After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 564

Chapter 564: Powerful adventurers

Several long swords came at Baron Perseus at the same time.

But he was not afraid at all!

With a gentle wave of his sword, the several white lion knights were forced to retreat.

Duke Yingsi’s face darkened. “You’ve made rapid progress in your swordsmanship.”

Baron Perseus said, “not long ago, I cut a ruby. Although I didn’t know its implications at that time, I had learned a lot when I cut it. Now I have grown up.”

“But your behavior is still childish.” with a wave of his hand, more than a dozen white lion knights rushed towards Baron Perseus at the same time.

With a wave of his sword, Baron Perseus cut the ground in front of him. The ground made of stones was cut a big hole by his sword, sending sand and stones flying everywhere. The more than a dozen white lion knights were frightened and fell back together.

Baron Perseus said, “my Lord, you must have been deceived by Mondra. I’m going to kill Mondra. In this way, you won’t be deceived by him anymore.”

He raised his sword and was about to rush into the palace.

With a dark face, Duke Yingsi waved his sword at Baron Perseus, who was rushing towards him. Suddenly, a golden hammer appeared in the air in front of his palm. The hammer dragged a golden light in the air and slid down the sky, heading straight for the back of Baron Perseus.

A paladin’s magic: Hammer of Wrath!

A low-level paladin had to use a real big hammer to use this move, but a paladin at the level of Duke Yingsi only needed to wave his hand to create a holy hammer condensed by holy magic.

Baron Perseus, sensing the attack from behind, turned around and slashed, “Silver Blade!”

His sword collided with the hammer in midair!

Red light and golden light exploded all over the sky.

Baron Perseus stepped back five or six steps in a row. It took him a long time to stand firm.

“With your current strength, how dare you want to kill Mondra?” said Duke Yingsi with a dark face.

“It doesn’t matter whether I can kill him or not. I don’t care whether I kill him or not,” Baron Perseus roared. “Berserkers are fearless from the bottom of their hearts.”

The strength of berserkers was their anger, so Baron Perseus also began to be angry. When he thought of Mondra’s rebellious behavior, anger surged out like a tide, and his eyes suddenly turned red, and his whole body was emitting a faint red light.

“Well, are you angry?” said Duke Yingsi, “come, let me see how far you have grown.”

Baron Perseus took a big step forward, brandishing his sword in his hands with an aggressive red light. “Collapsing Sky!”

At the same time, Duke Yingsi also took out a sword with one hand and slashed it two times in a row in front of him. “Cross Strike!”


With a dull thud, the two figures separated again. Baron Perseus was knocked away. He flew backwards for a long distance, and the big sword in his hands fell to the side. He fell heavily on the ground, and his bones seemed to have fallen apart.

Although he had grown up, he was still no match for Duke Yingsi.

Well, he would probably die here today, but Baron Perseus didn’t regret it. For justice, he got what he wanted. There was nothing to regret. It was a pity that he couldn’t persuade Duke Yingsi. He could only watch his former beloved boss go further and further on the wrong path. He didn’t know when he would stop.

Duke Yingsi took a step forward, two steps, three steps, like the devil’s claws and the devil’s steps.

Just as he was about to wave his sword and kill Baron Perseus, an arrow flew out from behind a tree and hit the shoulder of the Duke.

This arrow came so suddenly that Duke Yingsi didn’t even have time to activate a defensive skill. Moreover, this arrow was very strange. It was not an ordinary iron arrow, but a silver arrow with green light. Its power was great. This arrow actually easily hurt him, which frightened him.

Then, two wind blades also flew out from behind the tree. However, the speed of the wind blades was slower than that of the arrow, and it was louder, so it was easy to be on guard. The Duke Yingsi quickly opened activated Holy Shield, and the two wind blades collided with the shield.

His shield was so powerful that ordinary magic couldn’t break it at all. However, the power of the wind blade was not weak. When it collided with his Holy Shield, it counteracted each other. The Holy Shield exploded into pieces of golden light and disappeared without a trace.

He turned his head in astonishment and saw a warrior with armor all over his body rush out from behind the tree. He used a shield against him. “Shield Slam!”

With a loud bang, the coming shield was also blocked by him, but the huge impact still forced him to retreat three steps.

“What a powerful archer, magician, and warrior!” the Duke thought to himself, [all the skills they used are very simple, but why were they so powerful?]

However, he didn’t know that these were three crazy adventurers. They put on powerful attire and came out into the chaotic world. Although the skills they used were low-level, the equipment added stats were too high, which caused the increased power of their simple skills.

The three of them came out from behind the tree.

With a shield in his hand, Gorda was on alert against Yingsi.

Jike held up Baron Perseus. Xuelu picked up his sword and put it on her shoulders with difficulty.

Feeling that the three men were difficult to deal with, Duke Yingsi was on high alert and that they would attack again, but he didn’t expect that Xuelu would say in a low voice, “Retreat!”

The four of them turned around and retreated.

“Stop!” said Duke Yingsi

He waved his hand and threw out another “Hammer of Wrath”, but before it hit, Gorda raised his shield to block it. The shield in his hand was a great shield rubbed by Robb, and its magic defensive power was terrifying. When the “Hammer of WRath” hit the shield, it was useless, and was instantly nullified into golden light and exploded.

Yingsi was stunned and a little baffled.

When he came to his senses, the three adventurers ran far away. He wanted to chase after them, but the paladins didn’t have mobility skills.

He could do nothing but watch the three adventurers save Baron Perseus.

“Damn it! Are there spies everywhere in the Capital of Saints?” said Duke Yingsi angrily. “Tell the whole city to search for the four spies.”

The whole City of Saints became restless immediately. A large group of soldiers rushed onto the streets and began to search inch by inch, spreading turmoil everywhere.


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