After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 537

Chapter 537: They chatted awkwardly

At dusk!

The setting sun went down very early. The nearer winter was, the earlier the setting sun would be beaten and dragged down the horizon.

It was getting dark.

Robb sat on his stone stool, wearing a thick cotton priest robe, but he didn’t feel cold. The elf elder sitting opposite to him wore a traditional elf moon cloth robe, smiling happily.

“How’s the movie going?” Robb asked with a smile.

The elf elder’s face lit up. “Haha, it’s a good box office. Although I don’t like money, I’m willing to see my own art being accepted.”

Speaking of this, Robb admired the old elf very much. He divided the box office of the movie he obtained for the other elves, and he didn’t even take a copper coin. The elves lived in seclusion for many years and didn’t have the habit of using money. On the other hand, the old man really didn’t want money. He believed that the love story he created was “art”, and art couldn’t be associated with dirty money.

Robb smiled and asked, “will you continue to write?”

“Of course!” the elf elder said proudly, “the success of Woodlanders has pointed out a direction for me. In the future, I will also create more artistic works and make good use of the greatest specialty of our elf clan.”

At this moment, the crystal ball lit up! It was from the queen.

Robb answered the phone and immediately saw the queen. She had a long face and looked very depressed. She looked at Robb helplessly.

Robb said with a smile, “Miss queen, what made you unhappy? Tell me..”

“Humph! You know the answer.” the queen pounded the table and said, “no one is watching my movie.”

“Haha!” the elf elder burst into laughter.

The queen was enraged. “What are you laughing at?”

The elf elder quickly straightened his face and pretended to be serious. “No, no, No. how can I laugh at the noble Queen? I just choked on water and spat it out. I’m definitely not laughing.”

The queen couldn’t really argue with an old man. She had the morality to respect the old and love the young. She said gloomily, “you are a good person. The box office earned a large sum of money for your clan. I am really upset that a carefully filmed movie was only popular for one day, and then went from bad to worse. I really don’t know what the problem with my movie is.”

“Don’t you know?” the elf elder said in a tone of a successful warrior teaching the loser a lesson, and said earnestly, “your movie lacks artistry.”


The elf elder said, “Yes. It’s something that can touch people’s heart and make resonate people’s souls. Look, my movie is about love. This kind of love that spanned one thousand years is moving.”

In fact, the queen had also secretly watched the Woodlanders. She was deeply touched by the love of the two elves in the movie, and she even shed a few tears, so she did not refute the elder’s words. She only frowned and said, “but, this is also in my movie. When I wrote the Queen’s struggle, I was moved, as if I was writing my story, directly pointing out my soul. I think it is very artistic.”

The elf elder thought it over and found that it made sense. He couldn’t say anything.

Robb said “Come on! How many people in the world have been the queen? Who else can be as resonating with the movie as you? In the eyes of ordinary audience, it is just a dull, unfathomable, big mess. The representatives of several forces and the queen of a young age were chatting there, chatting, chatting, and chatting for more than an hour. The only thing that can be called a bit interesting is the short part when the little queen was chased by the enemy, but the scene was gone after only a few minutes. Ordinary audience don’t even know what they are watching after watching a movie mostly comprised of talking. “

“What are you talking about?” the queen pounded the table and said angrily, “I’ve thought for a long time before I came up with those dialogues. Every sentence contains great wisdom, and every word represents the tension of a political game when both parties rack their brains to take advantage of each other. After the ministers saw it, they said that it’s good and everyone benefits a lot.”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “that’s because the ministers are also in your circle. They usually like to talk in such an awkward way, but… Ordinary people don’t like it! Who can bear to dig a hole for others to jump in every word he says? “

The queen said, “that’s because they don’t know how to appreciate such a challenge. It’s not my fault.”

Robb shook his head and said, “your words remind me of many street thugs who have just begun writing novels. Their theory is, ‘my writing is excellent. The reason why it is not popular is that the audience won’t appreciate it.'”

The queen snorted

“Well, don’t be so sentimental. You should know to face your own failure and mistakes frankly.” Robb said, “think about it carefully. In terms of the number of people, are there more ministers than ordinary people? Think carefully what kind of audience your products are aimed at?”

The queen frowned and said, “of course I know that the number of nobles is far less than that of ordinary people, but goods like sugar, pepper, silk stockings are also aimed at the nobles. They can also make a lot of money.”

“That’s because these things are sold at a high price. Even if the target is little in number, they can still make money. But for movie tickets, whether poor or rich, whoever buys movie tickets will have the same price.”

The queen was suddenly enlightened. Damn it! It turned out that the problem was here.

“Do you want to raise the price of the movie?” Robb squinted at him and said, “I advise you not to commit suicide.”

The queen did think of this idea just now, but it was denied by Robb in a flash. Forget it. I’ll just admit defeat in the bet. When there was no one at night, she had to put on the silk stockings again and show it to the man. Fortunately, she had already shown it to him two times, and she was not as shy as before. Now she was thick skinned and could bear it.

She changed the topic and said, “Right, in the past two months, I heard that your sewer has been completely repaired and put into use.”

“Yes,” Robb said with a smile. “Just yesterday, the sewer has just been put into use. Now, the residents are allowed to connect to the sewer through pipes, and the houses in several neighborhood are also connected to the sewer through pipes.”


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