters. How could there be the demon king city? At most, the demon kings prefer to live underground, so they deliberately found a place with a crack on the ground to camp.”

Xuelu thought it over and thought it made sense, but she was still very happy. As long as she could see the demon king, she would be very satisfied. For all the adventurers in the world, finding an opportunity to defeat the demon king when they met him was definitely a record at the peak of their lives.

The two of them continued to move forward in the crack. Along the way, they encountered some powerful monsters under the ground. They rolled their eyes and looked at the two goblins who went deep into the crack with strange eyes, which were full of ridicule and contempt.

In order to avoid trouble, Robb saw the monsters along the way and said, “we have important military information to report to the demon king.”

These monsters were much smarter than the behemoths. Hearing his words, they didn’t bother Robb and Xuelu. Instead, they not only made way for them, but also showed them the way.

The two of them walked deeper into the center of the earth. After a long time, they felt the air become dry and hot.

Xuelu whispered, “do you smell it?”

Robb nodded, “the smell of a lava giant.”

The smell of the lava giant was actually the smell of lava and volcanic rock. The two of them took a turn, and their front became bright. The entire cave was imprinted with red lava that flowed through the cracks in the ground in front of them, and the red light it emitted lit up the entire cave.

There were more than a dozen lava giants sitting or lying in the lava, floating and sinking in the lava. They wouldn’t be melted by the high temperature of the lava, because they were originally monsters born from lava.

Beside it, there was a high platform with a stone stool on it. A tall monster with long horns on his head, red skin was sitting on the stone stool.

Xuelu recognized him at a glance, “An abyssal demon!”

“Oh, is there really one?” Robb laughed in a low voice. “Is it very powerful?”

“Very strong!” Xuelu said, “Abyssal demons are even stronger than angels, and their intelligence is also very high. Unlike the behemoths, they even know magic and war skills, and can also have a complex class.”

Robb said in a low voice, “but the abyssal demon in my memory should have wings. Why doesn’t he have wings?”

“With wings, that’s an abyssal archdemon, the top of the demons. This abyssal demon doesn’t have wings yet, which means that he is just an ordinary abyssal demon, not an archdemon.”

“Isn’t that very delicious?” Robb asked.

Xuelu didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. “Only you would think it’s a demon’s a dish.”

At this time, the queen was also looking at the monster through the TV. She thought to herself, [that monster race’s intelligence is not low. They are smart and cunning. They can’t be deceived easily. If I’m not mistaken, the man’s plan should have been to fake intelligence, telling this monster that if he wanted to take down Westwind Town, it would be better to attack Westwind prison first, and then coax him to do as he said. However, with the monster’s cunningness, could Robb deceive it?]

Just as she was thinking about this, she saw Robb walk up to the monster and show him a strange smile.

He was a creature with a mouth, a chin and an ugly face. When he grinned, his expression looked very insidious.

The monster frowned and said, “goblins, what information do you have? Say it quickly and get out of here. I hate your face.”

Robb chuckled and said, “my lord, when I was spying in Westwind Town, I found a weakness of Westwind town. If you send an army to attack that place, you can easily destroy the defense of Westwind town.”

“Oh?” the monster showed a suspicious look. “What place? The reason why Westwind town is difficult to attack should be that strange priest. As long as we kill that priest, we can destroy Westwind town. What does it have to do with where we send our army?”

Robb said, “what I found is the secret of the priest. Under the ground of Westwind prison, there is a jar, which contains the soul of the strange priest. As long as you break the jar, the priest will die. In this way, it won’t take much effort to destroy Westwind town.”

“Oh?” the monster’s face was moved.

The queen couldn’t help but feel a little moved. [this damned man is so quick to react. It’s obviously an impromptu fabricated statement after he heard the words of the monster. I didn’t expect him to act so well to not show any flaws.]

The monster thought seriously and grinned, “really?”

Robb said, “really!”

“Goblins, you can’t lie to me.” the monster laughed and said, “you are lying. Although what you said sounds very attractive, my eyes can see through all lies, because I often make up lies. There is no doubt that you are setting a trap for me. Once I really send an army to attack Westwind prison, your trick will succeed. This is what your eyes tell me.”

It burst into laughter and said, “I think you are goblins who have been trained by humans, aren’t you? It’s impossible to deceive me in this way, hahaha.”

Robb was speechless

Xuelu was speechless

The queen thought to herself, [it’s not easy to deceive abyssal demons.]

Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, “You were right, Xuelu.”

Xuelu shrugged and said, “If only I guess wrong.”

“Humble goblins, go to hell. You must pay for lying to me,” the abyssal demon roared and slapped Robb on the forehead.

Then, the queen saw Robb grab the abyssal demon’s wrist and throw it over his shoulder


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