After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 541

Chapter 541: I understand, but I won’t support you

Robb’s words made both the little girl and Little Yi silent.

However, he turned to Xuelu and thumbed up, “I support you. Kill the archbishop.”

The queen said, “Hey, your bias is too obvious. You have refuted what Ishir and Russ said, but only supported Xuelu. I don’t agree with such a crazy bias.”

Robb squinted, “it’s none of your business.”

“I don’t care whether it’s my business or not,” the queen said

“Save it. It’s not unfair,” Robb said seriously “It’s a wrong idea. Of course I should stop them. As for what Xuelu said, I don’t think it’s a problem at all. The damn archbishop wants to gather all the adventurers and secretly kill them. What’s wrong with Xuelu if she wants to kill him? If this kind of thing happens, and she doesn’t even want to kill the other party, then she is a waste who is always willing to be enslaved.”

He gave her a thumbs up and said, “it’s a good thing that you dare to resist power.”

With a bright smile on her face, Xuelu asked, “will you go with me?”

“No, don’t even think about it.” Robb refused without hesitation. “Such an insidious power holder, eight out of ten games will be killed by the players. I’m tired of killing this kind of person. You can find a way to kill him yourself. Anyway, don’t come to me.”

Xuelu was speechless

“What’s more,” Robb suddenly smiled and said, “you won’t fight alone, because you will have a good ally.”

“Who is it?” Xuelu asked.

Robb pointed at the crystal ball and said, “Miss queen, and… The church of Darkness behind her.”, He smiled at the crystal ball and said.


Russ was speechless

The queen snorted, “are you satirizing me as a dog?”

“No!” Robb said, “I’m satirizing the Church of Darkness, but not you. Although you look like faithful to the Church of Darkness, I understand that you have already lost your faith deep in your heart. The Church of Darkness t is just a tool for you. In your heart, you must be thinking of ‘dog biting dog, a dog, dog biting hair’, but you can’t speak it out.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Robb crossed his legs and said with a smile, “no matter which world it is, the people who don’t believe in God encourage the poor to believe in God every day. What a miserable era.”

The queen didn’t deny it. From her point of view, she couldn’t admit it, but she couldn’t deny it either. She just took a look at Robb deeply and said in a low voice, “you’re right. I’ll put this video on the cinema and send someone to secretly send it to the nobles of East Gran. I think, maybe a holy battle will really begin next. Unfortunately, it’s really a pity when I really want to develop my internal affairs, but I can’t miss such a good opportunity. With such a treasure in hand, if I don’t make good use of it, I will feel that I’m wasting my life.”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “I understand, but I won’t support you. Anyway, it’s up to you.”

On the second day, the eight projection rooms of Elizabeth’s Cinema City suddenly stopped playing movies at the same time. Instead, they began to play a short video for free to all the audience.

This short video was played by three main characters, Mondra, the archbishop, and the abyssal demon. Their ugly faces were undoubtedly shown on the screen.

As soon as the video was released, the public on Bright Road immediately exploded! Countless people rushed into the cinema and watched the video again and again.

At the beginning, everyone was still studying the authenticity of the video. After all, there were not many civilians who had seen Mondra, but many civilians had seen the archbishop. After countless people’s careful study, they confirmed that the video was true.

Then, public opinion went crazy!

Although these people had been under the rule of Mondra for sixteen years, many of them didn’t take political struggles seriously. They just did whatever they wanted to do.

However, the short video this time had refreshed all the commoners’ values.

Especially Mondra’s words, “I will give you several cities, so that you can establish a kingdom made of monsters, and the residents of these cities will be eaten by you.” these words triggered the most sensitive nerves of the commoners.

It was not until now that they realized that Mondra did not treat them as his subjects, or even as adults. He only treated them as a pile of meaningless meat to feed the monsters.

“Kill Mondra!”

“We can’t let such a fake king sit on the throne again.”

“Only the queen is worthy of the throne.”

“Sure enough, only the official descendant can bear the throne. Those who get the throne by crooked ways must only know how to defend their rights by crooked ways.”

“I’m willing to join the army of West Gran. Make sure I’m the first one to charge.”

“I’m willing to join the army and fight for justice.”

The angry public decided to follow the queen wholeheartedly and no longer sway between the queen and Mondra.

And what the archbishop said also touched the hearts of countless people!

All the adventurers who were still active in the territory of West Gran were angry, and once these reckless adventurers were angry, it was also a power that could not be ignored. Countless adventurers immediately gave up their existing tasks and gave themselves the task of “beheading the archbishop of the old Church of Light”.

There was no need for him to pay for this task. In other words, the reward was to make himself realize what they wanted!

For a moment, many adventurers tidied up their clothes and set off for East Gran.

They had their own ways to cross the border and sneak into East Gran, and they also had their own ways to sneak into the Capital of Saints, looking for an opportunity to assassinate the archbishop.

Then, something more interesting happened.

The spies sent by Mondra on Bright Road actually took the initiative to turn themselves in, because they could not accept that their king was such a scumbag.

After the spies turned themselves in, they exposed more spies. Then, all the spy networks hidden on Bright Road were almost all uprooted by the queen in an instant, and only a few leaders of the spies escaped from the chaos.

Then, the messengers who were worried about the copy of the videos began to set out for East Gran. They sent the videos to the nobles one by one


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