After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Night Light

Robb waved at him and said, “thank you for making these voice-controlled lamps. Then I’ll install them at every intersection of the town and make them road lamps. By the way, I want a big one in my chapel hall and a small one in each bedroom. “

Eddie didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh, but said obediently, “it’s not hard at all to do such a thing at all. I’m willing to serve Godfather.”

Eddie began to draw.

Robb looked at the pile of broken stones on the stone table and thought, [there are only a few hundred stones here, so I can only make a few hundred voice control lamps. It’s not enough!]

He turned to Elsie and asked, “do you know where we can find this kind of obsidian?”

Elsie said respectfully, “Godfather, I got this piece hundreds of years ago and made it into a holy weapon. If I could easily get it, it wouldn’t be called a holy weapon.”

Robb said, “that makes sense, but there must be a way, right? I remember that you just said that the first one was found by an adventurer in the a mountain range?”

Elsie nodded, “yes, it was found in the Jinghong mountain.”

Robb said, “then let’s go to there to look for some. Maybe we can find it. According to the principles of mineral formation, if we can find a small piece of ore, we can often dig out a large mine. If we find it… well… then we can make countless electric lamps.”

Elsie said with a bitter face “The Jinghong mountains is the den of the black dragon Avicus and also the home of the demons. It is said that the demon king city is located in the Jinghong mountains. The monsters there are many times stronger than the ones in Black Pine Mountain. It is extremely difficult for humans to enter the Jinghong Mountains. Only the bravest adventurer dares to take such risks. However, most of the adventurers don’t come back alive and countless adventurers go missing every year. “

Robb rested his chin on his hand and thought for a while. “Wow, it sounds great. Should I go and have a look?”

Elsie hurriedly said, “Godfather, be careful! Although you are extremely powerful and all kinds of monsters can’t withstand a single blow from you, don’t rush into Jinghong mountains, because… The black dragon, only that thing can’t be defeated by human power. Even if you are…”

The black dragon Avicus went out of the mountain every four years to plunder human wealth. It had a history of more than one thousand years. Countless heroes had used countless holy weapons and secret weapons, and used all kinds of methods to try to kill it, but none of them succeeded.

Although Elsie worshiped Robb as a God, he believed that he might not be able to defeat the black dragon.

Robb threw up his hands and said, “well, although I don’t think I can’t defeat the black dragon, I have to listen to others’ advice. The most important thing is that I have already been tired of the task of running to a mountain to look for some ores. Since I’m tired of it, I won’t be able to mass produce lamps for the time being.”

Elsie breathed a sigh of relief. It would be better if Godfather didn’t go anywhere. Westwind Town cannot live without Robb now. If Robb gets damaged while dealing with the black dragon, the monsters would immediately come over, and the queen would definitely come to take back the jurisdiction of Westwind town. At that time, Westwind town would be in a mess, and the position that he had obtained with great difficulty would be lost! He didn’t think he had the ability to stop the monster army and the queen’s army.

Therefore, for him, Robb’s safety is the guarantee of his greatness.

In the following days, the peace in Westwind town was temporarily restored.

Robb was still lazy every day. Occasionally, he would take some time to shoot ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’ count the box office of the first and second movies, and then listen to the news of the battle between the two movies from the businessmen..

The progress of the war was exactly the same as Robb had expected!

At the beginning, the army led by Madeleine was as strong as a bamboo, and the enemies fell all the way when they felt the wind. However, the closer her army got to the Capital of Saints, the greater the resistance she encountered.

Because the closer they got to the power center, the less people would think about problems with justice, and the more people would think about problems with power and interests.

Some of the great nobles who had already gained benefits didn’t care who was justice and who was evil, nor did they care about who colluded with the monsters. They only cared about whether their status was stable or not.

Among them, the biggest representative was the Great Duke of the White Lion Knights, Yingsi. He is the confidant of Mondra, his most trusted general, and was very powerful. Moreover, he had chased the queen and Madeleine before. He was very clear that he could not surrender to the queen. Even if the queen did forget their past grievances and did not kill him, he would not be able to get his current status back.

Therefore, a large group of nobles led by the White Lion Knights formed an army to fight against Madeleine. The two sides began a seesaw battle hundreds of miles to the west of the Capital of Saints. The soldiers in black armor and the soldiers in white armor were fighting on the battle line which was more than 100 kilometers long. The war was once again stuck.

How could it be so easy to defeat a strong enemy with the slogan of justice?

Without absolute national power, the war would only become endless consumption.

Instead of getting involved in the war, Westwind Town continued to walk on the happy road. Many poles were erected on both sides of the street, with a glass cover on the top of the poles. In the middle of the cover, there was a golden obsidian.

In the daytime, these golden stones received sunlight to replenish their magic. In the evening, the townsmen who were drunk in the tavern could see the street lights on both sides of the street extended all the way as long as they shouted “lights on” on the way home.

Westwind town had become a sleepless city!

The townsmen who had returned at sunset were now used to returning late. The opening hours of all kinds of stores naturally extended. The night market began to take shape, and the restaurants started becoming very popular.

The lengthening of business activities had stimulated the consumption of money to a greater extent. If the internal demand was stimulated, the economy would also become better

Of course, this was not the biggest change in Westwind town.

The real big change had begun since Eddie came to Westwind town.

In other words, after the crazy video was spread out from Bright Road and Westwind Town, it was known by more cities and villages.

The most loyal followers of the old Church of Light wavered!

This was not an era of atheist thinking. After a person’s faith was shaken, he must have a new faith in his heart, otherwise he would lose the courage to live on.

For the believers who had lost their faiths, they had to find new spiritual comfort for themselves.

And the only way to comfort them was to find the new Church of Light!


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