After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 544

Chapter 544: The new weapon of the steam tank

Elsie complained while grabbing the head of the dwarf leader, which annoyed him a little.

He had to mutter “Forget it. Although I can’t take out a tank now, there is a good thing for you to see. This is the idea proposed by the grandmaster blacksmith, and it was made by our race. According to the grandmaster blacksmith, this is to make up for your tank’s fire defects. The grandmaster blacksmith said that last time when the wolf riders attacked the city, you drove the tank to fight against them, but the wolf rider passed the tank and ran past it. You couldn’t attack them at all. At that time, the battle happened in the town, so you couldn’t fire with your tank either, so we added a less powerful weapon. “

Of course, Elsie still remembered this. He asked Robb for a less powerful weapon. At that time, Robb joked and asked him to shoot arrows.

He thought that Robb hadn’t considered his request at all, but he didn’t expect that Robb had already ordered the dwarves to develop it. He couldn’t help but feel happy. “A thing proposed by Godfather? It must be a good thing. Let me have a look.”

The dwarf leader waved his hand, and two dwarves immediately opened the sewer lid and jumped in. After a while, they crawled out of the sewer again, holding some strange small boxes in their hands. These small boxes had a reserved screw hole on them, which seemed to be used to fix something. A long line was drawn on it, and there was a switch on the end of the line.

The dwarf leader said “Look, these iron boxes are used to hang outside the tank. And the switch on the end of the line is used to extend to the inside of the tank. When we make a new tank for you, we will reserve some holes on the outer shell of the tank. At that time, we will hang the boxes on the outer shell of the tank, and these lines with switches are extended into the tank through the holes. You can control these switches and trigger these boxes from inside the tank.”

Elsie understood what he meant at once. “Is there magic in these boxes?”

“Yes!” the dwarf leader said, “Try it.”

Elsie took a box and pointed it at a big stone in the distance. He clicked the switch and the lid of the box was opened. Then, stars flew out of the box and hit the big stone continuously. It had the spell starfall sealed.

“Wow!” Elsie was overjoyed. “This box is so powerful. The outer wall of my tank is full of this kind of boxes. Then I can activate the boxes through the switches in the tank.”

“Yes, that’s it,” the dwarf leader said. “When I heard the idea of the grandmaster blacksmith, I also felt that it was a big brain idea. In the future, we can try to develop all kinds of strange weapons, hang them on the outer wall of the tank, and operate them inside.”

Elsie, “hahaha, my tank is even more powerful now.”

“But…” Robb said with a smile, “there is also a problem here. As the number of weapons increase and the switches increase, you have to drive the tank while using these weapons. How can you care about it? I think maybe we should design the tank to be driven by more people and separate the driver from the barrel…”

The dwarf leader was stunned for a moment, and then bowed to him, “the grandmaster blacksmith is awesome. He always thinks of something that others can’t imagine. I will make the new tank of commander Elsie, perfect.”

Robb smiled and said, “I have a small suggestion. Make the steam car look good for me.”

The dwarf leader smiled awkwardly, “yes, I will.”

Time passed quickly

A few days passed quickly.

The news of the video last time was no longer discussed in Westwind town. The townsmen of Westwind town were particularly heartless, because they were not afraid of strong enemies. No matter how powerful their enemies were, they didn’t think they could pass Godfather.

With a strong military force and a rich economy, the people would gradually become happy.

Lu Xun once said, “if a person has money, his EQ and IQ will be higher, and he will not easily lose his temper.”.

This was the current situation of the townsmen of Westwind town.

However, on Bright Road, the public opinion was getting more and more out of control, and the cries of war were getting louder and louder. In a town with a population of hundreds of thousands of people, once public opinion broke out, the momentum would be extremely terrifying. People could be seen every day in the streets and alleys gathering together and talking loudly about the despicable Mondra.

Countless voices shouted, “fight! Fight! Knock down the despicable Mondra!”

The queen was not a bad queen. In fact, she was an excellent politician. How could she miss such an opportunity?

Soon, recruitment began!

It turned out that although ordinary townsmen usually hated military recruitment and war. This time, no one objected. Recruitment had just begun, and a lot of people already actively registered for it.

The will of the people was unprecedentedly high. The entire sky above Bright Road seemed to be echoing with the sound of horns.

Not long after, Robb received the news that Duke Madeleine led the Black Earth Knights and several groups of miscellaneous soldiers to go to East Gran.

This was a war of “justice”. Countless people came to the gate of the city spontaneously to see the army off.

When Robb heard the news, he couldn’t help but sigh deeply. “It wasn’t easy to earn a few months of peace, yet it begins again…”

While he was complaining about the queen and worrying about the safety of Madeleine, he suddenly saw several people at the door of the chapel peeking. These people were dressed in black cloaks and covered faces, and they didn’t look like good people at first glance. Moreover, they were peeking at the chapel, which made him more suspicious.

In Westwind Town, no one would approach Robb’s chapel like this.

Because everyone here knew that Godfather was kind and amiable, not the kind of leader who liked to put on airs like nobles. Anyone could enter his chapel and visit it openly. When Godfather was in a good mood, he would say hello to you, buy you a cup of Coca-Cola, and when he was in a bad mood, he would not scold you. At most, he would be lazy on his stone stool and won’t talk or greet people, making people think that there was a scarecrow lying on the stone stool.

Such people who came to the chapel to poke their heads must be an outsider. They didn’t know the rules of Westwind town.

Robb happened to be in a good mood today. He chuckled at the people in cloaks and said, “don’t stand outside and poke your heads. If you have anything to say, come in and talk.”

Those people froze for a moment. Obviously, they didn’t expect Robb to be so indifferent. After hesitating for a while, they seemed to have made up their mind. Then they lifted their cloaks and walked towards Robb.


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