After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 552

Chapter 552: I’ll give you one more chance to tell the truth

“Master, are you going to Bright Road?” Lilian asked.

“Yes, I suddenly want to have a look,” Robb said with a smile. “I remember that I promised to take you to go shopping there. Pack up some snacks and water and go with me.”

“Okay.” Lilian was in high spirits.

However, Suofa said in a low voice, “Godfather, I advise you not to take Lilian there.”

“Why?” Robb asked.

“It’s very dangerous,” said Suofa in a low voice. “The queen is very complicated. She may have talked and laughed with you in the crystal ball today, but tomorrow she might kill you ruthlessly. It’s okay for you to go to Bright Road. With your ability, it’s not difficult for you to get rid of her completely, but Lilian can do nothing. If anything happens, she will become your burden.”

Robb smiled and said, “Oh, I see. You are very considerate and reasonable, but I’m not reasonable in the first place, and the way that that woman acts has always been unreasonable.”

Suofa stopped persuading him, but whispered, “then I’ll go, too. If anything happens, I’ll take care of Lillian, and you can go and fight.

“Well, I don’t mind having more beauties with me.”

Right now, Little Yi, the two light nuns, who stayed at home with have mobile phones in their hands, as well as Elsie, Nuolun, the other town mayors, uncle Johnny from Stone Canyon, all important people had mobile phones. If something happened, they could call Robb back, so Robb didn’t need to worry at all.

Accompanied by two maids, he got on the steam train and sat in the first carriage.

The carriage was still full of hustle and bustle. Marian and Pobo were also there. The two of them had to take this train to Bright Road. Pobo was going to do business, while Marian had been away from home for a long time and needed to go home to see her parents.

Seeing Robb got in the carriage, both of them had a weird expression on their faces. In fact, they both knew that Robb’s identity was very subtle. He swaggered to the Queen’s territory. If he didn’t do it well, it would attract an attack.

Noticing the hidden meaning in their strange expressions, Robb smiled and waved at them. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to demolish the Queen’s platform on Bright Road. I’ll only take my little maid to go shopping and see snow along the way.”

“That’s true…” Marian was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say next.

Robb said, “well, after the train starts, I will call Miss queen and tell her in advance. If she doesn’t let me go, I can get off halfway.”

Marian felt relieved and thought, [it’s good that you know it yourself.]

After a while, the train started…

There were only two trains in Westwind Town, or in other words, in the whole continent. One was Robb’s oil train, going between Westwind town and Stone Canyon, and the other was a steam train, which was a joint venture between the royal family, the Corton family and the big merchant, going between Westwind town and Bright Road.

What was interesting was that the power system of the two train was different, and even the train track was different. The rail used for the oil train and the rail used for the steam train were made with different moulds, so even the width was different.

The two train tracks were not connected at all. They ran separately.

It was winter now, and the weather was freezing. It was difficult for the train’s furnace to burn. After a long time, the train finally started. A spade like horn stretched out in front of the train head, swept away snow on the track and began to slowly push forward.

Although the power of the steam train was weaker than that of the oil train, it was made by the dwarves. It was more exquisite in workmanship, with delicate parts, good joints and a lighter body. The transmission ability of the rotating shaft was better than that of Robb’s oil train. Therefore, although the power of the steam engine was weaker, the speed of the whole train was not much slower.

Soon, the train left Westwind town.

On the left side of the train was the towering Black Pine Mountain, and on the right side was a vast forest of snow.

The scene was so beautiful that Lilian, who seldom went out, got a lot of surprises. She leaned in front of the window, opened her eyes wide and looked at the snow outside. From time to time, she screamed “wow” and “so beautiful”.

However, Robb took out the special crystal ball that he used to talk to the queen and dialed her number

Soon, the phone was connected. The Queen appeared in the crystal ball solemnly, but the background behind her was different from the usual palace. Robb saw that there seemed to be a lot of people around her, and there were guards turning around. It turned out that she was now in the conference hall.

“You’re calling at this time?” the queen looked unhappy. “It’s just noon. I’m still dealing with government affairs.”

“I know,” Robb said, “but it’s urgent, so I have to call you at this time.”

“Oh?” the queen looked at the crystal ball carefully, and then she found that Robb’s background was not right. He was not in the familiar chapel courtyard, nor was he sitting on the stone stool as usual. He was sitting in a train, and outside the window, she could see snow rapidly retreating.

The Queen’s heart jolted. She quickly picked up the crystal ball and left the meeting hall. She went to a small room next to the hall, making sure that no one else could hear her. Then she continued to ask, “which train are you on?”

“It seems that you have guessed it in a flash,” Robb said. “As you guessed, I am on the train from Westwind town to Bright Road. I expect to arrive in 17 hours, which is… just past noon, so I should arrive at Bright Road tomorrow morning.”

The Queen’s expression immediately became very complicated. How to describe this expression? It’s like when the netizen you’ve been talking to for more than a year suddenly tells you “I’m coming to your city soon.”

However, this expression only lasted for a very short moment. After all, she was a queen. Her feelings for Robb were not limited to the level of netizens, but more complicated. There were not only netizens’ feelings, but also the indescribable feelings between men and women.

Of course, the most important thing was that there were serious political concerns.

She pounded the table and asked, “what do you want to do on Bright Road?”

Robb, “Shopping!”

“You are a man of high status. How could you just go shopping? What’s your purpose?” the queen said

“To go shopping!”

The queen said, “I’ll give you one more chance to tell the truth. Otherwise, don’t blame me for gathering fifty thousand soldiers to wait for you at the train station.”

“To go shopping!”

The Queen: (╯‘-’)╯︵┻━┻


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