After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 538

Chapter 538: Do you think I’m always poor?

Since there were two caterpillars in the tunnel, the construction of the sewer in Westwind town had sped up greatly. They could dig out several miles of the sewer in a day. In the past, the workers had to spend a long time on digging and moving mud, and they had to spend a lot of boring time.

However, with the help of the caterpillars, these two processes could be skipped. Workers only need to repair the holes dug by the caterpillars, reinforce the walls, prevent landslides, brush cement, open trenches, etc., saving time and effort.

So the following work went quickly and finally the sewer was put into use.

The queen had already received Number 32’s report, and even got the drawing of the sewer. Therefore, she was no longer interested in the structure of the sewer, but she was very interested in the town after the sewer was put into use.

“Hey, damned man, take me to Westwind town. It took you several months to finish the sewer. I really want to know what’s the use of it.”

“But I don’t want to move.”

The queen said crossly, “don’t think I don’t know. You always rely on your maid to push your wheelchair when you go out. You don’t need to move even if you take me to the town to have a look.”

Being ridiculed face to face, Robb didn’t blush at all. His face was so thick that it was almost crazy. “Forget it. Since you are so eager to see the scenery, I’ll take you to see it. Lilian, wheelchair…”

So, a warm scene began!

On the cement road of Westwind Town, which had just been shrouded in darkness, Lilian, dressed in a maid’s uniform in black and white, pushed the lazy priest and began to take a walk

Above her head, there was a rising moon with stars all over the sky. The town was ablaze with lights everywhere.

The scene was beautiful, but Robb kept complaining, destroying the beautiful night. “It’s so late, but you, a crazy woman, wanted to visit the town at this time. Are you out of your mind?”

“You know I’m very busy during the day, so only at this time can I be free,” the queen said. “Don’t talk nonsense. Anyway, you know all kinds of magic and skills. If you use them, you can light up the surroundings, right?”

“Okay, okay, you are right.” Robb casually threw out a light ball.

A shining light ball flew up and crossed the street, illuminating the whole street. The queen on the crystal ball took the opportunity to observe Westwind town

Although she had always known the current situation of Westwind town through the reports of Number 32, Number 8 and the others, the reports she had heard are always different from what she could see with her own eyes. What she had seen with her own eyes was always more intuitive.

She didn’t know whether she should look at it or not

The flat cement road extended in the center of the two rows of houses. In general, towns have ditches on both sides of the road, and domestic water in residential buildings is drained through the ditches. However, there are no ditches on both sides of the road in Westwind Town. Even the places where there were ditches were filled up.

All the water that were discharged through the ditches had now been directly discharged into the sewer.

The ground of the town was clean and tidy! It had just rained yesterday, and there should be water everywhere on the ground, but there was not even a single puddle on the ground of Westwind town.

The queen couldn’t help but ask, “where is the garbage?”

Robb smiled and said, “most of the residents consciously don’t throw away the garbage. They all throw their garbage into a special trash can.”

“Why?” the queen said, “commoners don’t like to be clean. They like throwing away garbage the most.”

Robb smiled and said, “that’s because the environment itself is dirty, so they will casually throw away the garbage. But if the environment looks very clean and tidy, then those who want to throw away the garbage will think about whether they should throw away the garbage in such a beautiful place. After careful consideration, most of them will not throw them away. Only a few bad people would throw garbage like that her. After catching such people, they will be severely punished…”

The queen seemed to understand something. She was clear that the environment made people.

Although she was the queen of the kingdom, she was not a neat freak. She was not as particular about cleanliness as some noble ladies. The reason was that she had been living in exile since she was a child. In that case, she had no time to care about that. But if she had grown up in a well-off environment, she would never be able to bear the poverty of her palace, where she couldn’t even find a piece of jewelry.

A clean environment could also guide the townsmen to become clean, and if a few people don’t follow, they would be severely punished.

The queen silently kept this in mind.

Robb walked quickly around the town, and the queen soon noticed that there was almost no water pipe on the ground. Like Bright Road, Westwind town used a huge tower to supply water for the area. In this way, it was inevitable that many huge water pipes were set on the roadside, or even on the roofs, and then followed by many small water pipes.

These water pipes were not beautiful and were prone to getting damaged by something like a carriage. Once it was broken, it would cause a large amount of water to be wasted and affect the water supply of a large area.

However, there was no huge pipe on the ground of Westwind Town now! She could only see some small pipes on the walls of the houses.

The smart queen of course knew that the pipes had been moved through the sewer, so the ground was cleaner and tidier, and it could also protect the pipes from being accidentally damaged.

“This system is really awesome,” the queen said. “After looking at the example, it’s almost time for me to do it as well.”

“Oh? You have the money to do this on Bright Road?” said Robb.

The queen smiled proudly. “Do you think I’m always poor?”

However, after she said this pridefully, she suddenly changed her face from being prideful to a serious one. “Thank you for your guidance. In the past year, I have been using some of the measures you taught me, such as reducing military strength, using a minimum number of soldiers to defend the city, and developing my economy with great strength… Large-scale production, using advanced tools, and detailed division of labor…”

All right, all right. She listed a long list, and it took a long time for her to finish it. At last, she concluded, “this autumn harvest, we still used the method of not taxing ordinary people and taxing only the factories and businessmen. As a result, we collected a lot of money.”

“Oh? Really?” Robb smiled and said, “Congratulations!”

The Queen’s eyes were extremely complicated. “I always thought you were lying to me, but it was not until this tax payment that I realized that the money you took from me was nothing at all. What I got from you was far more than what you took from me.”


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