After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 535

Chapter 535: There’s a big deal

The dwarf leader got a little curious. “This is a big business?”

Robb smiled and said, “now it’s time for Marian to talk to you.”

He sent someone to call Marian and Pobo. The two of them were cooperating with the queen to set up the first railway from Westwind town to Bright Road. At present, the railway was being built from both sides to the middle, and the work was going quite smoothly.

However, there was no train available on this railway.

Robb took the dwarf leader to Marian and said with a smile, “Marian, you can order a train from this old man. In the future, if you need a customized train, you can ask this old man for help. He and all the people of his clan will make customized trains from now on.”

The dwarf leader was stunned for a moment, and then he understood! It turned out that the grandmaster blacksmith wanted him to make trains and sell it for money!

This made him a little confused. “Grandmaster blacksmith, the train technology is so precious. I thought you taught me to make the train for you, but you actually asked me to make it for others?”

Robb laughed, “why do I need so many trains? Besides, the technology is not so precious. Hiding it like a treasure will only make it meaningless. Of course, I want you to make more for others!”

Pointing at Marian, he said, “this lady has a very grand dream. She plans to make money using the first railway to support the second one. She plans to slowly fill the whole kingdom with the railways. She needs a lot of railways and trains. I’m afraid that you will have a lot of orders from now on.”

“Ah?” the dwarf leader now understood. This really was a big business. Maybe he could not finish it in this life, but his sons and grandsons could probably realize the goal of filling the whole kingdom with railways and trains after hundreds of years. This was indeed a good job that could be used to live a good life.

Robb said to him “Right, you have to pay attention to the way of production. Don’t dig out an iron mine yourselves to make a train. If you dig out an iron mine and smelt them yourselves, then use alchemy to make steel, and then the train… Although you can make more money, it’s very slow. This is a very inefficient way of production. You have to learn to buy directly from the mineral companies. It can save a lot of time to raise source materials, and you can spend all your time on making the train. Only in this way can you be more efficient. You just need to figure out the cost of purchasing materials, the labor cost, and the price at which the train can be sold to make money. “

The dwarf leader listened to him obediently and nodded. “Got it. Can we start working now?”

Marian smiled at him and said, “yes. Our railway almost reached the Nanli Village. As the railway is going farther and farther, we urgently need a train to transport the sleepers and tracks. Now is the time for a train. Please make it as soon as possible. We are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it from you.”

The dwarf leader rushed to his clansmen and shouted, “Okay, everyone who can work, come! Now we need to mobilize the whole race to make a big train with the steam engine. The money we earn will be equally distributed to all the craftsmen. Come!”

The dwarves happily surrounded them, and even many dwarf women followed them.

In the following days, the dwarves would be very busy. They had to build a big train while building an underground village suitable for the dwarves in the cave where the crypt lord had once lived. Of course, Robb would definitely give some help to the dwarves, but the main work would still be done by them.

A few days later, the attack at Westwind prison came! They fought fiercely.

A huge monster army gave up attacking the main town of Westwind Town, but attacked the prison with all its strength.

From the beginning of the battle, the monsters had gained a huge advantage. They didn’t know why the powerful and abnormal priest didn’t have any special performance this time. He was just wearing a very pretentious outfit and saying something on the walls.

Next to him, someone was calling him “Aragorn”. They didn’t know what it meant. The monsters’ brains were relatively simple, and they didn’t think too much. Anyway, they could just attack the prison.

Therefore, the huge monster army started a fierce war under the camera.

Strangely enough, the joint forces of humans and elves somehow became very weak. They were in a mess after being attacked by the monsters.

Those soldiers in steel armors, who were usually difficult to hurt by knives or fire, became weak. As long as the orcs drew their bows and shot arrows at them, they would scream, break a small bag, spill red liquid all over, and then scream and fall to the ground.

The monsters’ sensitive noses smelled and knew that it wasn’t the smell of human blood. They couldn’t help but wonder, [what the hell? What’s wrong with these humans.]

The weirdest thing was that there was a guy who looked cool and acted like an elf prince. He didn’t shoot arrows, but took a sword and forced himself to fight with an orc. The orc waved a few times, but it didn’t hit him. The “Elf Prince” screamed, fell to the ground, and spat out strange red liquid — dead!

Knowing that he was still alive, the orc was about to stab him again when a voice shouted beside him, “stop! You have finished shooting this section.”

As soon as the voice sounded, the “elf prince” on the ground suddenly jumped up. He cut the orc into several big pieces and shouted at the person next to him, “director, how’s my performance?”

“Not bad!” Robb said beside him. “It looked like you have really been chopped to death. However, you still need to show a more painful and struggling expression before you die. Find another orc and shoot it again.”

The monsters quickly gained the upper hand among the opponents’ constant “Fake deaths”. Just as they were about to break through the gate of Westwind prison, a white-haired old man suddenly appeared on the hillside next to them. He was wearing a white robe, holding a crutch in his hand. He roared, “the magician never arrives early, but he will never be late.”

Then he rushed down, and a large group of human knights appeared behind him. Charge, charge!

The fake dead humans also jumped up and rushed towards the monsters

Battle of Helm’s Deep, filming complete!


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