After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 545

Chapter 545: An unexpected visitor

There were five people in total. The middle-aged man in the front looked about thirty years old. He had regular facial features, a gentle expression and a bright smile, giving people a feeling that he was a “good man”.

The four men behind him were younger, but their faces were also calm and nice.

Their ‘Good’ faces were in sharp contrast to their sneaky behavior just now.

Seeing that they were constantly glancing at the statue of the God of light at the door of the chapel, coupled with their steady and kind faces, Robb immediately guessed. He smiled and asked, “Are you people from the Church of Light? And with high positions at that?”

The middle-aged man in the lead froze for a moment, and then smiled. “You’re awesome! No wonder you’re the leader of Westwind town. Although you’re in the land of West Gran, the queen doesn’t dare to hurt you. Your eyes are so sharp that you saw through us at a glance. You even guessed that we’re in high positions.”

“It’s not hard to guess,” Robb said, shrugging his shoulders. “There is a person who has a similar style to you. He comes to visit me every day, several times every day, for fear of being out of the political and influence center of Westwind town. When I saw you guys just now, I felt as if I saw him.”

The middle-aged man was embarrassed!

However, a few seconds later, he came to his senses and asked, “the man you just mentioned is… Commander Elsie?”

“Yes, his name is Elsie. If I’m not wrong, you are also one of the leaders of the Church of Light like Elsie, right? The four people behind you should be knights or priests and the like,” said Robb with a smile on his face “Well, let’s cut the crap. Why did you come to Westwind town and poke your head into my chapel? If you want to find Elsie, you can go out and turn right. Do you see the sewer lid on the ground? Open it, go in and follow the road sign to the underground factory of the dwarves. Elsie is checking the tanks there.”

The middle-aged man was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “We are not here for Elsie. To be honest, we are here to join the new Church of Light and work for you. There is a secret weapon here, which is a giftfor you. Please accept it.”

He took out a fist sized golden stone from his pocket and placed it on the table.

It looked like a piece of gold, but the middle-aged man didn’t place it lightly. The golden stone collided with the table. Robb could tell from the sound it made when it collided with the stone table that it was not gold. Because gold was very heavy, the sound of it falling on the table should also be a little heavy.

But it didn’t make a sound at all!

“What’s this? Why are you giving it to me?” Robb asked with a smile.

“This is my holy weapon, Dawn Break,” the middle-aged man said respectfully.

Hearing the name, Robb was a little stunned. It suddenly occurred to him that last time when he went to Bright Road, he saw the Black Earth Knights attack Russ. When they were about to catch her, a masked man suddenly appeared, emitting a strong light, which made everyone’s eyes close. Then he took the opportunity to save the big loli.

At that time, the Black Earth Knights were discussing that the strong light was emitted by the holy weapon, Dawn Break. Robb was also a little interested in it, but he didn’t expect to see it in front of him with his own eyes.

“Oh, it’s you!” said Robb.

“Well? What is me?” the middle-aged man asked, perplexed.

“No, nothing.” Robb smiled and said, “let’s get down to business. You came to Westwind town to give me this holy weapon and said that you would work for me. Can I understand this as you are going to betray Mondra and the Church of Light?”

“No, it’s not a betrayal,” the middle-aged man said seriously “If we really plan to betray them, then we would go to her majesty and devote our holy weapon to her. Then we can work as a commander in West Gran’s army to deal with East Gran. We have been spying on East Gran and the Church of Light, and we have a lot of information. If we join their army, it will pose a huge threat to East Gran and the Church of Light. That is a true betrayal. Since we arrived at Westwind Town, it means that we don’t want to be traitors. “

“Well, that’s reasonable,” Robb said, “then what are you going to do?”

A bitter smile appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. “We don’t want to do anything. All of a sudden, we feel that everything is meaningless. We don’t want to do anything. We don’t want to appear for the sake of East Gran and the Church of Light, and we don’t want to help West Gran and the Church of Darkness deal with our former friends. Therefore, we wanted to come to the new Church of Light and be a believer of the true God of light.”

“Huh?” said Robb, “you have seen through the mortal world?”

“What does it mean to see through the mortal world?”

“Well, not caring about anything.”

The middle-aged man thought it over and found it was true, His face was once again filled with bitterness. “It’s really boring. When I first saw the video of the conversation among the three parties, Mondra, the archbishop, and the demon, I couldn’t believe it. But after looking at it carefully a few times, I confirmed that the two people were really the archbishop and Mondra. I couldn’t believe that they were so dark, and I had been working for them all the time.”

Robb was speechless

The middle-aged man sighed, “I can’t even imagine that our church will collude with the monsters and plot against the adventurers. I can’t stay in such a church any longer. I have to leave it. But I sincerely believe in the God of light, so… Except for Westwind town and the new Church of Light, I don’t want to choose any other way.”

“Are you really high ranked?” it was Robb’s turn to be surprised. “I can’t believe there is such an innocent guy like you in the ranks?”

“What do you mean?” the middle-aged man’s face flashed with anger. “Are you mocking that there is no good person in the Church of Light?”

“Wow!” Robb quickly changed his tone, “well, I apologize for what I have just said. It’s not right to speculate over a group of people. No matter how dark the world is, there is always a glimmer of light. It seems that although you left, your heart is bright.”

After Robb said this, Russ came out of the chapel. She was delighted to see the person sitting in the yard. “Ah! Uncle Eddie, you are here!”


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