After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 549

Chapter 549: A new problem occurred

They decided to abandon the old Church of Light and become followers of the new Church of Light, rushing madly to Westwind town!

These people called Westwind town “the holy city”, and said that the old Church of Light had already been allied with the monsters. Only the new Church of Light was the real holy city of the God of light. With the combination of these words and the video, the news spread ten to one hundred to one thousand to ten thousand…

Countless villages, towns, and believers were affected.

With dozens of days of food on their backs, they headed for Westwind town with enthusiasm. No matter how far their hometown was from Westwind Town, they only wanted to worship the true God of light and take a look at the real holy city, even if they got tired to death.

These believers gathered in Westwind town from the whole continent. Many people from East Gran even took the risk to cross the national boundary. Some of them successfully escaped the sentries, and some of them were caught by the sentries, but the sentries did not make things difficult for them. After all, they were all people of the same race in the past. The sentries only needed a little water, and the people of East Gran could continue to move towards Westwind town.

When they arrived at Westwind Town, they were immediately shocked by the street lights!

The entire town was emitting golden light at night. If this wasn’t the holy city, then where else could it be?

Facing this surging believer, Little Yi and the two little light nuns were completely at a loss. Fortunately, there was now Eddie, who had been in charge of internal affairs when they were in the Church of Light. He was very good at coaxing the believers. He asked Little Yi to sit down on a high platform and disguise herself as the holy nun. The following chores were all handled by Eddie, coaxing all the believers coming and going.

For a moment, it seemed that everyone was happy and satisfied.

Only Robb was unhappy

There were people coming and going every day in the chapel, and it was very noisy. Now, when he was lazy on his stone stool, he would be watched by the believers. From time to time, there would be believers coming to him, a priest, to tell him the truth.

Robb had been tired of confessions since he came to Westwind town. Of course, he didn’t want to play any more and sent away the troubles of the believers. Fortunately, Eddie saw the opportunity quickly and would immediately come to help him take the believers away, so as not to make Robb continue to be annoyed.

In this frantic atmosphere…

Elsie walked to Robb’s side and respectfully stood and squatted down beside him and whispered in his ear, “Godfather, I have something to talk to you in secret.”

“Oh?” seeing his strange attitude, Robb was a little curious. “What’s the matter?”

“Godfather, thanks to the video incident, our new Church of Light has gained a large number of followers. It seems to be a good thing, but it has caused us trouble.”

“Oh,” said Robb with a smile at the corners of his mouth. “A big tree.. attracts the wind?”

Elsie hurriedly said, “it’s great. It’s really insightful.” he complimented Robb first, and then continued, “our new Church of Light used to be a nameless small church. The small faith was only contained on this small area of Westwind Town, and would not arouse any hostility from others. But this time is different.”

Robb laughed!

Elsie, “the old Church of Light is not powerful enough. Anyway, their headquarter is in the Norma Kingdom, one hundred and eight thousand miles away from us. There is also a desert kingdom in the middle. Now the real trouble for us is the Church of Darkness.”

Robb, “really?”

Elsie lowered his voice and said, “now that West Gran is known to be in the hands of the Church of Darkness. Although this church does not seem to like to rule out dissidents as much as the Church of Light, it does not rule out dissidents, not because of their noble character, but because ……”

Robb continued, “it’s because they were weak before, right?”

Elsie put on an inexplicable expression of admiration: “Godfather, to put it bluntly, in fact, the Church of Light used to be relatively weak in the Kingdom of Gran. It was not until we betrayed the young queen, got Mondra’s support and laid a solid foundation that we began to persecute the people of the Church of Darkness. Today, the Church of Darkness, with the support of the Queen, has taken control of the entire West Gran. When the influence of our New Church of Light was still small, they did not bother to pay attention to us. But now that we are so wantonly attracting believers to worship, even being called holy city, it is impossible for the Church of Darkness to sit back and watch.” Robb gave him a thumbs up and said, “you’re a good person. You’re very flexible and considerate.”

Elsie was overjoyed and was praised by Robb again.

Robb said, “it depends on the Queen’s attitude. Her relationship with the Church of Darkness is just like the relationship between Mondra and the Church of Light. If the Church of Darkness really doesn’t like our Westwind Town and wants to get rid of it as soon as possible, I’d like to see what the queen will do.”

While the two of them were talking

Bright Road! The royal palace!

The queen sat in a secluded secret room, opposite her sat an old man in a black cloak with a black cross hanging on his chest. He was about sixty years old, with a square face and a faint black aura.

He was saying in a low and hoarse voice, “Your Majesty, we can’t stand by and watch what’s happening in Westwind town anymore.”

The queen frowned and remained silent.

The old man said in a low voice “We have spent a lot of efforts and finally found an opportunity to destroy the Church of Light. I thought that after the video was broadcasted, we could win over all the believers of the Church of Light and make them become the believers of our Church of Darkness, but I didn’t expect that a new Church of Light would suddenly appear and take away more than half of the believers who should belong to us. If we don’t deal with this matter right away, it will shake the foundation of our Church of Darkness.”

“Well, what do you think we should do, sir?” the queen said.

It turned out that the old man was the archbishop of the Church of Darkness. He said in a low voice, “after he repels the monster army, we will send someone to Westwind town to assassinate that man.”

The queen said expressionlessly, “how? Tell me how? You should know that the desert kingdom sent a group of assassins, right? You must have heard such important information, haven’t you?”

The archbishop said in a low voice, “of course I know. But we are different from the desert kingdom. As soon as the people of the desert kingdom get close to him, he has already been on guard. But we haven’t broken our relationship with him yet. We seem to have a good relationship on the surface. If we send assassins to kill him, he may not be able to expect it.”


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