After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Is this how you use a holy weapon?

Seeing Elsie, Eddie was not surprised at all. He was a spy on Bright Road and had a lot of information channels. He knew everything around the place.

He was very clear that Elsie had been chased into Westwind town by the Black Earth Knights and had a good reputation here.

After telling Elsie what he had said to Robb, Eddie smiled and said, “we have to work together and work side by side in the future.”

Side by side? Elsie chuckled in his heart, [back then, we were indeed in a state of being side by side in the Church of Light. I was in charge of the Templar Knights, and you were in charge of intelligence and internal affairs. We could be considered as two generals of one nation. But in Westwind Town, you came late, so you can only be a few shoulders dwarfer than me. Haha!]

Although Elsie thought so, a warm smile appeared on his face. “That’s great. Let’s go to the tavern and have some drinks later.”

The two of them talked about the old days, but Robb turned his attention to the holy weapon on the table, “Dawn Break.” this golden stone emitted a dazzling light on the table. Although it was still in an inactivate state, it could still blind ordinary people’s eyes.

Robb knew that this thing could release a very strong flash bomb, which could make the people around unable to see anything for a dwarf time. Last time, the big loli was surrounded by the Black Earth Knights, which was the reason why she escaped.

He was curious, “by the way, what is it made of?”

When he didn’t say anything, the two of them talked happily. However, as soon as he asked, the two of them stopped talking almost in an instant. At the same time, they turned to Robb and said, “Golden Obsidian!”

After saying that, the two of them could not help but look at each other, thinking in their hearts, [this guy is still so good at flattering his boss.]

After a dwarf while of zero point zero one seconds, Eddie stepped back and gave the chance to speak to Elsie. He knew that it was better not to compete with Elsie for favor since he was just a newcomer.

Elsie chuckled and said, “Godfather, this is called a golden obsidian. It is a very rare and rare stone. Hundreds of years ago, it was found in the mountain range by adventurers, and then fell into the hands of the old Church of Light. The church found that a special rune could activate its top and emit a strong light, so it was made into a holy weapon, specially used to flash the eyes of the enemy.”

“Oh, I see,” Robb said. “It can only flicker once in a while, but it can still stay bright for a long time. Besides, can you adjust its brightness? It’s so bright that it can blind you. Can it be a little gentler?”

“it’s okay for it to stay on for a long time, but it will consume the power of light absorbed from the sun stored in it, and when it’s empty, you need to bask it in the sun to replenish it.” Elsie explained, “but what does it mean to be gentle? If it doesn’t flash, won’t it lose its effect of blinding the enemy? ” “What’s the use of blinding the eyes of the enemy?” Robb said, “it’s better to kill the enemy directly than blind the eyes of the enemy.”

Elsie was speechless

Eddie was speechless

After a while, Elsie added “The brightness can be adjusted, as long as you cut it into small pieces. When the church first got this, it was much bigger than it is now, and its light was also much brighter at that time. When it was used in front of two armies, it can make both armies temporarily blind. Later, after a war, it was smashed in half by the enemy, half of which was lost, and the other half was the present piece, only the size of a fist. The church repainted runes on it, so it can still be used, but the light has been weakened a lot, and now it can no longer deter an army. It can only shine on a team. “

Before he could finish his words, Robb suddenly raised his hand and slapped the fist sized Golden obsidian.

Elsie and Eddie two shouted almost at the same time, “no!”

However, it was too late to stop him. Robb’s slap hit the stone hard. How could the poor stone withstand his attack? It was smashed into pieces in an instant, and broke into small pieces on the table.

The bigger one was only the size of a finger, and the smaller one was only the size of a mung bean.

Elsie and Eddie two were rendered speechless

Robb picked up the golden obsidian as big as a mung bean from the table and chuckled, “the light emitted from this size shouldn’t be dazzling, right? Elsie, Eddie, can you draw the rune that makes it shine continuously?”

“I can draw it.” Eddie raised his hand.

“Good. You can draw it now.” Robb handed him a pen and helped him apply the magic essence ink. Then he pointed at him to shrink.

Eddie shrank into a very small person in an instant, standing on the stone table in a daze.

“What are you thinking about? Start drawing the rune!” said Robb.

Eddie, with all due respect, I really can’t understand what you want to do. Breaking such a precious holy weapon into small pieces, and then letting the small stones shine. It will completely lose its effect of making people blind. “

“Why would I use blinding light?” Robb said, “what I want is not to make people blind.”

Eddie was speechless

Forget it. Although he had a lot of complaints, he was as smart as Elsie. He knew when he should be obedient. He picked up the pen and brushed it. Not long after, the mung bean sized golden obsidian was painted with runes that would allow it to continue to shine.

Robb chuckled and said, “Make the condition for triggering the runes. Starting Condition: ‘light on’; Closing condition” ‘Light close’.”

Although Eddie didn’t know what was going on, he did as he was told.

Robb asked Lilian to bring a thread and tie the obsidian on it. Then the other end of the thread was wrapped around the tree above his head. There was a bean sized stone hanging on the thin thread and swaying over his head, which looked very strange.

Robb raised his head and said, “Light on!”

The golden stone suddenly lit up, emitting a bright light above Robb’s head

Robb laughed and said, “hahaha, I can sit on the stone stool and read books when it’s dark.”

Eddie broke out in a sweat and thought, [this Godfather! How could such a rare holy weapon be used like this? What the hell is this? Just a torch is enough!]

However, Elsie, after getting along with Robb for a long time, had already been used to Robb’s methods. No matter what kind of weapon he had, it would eventually become “household goods” in Robb’s hands. In any case, since he was extremely powerful, he no longer needed any holy weapon or secret weapon to assist him. These holy weapons were even more useful in his hands as toys.


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