After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 540

Chapter 540: I want to start a holy war

Being beaten up by a goblin was a great humiliation to the demon. Of course, it would not take the initiative to tell Mondra and the archbishop, so it skipped the words just now, He turned to them and said, “I’m asking for help from other abyssal demons. Soon, other abyssal demons will come to help me. Even my father, an archdemon, can also come. They will help me solve that small trouble, and then, even Westwind town can be captured.”

Hearing this, the two of them, Mondra and the archbishop, couldn’t help but be moved at the same time. A lone abyssal demon was already tricky enough. Did this fellow still need to summon his own race? It sounded that there were more than one of them, and there would be an archdemon coming. This was a very powerful battle force.

The two of them looked at each other and saw excitement and worry in each other’s eyes.

The reason why they were so excited was that these powerful demons could help them to mess up the West Gran, and the reason why they were worried was that if these demons were too powerful, it would be a little troublesome for them to deal with these demons after they defeated West Gran.

However, although it was troublesome to deal with the abyssal demons, it was better to deal with that persistent woman!

He had to deal with that woman first!

The woman who took the orthodox bloodline and got the full support of the Church of Darkness in the Kingdom of Gran was the most difficult thing for Mondra and the Church of Light to remove now.

“In that case, we’ll wait for your good news. Once you break through Westwind Town, I will immediately attack Bright Road. We will work together and try to kill that woman in one go. After that, I will give you several cities as agreed before, so that you can establish a kingdom made of demons, and the residents of these cities are all yours.”

As soon as he said this, the little girl’s face turned pale! It was so white that there was no trace of blood left.

Sadness, despair, anger and all kinds of emotions were written on her immature face.

The queen snorted, “you bastard Mondra! Did you hear that?”

Robb, who had always been kind to others, couldn’t help but sigh. “Shit! This person can’t be called a human anymore.”

The demon let out a burst of weird laughter. In fact, it was very clear that even if Mondra really gave him a few cities and some townsmen to eat, he was just pretending to coax him. When he becomes careless, Mondra would immediately attack and kill him. If those cities were burned to ashes, then all the crimes would be covered up and no one would know.

The smart demon had already made up his mind. When Mondra and the queen were both injured, he would go out and take advantage of the situation. He would kill the queen and Mondra and turn the whole Kingdom of Gran into a kingdom of demons. At that time, all the people of the kingdom of Gran would become livestock kept by the demon.

Both sides grinned mischievously

The people who were watching the video couldn’t laugh at all.

Mondra, “are you here just to say that?”

Demon, “of course not! I come here because I have a request to the archbishop of the Church of Light.”

“Oh?” the archbishop sat up straight and said, “as long as we can destroy the Church of Darkness, we can discuss your request.”

The demon said in a deep voice “The hometown of our demon race is in the territory of the Jinghong mountains, which is the territory of the kingdom of Norma and also the area of influence of the old Church of Light. Once the reinforcements are sent to me, our hometown’s strength will be weakened. Therefore, I need the Church of Light to promise me that when our demon race goes all out to deal with West Gran, there will be no military action against the demons in the Jinghong Mountains. Otherwise, our race will have to think it over before and join hands with the queen to deal with you… “

“Oh, I see!” the archbishop put on a serious face and said, “I can promise you now that I will not send a single soldier to the Jinghong mountains during this period. Please do your best to defeat West Gran.”

The demon said, “it’s useless to just make such promises. In addition to the soldiers, there are also some guys who always come to the mountain to make trouble…”

The archbishop thought about it seriously and asked, “are you talking about those adventurers?”

“That’s right!” the demon said, “although these guys are not as powerful as an army, they are also very troublesome. You have to be responsible for dealing with them, or our demon race will not be able to fight against West Gran with all our might.”

“Got it!” the archbishop said with a cruel and evil smile on his face, “these reckless adventurers are really annoying. We have long been disgusted with them. It’s easy to solve this problem. As long as our church pretends to issue adventure tasks, gather them together, imprison them, and even secretly execute them, there will be no problem.”

Xuelu almost overturned the table. “Damn it! I’m not going to go on an adventure. I have to go to East Gran and kill this damn archbishop. This is what I must do most now.”

Little Yi and the two nuns couldn’t help but shake their heads. Although they no longer believed in the old Church of Light, they still felt very sad when they heard the archbishop say so.

“Very good,” the demon chuckled. “Then I wish us a pleasant cooperation.”

After saying that, the black magic array on the ground was activated again. The demon slowly drilled into the ground and disappeared.

Only Mondra and the archbishop were left. The two of them looked at each other and chuckled. “Stupid demons! Let’s teach these demons human intelligence after we kill West Gran.”

The video ended here

Both sides of the crystal ball were quiet, and no one wanted to speak.

After a long time, the big loli said in a cold voice, “if I want to protect the holy light, the first person I have to kill is my father! Otherwise, how can the holy light come to this world?”

“Don’t do that,” Robb said. “There are many ways to protect the holy light, but they don’t include killing your father by yourself. Even if your father is bad enough, you can ask someone else to do it for you, because you are not alone in carrying the whole world.”

Little Yi sighed, “I want to mobilize all the followers of the new Church of Light to start a holy war against the old one.”

“No! Don’t do that,” said Robb “If you really start a holy warlike this, then your new Church of Light will be no different from the old one. I believe that the old Church of Light was also once a pure organization when it was just established, but it gradually changed after a few holy wars, because the archbishops will find that the holy wars are very good. It can bring power and wealth, so the heart of the archbishop will be corroded. If you don’t want the new Church of Light to become the same as the old one, never start a holy war. “


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