After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 565

Chapter 565: Delicious

Westwind town? No, it should be called Westwind Holy city now.

In the center of the town, a beautiful and cool governor’s house was completed, and this governor’s house was the first real reinforced cement building in Westwind holy city.

The foundations went very deep, and reinforced cement pillars were used to stabilize the foundation from the underground. Therefore, the governor’s house boldly built six floors!

It was a miracle in this world that land was raised to such a height. No one dared to build such a high house, but Westwind Holy city dared. Because the toughness of this kind of house, which was made of steel and cement, far exceeded those built with big stones and yellow mud before.

Every day, the townsmen could see the silly governor Number 32 standing on the top of the sixth floor and looking down complacently, because he felt that standing on such a tall building was his privilege and a symbol of his status. He had to stand there every day to let everyone know who was the boss of Westwind Holy city.

However, no matter how high he stood, people would still look at the man who was sitting at a low height and even paralyzed on a stone stool.

One’s status and position were not decided by height of the place.

The only consequence of the demonstration of Number 32 was that a large group of rich nobility came to mayor White Birch of the construction, and they all said that their families also had to build such a high house.

At the same time, Robb’s family was still in a dilemma about what to have for dinner.

“Are you going to ask a restaurant in town to bring food here today again?” Suofa asked. She knew that everyone had no hope for her cooking, so she took the initiative to ask for help.

“No,” the little girl snorted miserably. “Today is the day of the super match of Westwind Town. All the restaurants are closed and everyone is watching the competition in the stadium.”

“Yes, I’m watching it too.” Robb turned his head from the TV and said, “at present, the Corton football team is leading against the Chengguang football team with 8:6. It’s amazing.”

“Look, men are like this as soon as they see football matches.” the big loli said pitifully, “the owner of the restaurant we usually buy at is also a man. In order to watch the football, he doesn’t even do business. What can we eat today?”

“So we still have to solve the problem by ourselves?” Suofa asked. “It seems that I have to come up with a new dish.”

“Wow, you’ve finally learned how to cook?” the other girls were overjoyed.

“Yes, new dishes! I found that the reason why you didn’t like the desert sand meat pie last time was that it was made of beef that was too old and hard, so I changed the core material to a more tender meat. This time, I’ll make you – Desert Sand Chicken!”

Everyone was speechless

“Oh, I just remembered. I have to teach some of my friends the new Bible of Light. I have to leave now,” said Little Yi

The little girl, “Oh, Little Yi is going out. As the Guardian of Light, of course I have to be with her. I can’t let her meet any danger. I have to go as well.”

The two nuns also said, “Right, there is a lonely old man in the town who is going to move today. We have agreed to help him move some furniture before. We are leaving now.”

The four women instantly fled without a trace, leaving only the two of them, Robb and Suofa

In fact, Robb also wanted to escape, but he was too lazy. It was impossible for him to leave his stone stool when he had nothing else to do, not to mention that there was still a livestream of football on TV. How could he escape?

While he was going crazy, he suddenly found something behind his stone stool. He reached out his hand and touched a fluffy tail. It turned out that the little cat girl Huahua was sleeping here again. Every winter, Robb would heat his stone stool with fire magic, so this stone stool was very warm, very suitable for Huahua to sleep.

But it was almost dusk, the time for the kitty to get up. Robb reached out his hand to grab her tail, and she immediately woke up. Her fluffy tail drew back and slipped out of Robb’s hand. Then she raised her head and said in a daze, “don’t play with other people’s tail nya.”

“Oh, Huahua, you wake up so easily.” Robb whispered in her ear, “Suofa is going to cook a very delicious dish later. It’s called Desert Sand Chicken, which is very delicious. But I’m very kind. I don’t like to enjoy delicious food alone. After she gives it to me, I’ll quietly give some to you, okay?”

“Nya! Nya!” Huahua was so excited that she almost jumped up to make a somersault.

After a while, the chicken was arrived.

This time, Suofa really improved. The food was no longer black, but a whole cooked chicken, beautifully placed on a silver plate, looking very good.

The plate was handed to Robb. Robb pretended to like it and said, “ah, it’s really a beautiful chicken. It must be delicious this time.”

Hiding behind the stone stool, Huahua was also overjoyed. She stretched out one hand to scratch the back of the chair and secretly pulled the hem of Robb’s clothes. She was so anxious.

However, it was not convenient for Robb to give it to her now, so he had to pretend to be nice to her. He held the plate and smiled, “not bad. Your cooking skills have been greatly improved.”

“That’s a given,” said Suofa slowly. “Eat first, then I’ll make my own.”

She turned around and walked into the kitchen

Robb immediately handed the plate to the back of the stone stool. Huahua quickly reached out and took the plate. Then she quickly tore off a chicken leg and stuffed it into her mouth.

Robb quickly covered his eyes and couldn’t bear to look straight at her. He thought to himself, [this cat’s greed can be cured by now.]

Unexpectedly, he didn’t hear the expected scream.

Huahua happily chewed the meat on the drumstick and enjoyed it with satisfaction.

“Huahua? Is it delicious?” Robb asked.

“Wow, it’s so delicious!” as she chewed, Huahua’s cheeks kept moving and her mouth was curved. “It’s so delicious. I like it very much.”

“Is it really delicious this time?” Robb thought, [maybe I have wronged Suofa. It seems that she has really made great efforts this time.’.

He tore the other chicken leg and put it into his mouth. The taste was indescribable


Robb groaned, “Huahua, don’t you have taste buds?”

“I have.” Huahua bit the chicken and said, “I can tell the difference between meat and vegetables. Vegetables are not delicious, but meat is delicious.”

Robb, “oh my God!”

When Suofa came out of the kitchen, she saw Robb holding a chicken leg that had been bitten and roaring to the sky. She immediately reminded him, “no matter it’s delicious or not, don’t waste food. I can help you eat anything you haven’t eaten, but you must eat that bit by yourself.”

Robb: “help!”


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