After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 542

Chapter 542: The public has the right to know the truth

At the same time when Mondra’s plot was wildly displayed on Bright Road

“Godfather, do we need to show this video to the townsmen for free in the cinema?” asked Suofa in a low voice.

“Of course!” Robb said. “Do I even need to ask you this question?”

“I thought you didn’t like to get involved in this kind of thing. I thought you wanted to keep a low profile.”

Robb shook his head and said, “although I don’t like to get involved in this kind of thing, the public has the right to know it. I can’t hide this kind of darkness from the townsmen. Of course, I won’t add fuel to the fire like Miss queen. I won’t instigate the townsmen’ emotions.”

Suofa understood. “We need to let the people know what’s going on, and then let them decide how to deal with it on their own.”

“Yes,” Robb said with a smile “Although most people are stupid without their own intelligence and education, they will always be stupid without their own brain thinking. If they often think, they will gradually become smarter. Even if they think in the wrong direction, I can still stand out to correct them. Take the copy of the video sent by Miss Queen to the cinemas, but we can’t play this all day long like Miss queen in eight projection rooms That’s insane. Just put it at the end of every movie. “

Suofa nodded and took the video

Then, the townsmen of Westwind town also got angry!

It was not until now that they understood why the monster army always sent a lot of troops to attack this place. Even if it could be counted as the “acting battle” in Westwind prison, the monsters had attacked this place three times. Moreover, from the video, the abyssal demon would gather more demons, and then Westwind town would face a more severe test.

“Damn it! It’s him who colluded with the abyssal demons to attack our Westwind Town again and again.”

“You still call him king? Remove the word ‘King’! We don’t have such a king.”

“Judging from his tone, Westwind town will be the place that’s going to be sacrificed to the demon. He is going to give us all to the demons as food.”

“I want to join the army and fight against him!”

“Don’t be silly. What the hell are you going to do? Even if you want to fight with Mondra, it is the army of the queen. At present, Godfather’s personal guard team in our Westwind Town only consider fighting with the monster army.”

“Then let’s deal with the monsters first, and then deal with Mondra! We have Godfather as our backing, and there is no battle that we can’t win.”

“Well, that’s true.”

“Let all the monsters come here. Godfather will clean up the big ones, and I’ll clean up the small ones.”

“I don’t think you are right.” an old town citizen shook his head and said, “according to Godfather’s character, he won’t take the initiative to deal with Mondra. He will only sit on his stone stool and rest lazily. When Mondra calls him, he will easily pull Mondra to death. Is he qualified to let Godfather travel such a long way?”

Hearing this, the other townsmen were reasonable, “Mondra doesn’t deserve to be on the same level as our Godfather.”

“Godfather, don’t run so far for such a little guy.”

“Right, Mondra is bad to his people, while Godfather is good to his people. I will always support Godfather.”

“I will always support Godfather!”

After a deep discussion and exchange, the townsmen came to a conclusion that only Godfather was good in the world. His children were like treasures. If they threw themselves into the arms of Godfather, they would be able to enjoy eternal joy

Early in the morning, the sun shone brightly. Xuelu was getting dressed and ready to go.

She was as hot as ever today! She wore a silk robe which was rubbed by Robb. It was exquisite and generous, and had a high defensive power. Her weapon was also made by Robb.

Gorda and Jike were also neatly dressed, coming from the cabin on the hillside, across a hillside covered with green grass, and stood in front of Robb. “Godfather, we are leaving now,” said Gorda.

“Are you sure?” Robb said, “I don’t think it’s necessary to go.”

“We have to go! Someone plotted to deceive all the adventurers and put execute them secretly. We have to kill this guy so that we can eat and drink in peace.”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “but it’s useless to kill him. He is just a pawn sent by the Church of Light in the Kingdom of Gran. Even if you can kill him successfully, the Church of Light will only send a new archbishop. Then, the new archbishop will say something similar again.”

Gorda didn’t answer!

However, Xuelu stood in front of Robb with a bright smile on her face. In other words, she was confident and bold. She said very seriously, “then we’ll kill the new archbishop as well! Send another one? Kill him again until the Church of Light a good archbishop. This is how we take risks.”

“Are you sure that there will be a good archbishop?” Robb said, “look, it hasn’t been long since he became the archbishop, but he has lost his humanity already. Do you really think that there are still kind and upright people among the archbishops and leaders of the Church of Light?”

After careful consideration, Xuelu shook her hot red hair and said, “then I’ll go to the Kingdom of Norma and explore the City of Saints and all the big shots in it, including the paparazzi.”

Robb smiled and said, “your ideal is very rich, but reality is very bony. You are not strong enough to do that.”

“There are so many adventurers in this world. As long as we gather them together…”

Before she could finish her words, Xuelu laughed at herself and said, “Oh, that’s impossible. If the adventurers are willing to join hands, they will not be called adventurers, but soldiers.”

After a pause, she continued, “anyway, there must be a way. Adventurers are people who find a way to make something impossible possible.”

“A road to the mountain?” said Robb, “this is really a way for adventurers to solve problems. Well, then I won’t talk nonsense. I can only say that I wish you a smooth journey, and…”

Robb took out three crystal balls, He handed it to Xuelu and said, “there are three crystal balls here. They are ‘mobile phones’ that can only be used to talk on the phone, but can’t transmit images. If you three meet any problems that can’t be solved, you can call me. Right, this mobile phone is not a direct call. You can choose a target when you dial the phone, which means that you can also talk to each other.”


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