After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Win him over

Robb was happy, “Wow!”

The queen said, “Don’t just say wow. I’m talking to you about something very serious. Do you know that you make me want to hit you when you say that?”

Robb, “I see. Thank you for your kind reminder. I will be careful. A woman with the smell of having just killed someone suddenly came and told me to watch out for the killer. Tut-tut, what do you think I will think? “

Queen, “No matter what you think, you can’t get the right answer! I’m not as easy to understand as the little maid next to you. That’s it. I’m tired. I won’t talk long today. “

She hung up the phone, and urgent footsteps sounded outside, and the lord chamberlain ran in with a group of people dressed in black robes. A man in black robes hurriedly said, “your Majesty, the archbishop was assassinated. His chest was pierced by an artifact of the Church of Light. We speculate that the killer must be from the Church of Light. Now that the Church of Light is leaderless, please come out and preside over the overall situation. “


The Queen’s face showed a look of indignation, “this damned Church of Light, which conspired against me, now assassinated the archbishop of my Church of Darkness and immediately order the whole city to impose martial law and strictly investigate who the murderer is.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Everyone went out, and then there were footsteps and orders everywhere, and the Queen stood on the balcony and looked out into the distance. Torches were lit everywhere on Bright Road, the patrols were running around, and countless men in black robes followed the patrols after the murderers, and the whole city bustling.

Number 1 appeared behind the queen and whispered, “your Majesty, we must be prepared against the Church of Darkness.”

The Queen whispered, “Don’t you do it all the time?”

Number 1 couldn’t help laughing, “that’s true!”

She has not trusted anyone since she was betrayed by the Church of Light when she was four years old. The Church of Light taught her to doubt, to be suspicious, to be on guard, and to be prepared.

So even though she fought against battlefield in a black robe and even rode a skeleton dragon representing the highest combat power of the Church of Darkness, she never reduced her guard against the Church of Darkness.

“I really want to have the ability to destroy heaven and earth like that crazy man.” The Queen sighed leisurely, “then I don’t have to live so carefully.”

Number 1 whispered, “win him over and make him be one of us.”

The Queen squinted, “How do I do that? What interests do you think can impress a man like that? “

Number 1 had a strange look and didn’t speak.

The queen understood and smiled, “That’s impossible! I want to accept a man because of love, not because of power. “

Number 1 did not answer this, but took a step back and disappeared into the darkness. He knew that the Queen had only said this to herself and did not intend to involve anyone in the discussion.

Year 1346, February.

Spring is not here yet, and the whole world is still covered with heavy snow.

There is snow all over Westwind Town. On the roof, on the treetops, on the lampshade of the street lamps…

A large group of townspeople spontaneously shovel snow from the cement road. The cement road is where everyone travels, so everyone consciously maintained the cleanliness of the road surface.

However, the roads outside the town are left unmaintained.

Snow and even ice on the roads have seriously hindered the movement of people and even disrupted commercial activities in many cities.

Because of the frozen roads, even the cattle and horses slip and fall.

Each town and village seems to have become an island, floating on the vast sea of snow.


In this world where everything is cut off by heavy snow, there is a small train whining through, entering Westwind Town and stopping at the railway station.

The merchant Pobo jumped out of the first carriage of the train, strode to Robb’s chapel and shouted happily, “Godfather, it’s done!”

The railway from Westwind Town to Bright Road is open to traffic. Haha, I have just returned from Bright Road. “

After sitting in the train for most of the day, he was actually very tired, but he was very energetic. He ran over shouting and screaming. He stepped on the icy road and fell down, but immediately jumped up and went on running. “this train is really awesome.”

“my ass.”

Robb scolded angrily, “the steam train still lags far behind the oil train, the boiler burns hard in this snowy day, and can only drive slowly. I don’t know what you’re excited about.”

Pobo said with a dry smile, “after all, this train has my shares. How can I not be excited when it is about to start making a lot of money?”

Robb, “Yes, from today on, you are going to become a glorious railway tycoon. I quite like to play that game.”

“Hmm? Godfather, what did you just say? “

“I didn’t say anything!”

Pobo said with a bad smile, “because of the heavy snow, the commercial activities between the towns and Bright Road have been interrupted, and all the goods can not be shipped out, but now my train can run from Westwind Town to Bright Road. I’m going to make a lot of money. “


Robb was about to throw a few words when he saw Marian come out and said with a smile, “my caravan is going to make a lot of money, too.”

The two railway tycoons laughed proudly together, then turned around together and shouted to their men who were already waiting on the side, “load the goods and quickly get the goods on the train.”

The domestic slaves of the two families began to carry things desperately onto the train.

At the same time, the small window of the ticket office opened, and the voice of the conductor sounded with the loudspeaker magic item, “the first train from Westwind Town to Bright Road will leave in an hour. Due to ice and skidding of the railway in winter, the train will be slower than expected and it is expected to take 17 hours to reach Bright Road. This train is now selling tickets. Passengers who want to go to Bright Road, please come and buy tickets as soon as possible. The train will not wait for anyone! “

A group of prepared small businessmen rushed over, “give me ten tickets and twenty-five tickets for freight.”

“I want fifteen tickets for people and forty tickets for freight.”

“I only need two tickets for people! “

Robb was a little unhappy when he saw this, “Speaking of which, I haven’t been to Bright Road for a long time. Why don’t I take the train to have a look. “


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