After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Can’t you three cook?

That night, Robb and Suofa had a very bad dinner. Not to mention Robb’s complaints, Suofa couldn’t even bear it herself. After getting used to the food cooked by Lilian, she was forced to eat… but she didn’t want to waste any food. Since the food had been cooked, there was no reason to throw it away. Even if it tasted bad, she had to eat it up even if she cried.

Therefore, in the evening, Robb ate the take-out food sent by a restaurant in Westwind town while watching Suofa rolling on Xuelu, whose stomach was giving out.

Right, there were three pathetic nuns and the big loli next to them, discussing what to do next in a low voice.

Little Yi, “We can’t go on like this. We will be killed by the desert kingdom’s cuisine!”

A little nun said in a low voice, “yes, she might still be able to eat, but we can’t eat at all. And in this way, she will go crazy in a few days.”

The little loli said, “if I can’t eat well, I won’t have the strength to protect the holy light.”

Another light nun said, “it’s time to hire a professional cook.”

Robb asked, “Hey, can’t you four cook?”

The three nuns shook their heads at the same time. “We didn’t cook in the Church of Light before. We were all servants in the church.”

The little loli said seriously, “I have something more important than cooking, which is to protect the holy light.”

Robb said, “in other words, after losing Lilian, do we all have to face the problem of survival?”

He patted his stuffed stomach and said, “I can live on.”

Robb said, “the attitude of the people from the desert kingdom towards food is completely strange.”

“Then what do you think we should do?” Suofa asked.

Robb squinted at her and said, “go to the cooking class of Westwind Technical school to participate in emergency training. Before you finish your training, we’ll order take outs first.”

At the same time…

In East Gran, The Capital of Saints.

It was a huge and prosperous city with a population larger than Bright Road. Due to the lack of city planning, the city was full of houses, which looked chaotic.

In the center of a large number of low houses stood a magnificent object, which was the palace of Mondra Belmonde Dracula, the symbol of his identity and status.

Xuelu, Gorda, and Jike came to the periphery of the palace and stood in the distance, overlooking the magnificent palace.

Her red hair was stained with some Xuelu, which made her look more beautiful. She pointed at the palace in front of her and whispered, “that damn archbishop lives here and colludes with Mondra.”

“How can we get in? Otherwise, we won’t be able to kill the archbishop!”

“As long as we try our best, there will be a way,” said Xuelu

But she was not a reckless person. After thinking for a while, she said in a low voice, “maybe we can’t enter the city with only the three of us. We have to find out if there are any other adventurers in the city who come with the same goal as us…”

“Now, there should be countless adventurers who want the head of the archbishop,”

Just as the two of them were talking, the silent Jike suddenly whispered, “watch out! Someone is coming!”

The three of them quickly hid behind a tree.

Not far away came the sound of messy footsteps, and a dozen of them appeared. They were dressed as White Lion Knights, white armor, mighty and handsome. The head of the group was the head of the White Lion Knights, Duke Yingsi.

“I know this guy, Duke Yingsi,” whispered Gorda.

“He seems to be going to the palace to see Mondra,” Xuelu said.

“This guy is Mondra’s loyal friend, our enemy,”

When the two of them were talking here, they suddenly saw a big man running over from a distance. This man was very tall and strong, wearing heavy armor and carrying a big sword on his back. His face was very familiar.

Xuelu recognized him at a glance, “ah, it’s that berserker, Baron Perseus.”

Gorda nodded and said, “the guy who came to Westwind town to deal with Number 32.”

Baron Perseus quickly caught up with Duke Yingsi. With a clatter of his armor, he knelt down on one knee in front of Duke Yingsi and shouted, “Sir, please don’t go to the palace to see Mondra. Let’s go out of this damned place and get out of this war with honor.”

“Are you talking nonsense again?”

Baron Perseus said seriously, “my Lord, it’s Mondra’s fault! It’s really Mondra’s fault! You have seen the dwarf video. He colluded with the demons and even sent several city residents to the demon as food.”

“That’s just him trying to trick the enemy,” said Duke Yingsi in a deep voice. “He didn’t mean to do that. Don’t be deceived by the enemy sowing discord.”

“I also know it’s a trick!” Baron Perseus said. “But even if it’s a trick, you shouldn’t use such a despicable and shameless trick. That’s not what a king should do.”

“What do you mean by saying these to me again and again, three times? Are you going to betray Mondra?”

“No!” Baron Perseus said, “I don’t want to betray you or Mondra. This time, while the Black Earth Knights were in East Gran, many people surrendered to West Gran, but I didn’t. your grace has helped me a lot, so I just wanted to follow you. But… I really can’t bear to see Mondra’s fall. Your grace, let’s go far away. Don’t get involved in this war…”

“Shut up!” Duke Yingsi suddenly became angry, “you are simply a traitor. I was wondering why you did not follow those who were determined to go to West Gran. It turned out that you wanted to stay and shake my resolve. You are a spy of West Gran, right? Come on, take this guy down for me.”

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!” several white armored Knights unsheathed their swords and surrounded Baron Perseus.

Baron Perseus said sadly

In fact, he had long known that he might not be able to persuade duke Yingsi, but he still wanted to have try. Unfortunately, the result of his attempt did not look good, and the label of “spy” was put on his head.

“My Lord, I’m extremely loyal to you and I don’t want to go against your will. But now that things have come to this, I can’t fold my hands for capture.” Baron Yingsi stood up and pulled out the sword on his back. “From now on, I will decide for whom I will fight on my own will, and I won’t accept the command of the White Lion Knights.”

“Attack!” The duke didn’t want to talk nonsense with him.

Several long swords came at him at the same time!


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