After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 550

Chapter 550: Go to hell

The Queen’s face was still expressionless. “But I got the information that even while he was sleeping, the assassins couldn’t damage him even when they stabbed him several times. And even when they fed him with the poison, they poisoned themselves instead. Do you want to kill yourself? What method will you use?”

The archbishop said, “I don’t believe that there is such a thing in the world that can’t be called even while asleep, and even if he is fed with poison, he won’t die. It’s nonsense. He should have woken up a long time ago. He knew that an assassin wanted to kill him nearby, so he used some special magic and war technique to protect himself. Otherwise, there is no way in the world that he can avoid swords and blades while sleeping.”

The queen continued to be expressionless. “Oh, so you think the information is wrong. He was not off guard at that time, but on guard even before the assassination started, so he could not be killed. And as long as is not on guard, he could be killed?”

The archbishop nodded, “yes.”

The queen asked, “do you want to kill him, or is it from the Church of Darkness of lost city?”

The archbishop said in a low voice, “it’s my idea! The lost city is located at the southwest of the continent, and there are forests and mountains in the middle. How can news be spread so quickly? That’s why I planned to discuss with the queen first and make a detailed plan. After that, I will send the news back to lost city.”

The queen understood what he meant at once.

Only in this way will the pope feel that he is a capable frontline commander, not a loser who only asks for help from headquarters when he runs into problems.

The Queen’s face, which had been expressionless all this time, suddenly revealed a smile. “Since it’s only your idea and the people in lost city don’t know, then it’s easy.”

“Hmm? Easy?” the archbishop stunned.

At this moment, the queen suddenly turned her wrist, took out a golden dagger from her sleeve, and stabbed it into the old man’s chest.

As an intelligent expert, she always wore a black robe when fighting, and her staff, secret weapons and so on were always black. But this time, she pulled out a dagger with a golden light, which was really shocking. The archbishop was old, and his reaction was slow. In addition, he was in a mental class, not a physical class, so he couldn’t react at all.

When the dagger was stabbed into his chest, a golden light spread out from it and wrapped the whole archbishop. At the same time, all the dark magic on his body were destroyed. He even couldn’t throw out magic to fight back. He just looked at the queen in surprise and said with difficulty, “what… What… What are you doing? What… What?”

The queen snorted, “you haven’t seen this dagger before, have you? Its name Holy Sanctioner. It has been with me since I was a child. At that time, I piously believed in the God of light, and now I am of the Church of Darkness. It feels so complicated to use this light to kill people.”

The archbishop said with difficulty, “why… What… you… Kill me?”

The queen said, “although your assassination plan doesn’t even have a chance to succeed, you will bring him a lot of trouble. I can only ask you to die.”

The archbishop said, “you… You… You would actually help… an outsider. I understand. Ah… Woman… Woman… This thing… You actually betrayed the God of darkness for a man. You will be… Punished… By God…”

The queen sneered, “punishment? Don’t laugh! Let me tell you. Like him, I haven’t believed in any God for a long time. I don’t believe either the God of light or the God of darkness. If the God of darkness really has the ability, I’d like him to punish me. I’d like to see if it really exists.”

The archbishop was speechless

The archbishop felt that his blood was flowing nonstop, and his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. He slipped down from the chair and fell to the ground, falling into boundless darkness.

The queen kicked his body over, took the Holy Sanctioner that was inserted in his chest, and withdrew it into her sleeve. Then she shouted, “help!”

Number 1 pushed the door open and looked at the corpse on the ground. His expression didn’t change at all. “Your Majesty, what should we do with this guy’s corpse?”

The queen said, “smuggle the corpse out of the Royal Palace tunnel and throw it in a place where the patrol can easily find it. There is no need to hide it anymore.”

Number 1 nodded and said, “got it. Let the pope investigate by himself, right?”

The queen chuckled, “no matter how much they investigate, there is only one answer. He was killed by a holy weapon of the Church of Light.”

Number 1 picked up the corpse and lifted up a piece of stone on the ground. There was a long and dark passage below. He disappeared with the corpse of the archbishop soon after.

The queen sat down again. After a few seconds, she sighed faintly. “The death of the archbishop will make the Church of Darkness chaotic for a while, right? But after this period of chaos is over, the news will eventually spread back to lost city. I won’t be able to delay it for too long. Damn man! I can only help you to this point.”

In the evening, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse.

It was already in the middle of winter and the sky was very dark. When the queen finished her government affairs and had time to make a phone call, it was already dark outside.

But when she called Robb, she found that Robb’s side was bright

Well, it was not sunlight, but a “light bulb” hanging above Robb’s head, which made his surroundings very bright. Looking further away, Westwind town in the background was also brightly lit everywhere.

The queen sighed, “it seems that there is no night in Westwind Town now.”

Robb smiled and said, “well, you called me today just to send such an exclamation. Do you want to write another poem?”

“I don’t like writing poems,” the queen said indifferently. “I have never been in the mood to write poems since I was four years old.”

“Did you kill someone today?” Robb suddenly said. “I can feel a murderous aura from you even through the crystal ball.”

The queen said expressionlessly, “no, I’m not! As the queen of a kingdom, do I need to kill people by myself?”

Robb said, “well, then what is the theme of this call?”

The queen said “It’s not a big deal. I just want to remind you a little bit. In the following days, you should be careful of the assassins of the monster army. You have watched the short video and know that the demons are calling reinforcements to deal with you, right? These demons are sinister and cunning, and their intelligence is not inferior to human beings at all. They can pretend to be human beings to approach you, and suddenly stab you. You should know that you are the backbone of Westwind town. If you are assassinated, the monster army will easily take over Westwind town. Then I will be affected. “


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