After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 536

Chapter 536: the Queen’s Struggle failed

Year 1345, November, winter began!

The temperature began to drop sharply, and people’s clothes began to become thicker.

The naughty Godfather was no longer wearing short sleeves and shorts, but wore a decent priest outfit. Well, in fact, it was just a black tube skirt. There was a cross hanging on his chest, and then he was as lazy as ever on his stone stool.

The army of the demon king who had a good time around the prison a few days ago, was very quiet recently and did not attack again.

Of course, no one knew that the demon king had been beaten up by a goblin. Recently, he was doubting himself, so he was not in the mood to command anything to attack Westwind town.

Since the monster army hadn’t made any progress, Mondra didn’t dare to act rashly either.

Meanwhile, the queen was learning Robb’s idea to maintain the safety of West Gran with the minimum amount military strength. She put more energy on the development of internal affairs, and tried to achieve economic development and wealth. In the future, she would send out senior soldiers with a total of two hundred people to fight against her opponents.

No one wanted to fight!

Therefore, the whole kingdom ushered into a rare peace.

In November, almost all the crops that should be harvested had been harvested. The farmers had entered the idle season, but Westwind town was no longer a town with agriculture as the core. This place had been transformed into an “industrial” town, with a sense of prosperity.

The three races, namely the human race, the dwarves and the elves, became more and more harmonious, and everyone’s lifestyle was also affecting each other.

Some humans lived in the dwarves’ cave and the elves’ tree houses, while some elves and dwarves bought houses in the town and lived like humans. The three races began to merge and slowly formed a whole.

Even the dwarves occasionally began to chant a few poems, and elves would actually go to the tavern to drink and talk embarrassedly.

In such a big environment, Godfather’s City city in Westwind town and Elizabeth’s Cinema City on Bright Road were ushered a brand-new movie, 《The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers》.

This was the movie that everyone had been looking forward to for a long time. On the day it was released, the movie tickets were sold out.

Of course, there was another interesting thing that happened, which was, when the show of the The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was displayed, there were also three movies that had been registered in the cinema. One of the three movies was directed by Robb in person, with Robb Smith as the male lead, and the daughter of the lord chamberlain as the heroine of the love movie, Princess Sissi.

The second movie was written by the elf elder, Woodlanders.

The third part was a political movie called, “the Queen’s struggle”, written and filmed by the queen.

Since movies were new to the world, the audience would not be picky about them at all. No matter what movie you made, there was only one word, watch!

Therefore, on the day of release, the box office of these three new movies was generally the same.

However, since the Queen’s struggle was created by the queen, most of the audience on Bright Road preferred to watch this movie. They wanted to see what kind of powerful movie their queen would produce. Therefore, “the Queen’s struggle” took a small lead at the box office.

That night, Robb received a call from the queen as usual.

“How’s it going? My new movie is awesome, isn’t it?” the Queen’s dignified face was actually filled with a smug expression. “My box office is a little fuller than your ‘Princess Sissi’. Haha, how can your soft romantic stuff defeat my political movie?”

“Oh!” Robb smiled and said, “in fact, I have watched your movie today.”

“Did you see it too? Then you must have felt its powerful strength, right?” the Queen’s face did not change, but her eyes slowly bent into the shape of a crescent. “Bow to your queen!”

“Don’t be so cocky,” Robb said. “But, with all due respect, your movie is going to hit the streets soon. Do you believe it?”

The queen snorted and said, “are you talking nonsense out of jealousy? The taste of lemon is very sour, isn’t it?”

“Well, it seems that you don’t believe me,” Robb said with a smile. “Let’s wait and see. We can even make another bet.”

“A bet again?” the Queen’s expression became very interesting. Last time she bet on whether Robb could mobilize the army of monsters to attack Westwind prison, but it was Robb who won again. The poor queen had to put on stockings and showed them to Robb, which made Robb’s eyes happy again.

She didn’t expect that he would start a bet again in just a few days.

The queen said warily, “you want to bet on me wearing silk stockings again? Don’t you get tired of it?”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “I won’t be tired watching it for a hundred times. I really want to see it every day.”

This sentence was so crazy that the queen was so angry that she almost overturned the table. But at the same time, she felt a little complacent in her heart. Heh, you usually looked down on me, but you are still infatuated with my legs?

She straightened her face and said, “well, since you want to bet, of course I dare to. I won’t let go of any chance to unify the kingdom. We’ll keep the same bet. If my movie beats your ‘Princess Sissi’ “at the box office, you help me take back East Gran. If I lose, I’ll wear silk stockings for you to see.”


On the second day, the box office began to change. After the blind buying of the movie tickets on the first day, people who entered the cinema on the second day had more choices. Because on the first day, the people who finished watching would tell the person who hadn’t seen them. Then the person who hadn’t seen it would have to measure whether his income was worth watching a movie.

After all, most people in the world were still poor, and the tickets were relatively expensive. When several movies were displayed at the same time, they must consider which movie they would spend few silver coins on.

Therefore, from the second day, the box office of Princess Sissi began to advance, and the Woodlanders was a few steps behind. The worst part was the Queen’s Struggle. Her box office was far behind the first two movies.

On the fifth day, the box office of Princess Sissi was still strong, but the Woodlanders declined significantly. As for the Queen’s struggle, it was miserable. Not many people were willing to pay for it anymore. There were only a few people sitting on the area, all of whom were from the noble circle, which forced the cinema to reduce the number of premiers for the Queen’s struggle, Princess Sissi, the favorite movie of the audience, was displayed the most.

Finally, ten days after the release, the Queen’s Struggle failed. Woodlanders made a small profit, and Princess Sissi was a hit.


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