After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 554

Chapter 554: Who dares to retort

The next morning, the golden sun shone obliquely from the eastern sky, making the snow field glow white and dazzling.

Lilian shouted out of the window excitedly again.

Robb couldn’t help saying, “Lilian, don’t stare at the snow. You’re going to suffer temporary blindness. Snow has a high reflection rate of sunlight, which can reach nearly 95%. Looking at snow directly is like looking at sunlight, which may cause temporary blindness.”

“Ah? Blindness?” Lilian was startled and dared not look out of the window anymore.

However, when the train approached Bright Road, Lilian couldn’t help but poke her head out again.

There was a towering Bright Road ahead. The towering black city wall looked majestic and domineering. Lilian couldn’t help but exclaim.

The train station was not built inside the city wall of the bright road, but outside. Perhaps it was because big cities like Bright Road had a majestic city wall. If the train station would be put in the city, it has to dig a hole in the city wall. That would only greatly increase the difficulty of defending the city and let the enemy attack easily.

So it was not difficult to understand why the train station was built outside the city wall.

Robb saw from a distance that there were many people gathering at the train station, standing on tiptoes and looking forward to the arrival of the train. They were all here to see the scenery of the west, including some nobles. In fact, the guards on the city wall had the same expressions. They all looked at this direction eagerly.

When the train arrived at the station, the crowd standing on both sides of the platform made huge noise. “Wow!”

“I didn’t find this train so big until it got closer.”

“It’s awesome!”

The crowd began to clamor, and many people followed the train

For people on Bright Road, the train was still a western sight!

The train stopped and the door opened. The passengers began to get off one after another.

Robb thought of the Queen’s words about asking him to keep a low profile. Although he was not afraid of trouble, it was the best for him to save some trouble. This time, his main purpose was to go shopping, not to make trouble. If something happened, Lilian would not be happy to go shopping.

He turned to Marian and Pobo and asked, “do you have black cloaks? Can I borrow three of them?”

The two of them brought a caravan, but it was not easy to get a black cloak. They looked for it in the pile of cloth, and soon got three new black cloaks. Robb, Lilian, and Suofa. Each of them wore a black cloak, and pulled down the cloaks to cover half of their faces. In this way, only those who were very familiar with Robb in Westwind town could recognize him. It was impossible for people on Bright Road to recognize him.

As soon as the three of them got off the train, Suofa frowned and said in a low voice, “Godfather, the atmosphere is unusual. There are many spies in the crowd.”

“Really?” Robb smiled and said, “I have called Miss queen in advance and told her that I would come. It’s normal for her to send several spies to spy on me. It doesn’t matter. As long as she doesn’t take action, I don’t need to care. Besides, even if she really does take action, it’s fine.”

Suofa thought to herself, [you are the only one in the world who won’t care in this kind of situation. If someone else were in your place, he would be so vigilant that his hair would stand up all over his body.]

Robb could be careless, but she couldn’t. She walked very close to Lillian and was ready to protect Lilian at any time. At the same time, she used her Assassin’s sense to feel the surrounding movements.

Soon, with her experience, she found a spy in the crowd. Although the spy pretended to be an ordinary person to watch the western sight, his dark aura could not be hidden. What was interesting was that he didn’t pay much attention to them. He seemed to be on guard against something else. His attention was always on the crowd at the platform, not on the people who got off the train.

Suofa couldn’t help whispering to Robb, “Godfather, something is strange! It seems that the spies are not looking at us, but something else.”

“It doesn’t matter. Maybe she has other plans,”

Robb walked towards the exit of the train station

At the same time, in the corner of the station, behind a huge stone pillar.

The queen wore a black cloak, pulled down her cap and stood quietly. Behind her, there were several necromancers, such as Number 1, Number 2 and Number 42, who were also in black cloaks.

Number 1 said in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the spies reported that the situation is under control. There is no one from the Church of Darkness on the platform”

The queen nodded, “that’s good! Where is that damned man? Has he gotten off the car?”

“He has,” Number 1 said in a low voice. “He and his two maids are both in black cloaks, in the same shape as us. Look, they are over there…”

He pointed to the direction of Robb from a distance. Although the train station was crowded with people, the three people in black cloaks were still eye-catching. The queen saw Robb at the first sight.

Robb was so far away that she couldn’t see his face clearly. She could only see his side, who was wearing a cloak and pulling down his hood. But even this side was enough to make the Queen’s heart beat wildly.

“Follow them!” the queen only said three words and walked towards Robb. The necromancers behind her looked at each other, shrugged and followed her.

Robb walked out of the train station with his two maids, but neither Marian nor Pobo followed him. The two of them had to order their servants to unload the goods, and they had a lot of things to do, so they couldn’t go shopping with Robb. In fact, it was not necessary.

It was the second time that Robb had come to Bright Road. He was quite familiar with this place.

“Lilian, let’s go to the most bustling street first. But you can’t expect to have any novel snacks here,” Robb said with a smile. “The snacks here are all very rustic, and they are not as rich as the variety in our Westwind Town.”

Lilian smiled and said, “got it.”

In the distance behind them, the queen, who was holding a magic tool for sound collection like a conch, heard his words. She was shocked and had a strange expression on her face, as if she wanted to fly to Westwind town right away.

“However, the cloth and jewelry here are much more abundant than that in our Westwind Town,” Robb continued. “If you have any cloth you like, we can buy it to make clothes.”

Lilian smiled sweetly and said, “I’m a maid. It’s enough to have a maid’s dress. How can I choose some gaudy cloth to make clothes? I don’t dare to wear clothes made by that.”

Robb smiled and said, “maid outfits in our family should be colorful and rich in style, and it must be fancy. If anyone is unwilling to accept it, ask him to argue with me.”

“Who dares to argue with you in Westwind town?”


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