After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 539

Chapter 539: This is different from our agreement

This should be considered a sincere gratitude. As far as Robb knew about the queen, she had never said such words to anyone. But now she said it so frankly to Robb, which overturned the impression he had always thought of her a bit.

“Hey!” Robb said, “you are not like this at ordinary times. I’m not used to your sudden sentimental behavior. You jump up and complain to me. You lift your table and fight with me. That’s your style.”

The queen snorted and said, “it’s rare for me to be gentle to others. How could you ask to be scolded?”

Robb said. “I just feel that your setup is going to collapse.”

“No way!”

Just as the queen was speaking, a guard suddenly came over and whispered something in her ear. The Queen’s face suddenly became extremely pale. She whispered, “really?”

“Yes, it’s true!” the guard said, “the spies have brought all the videos that have been recorded secretly. Please have a look.”

After saying that, the guard handed over a small box, which was a “video tape” used to store patterns and sounds.

The queen took the box with a complex expression on her face

Robb asked, “what’s wrong? Why do you look so strange?”

The queen said, “damned man, please go back to the chapel at once and call the princess of East Gran, Russ Belmonde Dracula], to watch something.”

Hearing her serious words, Robb was interested. “Oh? Did you take a video of something from East Gran? Why did you ask the big loli to come with you?”

“Anyway, ask her to come here.”

Robb became interested and asked Lilian to push him back to the chapel.

It was late at night. There was no night life in the middle ages. Most people had to sleep in the dark. Robb asked Lilian to call Russ, but this call woke up all the women in the room. Xuelu, Little Yi, the two light nuns, the big loli… These girls were all wearing tube nightgowns.

There were only two people, Lilian and Suofa, who weren’t. They wouldn’t sleep before Robb fell asleep, so the two of them were still wearing black and white maid clothes.

The group of people gathered around the stone table, looking at the crystal ball on it.

The queen pointed the crystal ball at the “videotape” and then used the switch of the box.

A magic projected image was unfolded in midair.

The video was a little blurry and not very clear. It seemed that the magic tool used to record this video was not very good. In the video, it was a magnificent palace. Few people present could recognize where it was, but the little girl exclaimed, “ah? This is my… The royal palace of East Gran, the meeting hall of my father.”

Robb guessed what was going on as soon as he saw the trash video. “Oh, my lady, is this the picture taken by the micro camera I sold you last time?”

“Yes!” the queen said. “After you sold it to me, I handed it over to the spies of my kingdom. It took me a lot of effort to install it in the meeting room of Mondra. In fact, it was too large. It was discovered by the cleaning servants several times. Fortunately, the servants didn’t know what it was. They thought it was just an ornament, so they didn’t take it off.”

Robb shrugged and said, “I had no choice.”

The little girl next to him had a very bad expression on her face. The queen went to her home to take videos secretly and even asked her to come watch. It was really hard to spit out.

At this moment, something happened. A middle-aged man about forty or fifty years old walked up to the camera and sat on a chair. This man looked thin, with a slightly long face, a pointed chin, and a sinister and deep temperament.

The little girl recognized him at a glance. “It’s my father! Mondra.”

Robb said, “Oh, your father looks like this. Why does he look like a bad man?”

“That’s right!” the little girl actually helped Robb to speak against her father, “he is a bad guy.”

Robb didn’t know how to retort this time. It seemed that the relationship between the father and daughter was quite bad.

At this time, another man came into the picture. He was wearing the uniform of a bishop. It was obvious that he was an important member of Church of Light. He was a little fat and had a staff in his hand.

This time, it was Little Yi and the two light nuns who were called at the same time, “ah! The archbishop of the Church of Light.”

The queen said, “humph! That place is called a chapel of Darkness now.”

Little Yi and the two girls didn’t argue with the queen. They just stared at the archbishop, who was the highest in command appointed by the old Church of Light in the Kingdom of Gran and was in charge of the templar knights. More than a year ago, Little Yi and the two light nuns had full respect and worship for him, but now when they looked at him, they felt that they couldn’t respect him at all.

Robb said with a smile, “Miss queen, it seems that you have secretly recorded something between Mondra and the Church of Light, right?”

“No! It’s not like that!” the queen said. “There will be someone more unexpected to you soon.”


The two of them sat on two chairs, seeming to be waiting for someone. The two of them talked from time to time without any interest. At this time, the space in front of the two of them suddenly twisted, and then a black magic array was activated. Then, a red skinned monster with horns on its head emerged from the magic array.

“Ah! It’s an abyssal demon! It’s the demon we saw in the crack of the ground last time.”

Of course, Robb recognized it at a glance. “Wow, this guy can teleport. Monsters are really powerful creatures.”

The queen asked, “did you get the key point wrong?”

Robb shrugged and said, “Oh, yes. The point is that the abyssal demon actually ran to see Mondra and the archbishop. It’s interesting.”

As soon as the demon appeared, Mondra said, “Mr. Demon, we have made an agreement that you will make trouble within the territory of Westwind Town and I will attack Bright Road head-on, but you haven’t achieved anything yet. This is different from our agreement.”

A hint of anger flashed across the monster’s face. “I encountered a small problem here and need to solve it. After I solve it, I will go all out to attack Westwind town.”

Mondra, “isn’t there just one powerful priest in Westwind town? You can’t even kill a priest, so I have to doubt the ability of the demon race.”

“That priest is not worth mentioning. Sooner or later, I will find a way to kill him.” the demon said, “I was just distracted by something else.”

The so-called “other thing” referred to the strange goblin. Of course, the poor goblin did not know that goblin was a priest, or he must have been pissed off to death now.


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