After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 555

Chapter 555: Magic cloth, I want all of them

Robb and his two maids walked around happily, buying a lot of fancy cloth, and a few gemstones that were usually difficult to get in Westwind town. It was difficult to see anything like ruby and emerald in Westwind town and Stone Canyon. Anyway, Robb just bought regardless of whether he needed them or not. He’ll just take them back and pile them up in his warehouse.

While walking, he said in a low voice, “Godfather, we are being followed.”

“Oh!” Robb replied, “who is it?”

“A group of black cloaked men, sneaky like us, afraid of being recognized.” Suofa clearly did not look back, but she knew very well who were following, “however, in terms of tracking, they are all amateurs and are very weak.”

Robb couldn’t help laughing and said, “well, we’ve been looking straight ahead all the time. How do you know what the person behind you looks like? What strange skill is this?”

“There are many mirrors, glasses, shiny metal plates and other things on the street. You can see the situation behind you. After walking for a while, you will naturally see the person behind you.”

Robb, “well, you are awesome. I didn’t see them.”

“What should we do?”

“We won’t deal with it,” Robb said with a smile. “I’ve told you that it’s normal for Miss queen to send someone to spy on us. It’s completely understandable. As long as they don’t take action, we won’t care.”

“I’m not used to being followed.”

Robb said, “then try walking in front of me. Let me walk behind you and see if you will get goose bumps again.”


This method was really fresh and refined!

Suofa really stood in front of Robb and led the way. Something interesting happened. When she thought that there was Robb between her and the enemy behind her, she suddenly felt relieved, as if no matter how powerful the enemy was, she didn’t need to care about it. She just needed to pay attention to her front.

This sense of relief made her heart shake slightly.

At the same time, the pursuers behind her

Number 1 whispered, “Your Majesty, these three people seem to be really shopping, not coming to make trouble.”

The queen said in a low voice, “yes, I can see it with my eyes.”

“Do we need to follow them?”

“Yes,” the queen said in a low voice. “From now on, you should focus on not letting the people of the Church of Darkness recognize me.”

“What?” Number 1 was stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand what the queen was talking about, but he immediately understood, because the queen strode forward to catch up with Robb and his companions.

Number 1 was speechless

Well, now I understand. He turned his head and said to the necromancers behind him, “spread out, and let the spies also spread out. Try to distract all the people from the Church of Darkness that may appear nearby. Don’t let them know that her majesty has met Godfather.”

Robb and the two maids stopped in front of a stall selling magic cloth. The magic cloth was a kind of cloth that was infused with magic by a magician. Its surface was covered with circles of magic ripples, so it was named magic cloth.

It was a good material for making clothes, but he didn’t know how to make it, because this kind of cloth could not be made in the game. Instead, it could only be gotten from killing monsters, without any production skills.

Seeing that someone was selling this kind of cloth, Robb was happy. “This kind of cloth is good. Buy it and we can make a good robe for Xuelu. She should like it very much.”

When he was about to pay the merchant, a tall woman in a black cloak, about 1.7 meter in height, came out and threw a few gold coins in front of him. She lowered her voice and said in a pretended hoarse voice, “magic cloth, I want all of them.”

When he was about to protest, the woman turned around and gently raised her head in front of him from a very small angle. In such a short moment, her beautiful face was exposed under her hood. Robb’s protest was instantly withdrawn and turned into a classic sentence, “Wow!”

The woman was, of course, the queen. She only raised her head for a moment and then lowered her head again, hiding her face in her hood. “Don’t wow, whenever you make that sound, I want to slap a piece of oily bacon in your face.”

Robb, “well, then I won’t say that for the time being. When it was through the crystal ball, you couldn’t do it even if you wanted to. But now that we are face to face. Maybe you can really take out a piece of bacon…”

The Queen’s cold face couldn’t help but smile. Fortunately, she lowered her head and covered her face with her hood. She didn’t need to worry about being seen by others. All she needed to do was to say in a calm tone, “it’s good that you understand.”

Robb said, “weren’t you busy with government affairs in the daytime? Why are you in the mood to follow me all the time today? You even came out to grab my magic cloth.”

The queen didn’t feel stressed at all. “The meeting with a local leader is also a part of government affairs, and I can spend some time to deal with it. As for this cloth, I think it is very beautiful. If you want to buy it to make a dress, you can come over and buy it. What’s the problem?”

Robb clapped his hands and smiled. “That’s reasonable and convincing.”

After saying that, the queen stood beside Robb naturally and walked side by side. A man in black cloak came out from nowhere, carried the magic cloth and followed the queen like a spirit behind her.

Robb turned his head to have a look and recognized that the man carrying the cloth was Number 42. Back then, he had occupied Stone Canyon, and as a result, together with his disciple, he had been caught back by the three adventurers and punished with the hanging fan. Then, Robb released him, gave him candy. In this way, the queen had gone further on the path of becoming fat.

He and Robb had known each other for a long time. Seeing that Robb turned around and nodded to Robb, he greeted him.

Robb didn’t ask for the magic cloth anymore and continued to walk forward. The queen naturally walked side by side with him. Suofa pulled Lillian, and the two maids took a few steps back consciously.

All of them lowered their heads and covered their faces with their hoods, looking like a group of Black Ghosts crossing the street. However, this kind of shopping did not arouse the suspicion of ordinary passers-by. After all, many of the shamans and priests in the Church of Darkness dressed in this way. Such people often walked on the street, which looked ordinary.

“Are you sure we are going shopping in this way?” Robb whispered.

“I think it’s fine. It’s very unique!” the queen said.


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