After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Another smart man

The middle-aged man’s name was Eddie, and he was called uncle by the little girl. It seemed that the two of them were quite close. It was not strange at all. The reason why the little girl could lurk in Bright Road to assassinate important politicians must have because of the secret support of Eddie, the spy.

In addition, she worked as a heretic judger in the Church of Light, so there must be a lot of communication between them.

Robb saw the kind look in Eddie’s eyes. It seemed that he really took good care of the big loli, and the big loli also returned to be a little girl. She jumped over and asked, “Why are you here?”

Eddie smiled bitterly. “I’m here for the true God of light.”

Hearing this, the little girl understood, “you watched the video?”

“Yes,” Eddie sighed deeply. “Even a person like me who watched the video also left as soon as possible. The Church of Light’s business in the Kingdom of Gran is going to be completely ruined.”

As a bishop, he knew very well what the Church of Light was doing in the world, which was to control the public. But now, a video had swept away the trust of the Church of Light in the public. The Church of Light’s business in the Kingdom of Gran was over. Even the most devout believers of the Church of Light would no longer trust it.

Maybe only those who were not pious enough would stay there.

The little girl couldn’t help but ask, “how’s the battle in the east?”

Eddie sighed, “War? There is no war? The army of Duke Madeleine sent troops to attack, and the morale of their whole army was high. Where Madeleine’s troops pointed to, towns and villages fell with the wind, and even several noble generals guarding the places directly dropped without shooting an arrow.”

“Humph! You deserve it. It would be best if Madeleine could attack the Capital of Saints along the way, and that the nobility in the Capital of Saints would tie up my father and the archbishop and exile them out of the city. That would be the best.”

“You wish, don’t you?” Robb suddenly blurted out, “things are not that simple. Justice is worthless in front of money and power. Those who are going to use their buttocks to think immediately will firmly stand out to support Mondra and the archbishop, and then, Madeleine will encounter a strong resistance.”

“Think with your buttocks?” the big girl asked curiously, “can you think with your buttocks?”

Eddie didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Godfather is just making a metaphor. The bottom here is the standpoint!”

Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “you understand.”

Eddie said, “although I’m naive, I’m not stupid.”

Robb, “but I always thought naivety and stupidity are the same thing.”

Eddie was speechless

At this time, Little Yi and two light little nuns also came out. When the three of them saw Eddie, they were also as surprised as the big loli. “Eddie, you are also here?”

Eddie smiled bitterly, “sorry, I’m late.”

“In fact, it’s not too late,” Robb said with a smile. “people who come later than you are about to come in an endless stream, right? Little Yi, you have to be prepared. The foundation of the old Church of Light in the Kingdom of Gran is about to collapse, and those devout believers will definitely not join the Church of Darkness, nor will they believe in the God of desert, the God of forest, the goddess of spiders… Then their only choice is here!”

Hearing this, Little Yi thought carefully and her cold face slowly turned red. It seemed that she was a little excited and moved, because she suddenly realized that a large number of believers were coming. The new Church of Light might be about to start a new journey.

She turned to Eddie and said, “Eddie, it’s… it’s good that you’re here. After all, I’m just a nun. I’m not capable enough. I hope you can take charge of the overall situation.”

Eddie stole a glance at Robb and quickly refused, “how can I do that? I’m new here and don’t know anything. I don’t even know the teachings of the new Church of Light. I can’t preside over the overall situation, so please ask Ishir to be responsible for it. I want to start from the lowest level here and start from scratch. After I deeply understand the teachings of the new Church of Light, I’ll come out to help you do stuff.”

After saying that, he quickly stole a glance at Robb. Seeing that Robb had a smile on his face and was obviously satisfied with his words, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Robb chuckled in his heart, [He took the opportunity quickly! Another Elsie. All the people who could get the position of a bishop in the Church of Light were smart people.]

One of the advantages of such a smart man was that when he had a clear understanding of Robb’s strength, he was more loyal than an idiot. He would never go against Robb at all. That was what Elsie was like. Of course, Elsie also had a strong desire for power. He clearly knew how terrifying Robb was, so he would never try to challenge Robb’s absolute authority with his power.

The more, the better!

In fact, Robb was very clear about Little Yi’s dwarfcomings. Although she was kind-hearted, innocent and full of love in the world without any crooked thoughts, she was not a person who was good at organizing and arranging. If she was asked to spread the teachings and carry forward the virtues to hundreds of people, she could do it perfectly.

But she couldn’t spread her thoughts and consciousness to the whole world.

She needed someone like Elsie or Eddie to help her! Elsie was very busy now, of course he couldn’t, but the new Eddie could.

A person who has no flaws in her character, a truly kind and loving personality can be a spiritual symbol, while a person with the ability to advance and retreat practically do the practical things, could the new Church of Light really walk on the road of prosperity.

Robb patted Eddie’s shoulder and said, “please help her. I’m looking forward to your help. I hope you can spread the belief of the new Church of Light and guide all the confused people.”

Eddie quickly put his hands on his chest and bowed slightly. “That is what a devout believer of the God of light should do.”

When the two were talking about this, the lid of the sewer was opened, and Commander Elsie came out. He didn’t seem to like the sewer very much, because it had already been put into use, so the dirty water was flowing in all directions, spreading an unpleasant smell.

However, it was the fastest way to get to the underground village of the dwarves from the sewer. The large exit the dwarves had reserved for the tank was far away from Robb’s chapel, so it was inconvenient to take a detour, so Elsie still pinched his nose and walked through a section of sewer.

He came out and waved at Robb, “Godfather, I’ll report the progress of the tank to you…”

Before he could finish his words, he saw Eddie and exclaimed, “ah, Eddie, why are you here?”


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