After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 566

Chapter 566: You’ve become more proactive

Suofa and Huahua sat side by side on a small mound by the river, and each of them was eating the desert sand chicken with great appetite.

However, Robb only took a drumstick and had been eating it for half an hour. Every time he took a bite, he would let his taste bud rest for a few minutes, in case that his poor taste bud would continuously be poisoned to an extent beyond treatment. Only by eating a little at a time could he barely maintain his life.

Finally, the last piece of meat on the drumstick was eaten up by him, leaving only the bone. He had to ask Suofa to check if there was any remaining meat on the bone. If there was any meat left on the bone, he had to eat up all. Otherwise, it was a waste of food, and he would be despised to death.

After Robb finished his work, he threw the bone into the trash can beside him and let out a long sigh. “I was able to hold on. How bitter, so bitter. Why is life so difficult?”

At this time, he missed Lilian very much. Although she was not good at cooking at the beginning, she studied very fast. She was really good at housework.

He was lost in deep thought.

The whining sound of the train whistle brought him back to reality. The huge steam train entered the station.

Before the train stopped, a beautiful figure jumped out of the window of the train at the side of the chapel.

This was really a very dangerous action. Fortunately, the train was running slowly these days, and it was about to stop after entering the station. Moreover, the passenger control was not strict. Otherwise, if this person jumped like this, even if he was not injured, he would have to be detained for several days.

The beautiful figure fell on the platform and rushed to the chapel before she could stand firm.

Robb recognized it at a glance. It was Lilian. She was wearing a very ordinary cotton dress, a long dress, and her golden hair was braided. She looked like a very ordinary country girl, with a very rustic bag in her hand. She ran quickly, making her cotton dress fly very beautiful.

Perhaps she ran too fast, she just ran out of the train station and bumped into a passer-by. The passer-by fell out of the cement road and fell into snow nearby. He rolled over and was about to scold her, but when he saw that it was Lilian who knocked him down, he immediately tightened his dirty words and respectfully greeted, “Hello, miss Lilian.”

Lilian said, “I’m sorry, old man. I’m a little anxious. I’ll apologize to you later.”

“Ah, it should be me who says sorry. I was in your way…”

Lilian rushed to Robb like a gust of wind. The moment she saw Robb, tears welled up in her eyes. “Master… Godfather, we haven’t seen each other for days. I…”

She wanted to say that she missed him very much, but she was to shy to utter these words, so she had to hold them back.

However, Robb didn’t feel shy at all. He smiled and said, “ah, Lilian, I was just thinking about you. It’s great. I haven’t seen you for several days. It feels like a year has passed.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Lilian was extremely excited. She opened the rustic handbag in her hand and said, “Godfather, I… I came back to give you the shares of West Arch, as well as the properties of my aunt, and some deeds that she didn’t bring here last time. I’m sorry. We left 50 silver coins in private, but we didn’t take them all back to you, because… My aunt still needs to rent an apartment, so we have to keep some money for the time being.”

She took out a lot of things from her bag and pushed them in front of Robb. “That’s all.”

Did she really give all her property to him? Robb’s last grudge against Lilian’s aunt was finally gone. [Forget it! I don’t hate that woman anymore. I’ll just treat her as an ordinary acquaintance.]

He didn’t reach out to take the gifts. He just smiled gently at Lilian and said, “well, from this moment on, you can confidently declare that you are a civilian and no longer a slave, because all the procedures have been completed.”

With a bright smile on her face, Lilian replied, “okay.”

“Then what are you going to do next?” Robb asked, “are you going back to Bright Road and starting from scratch with your aunt? You’ve learned a lot from me about snacks. I think you can open another shop.”

Lilian’s face blushed slightly. “Yes. In the past few days, I have taught my aunt roast duck and Duck Soup Stewed with Sour Radish you taught me to make before. She intends to invest in these two things again. She will find a noble to cooperate to open a ‘West Wind Roasted Duck’ and make a comeback.”

Robb was speechless

Lilian, “I’m sorry that I used the thing you invented again.”

Well, Robb was not surprised at all as he had already guessed this kind of thing would happen.

“It’s just that my aunt will run the shop,” Lilian suddenly emphasized. “I won’t go with her to open the shop. I… I’m going back to Westwind town to look for a job. I don’t want to live on Bright Road.”

“Eh?” Robb asked, “you want to come back? Don’t you want to live with your only family?”

“Although my aunt is my only family, she sold me once after all,” Lilian smiled and said. “I can forgive her, but I can’t live with her anymore. I have a place that I want to stay more than my aunt’s home.”

Hearing this, Robb showed a smile on his face. “Well, let me guess what kind of job you want to find in Westwind town.”

“Okay, okay!” Lilian’s face was full of joy. “Please guess.”

Robb pretended to be silly and said, “you want to be a sewer digger.”

“Of course not!”

Robb added, “Oh, I see. You must want to be a prison guard of Westwind prison.”

“I don’t wanna.”

Robb said, “Are you going to be an actress in the film of the elf elder? You will play the female supporting role.”

Lilian, “how is that possible?” she was a little anxious. [Oh, no! Can’t Godfather guess what I want to be? Does he… Does he not need me anymore?]

Thinking of this, she suddenly became a little anxious.

Seeing her cute little face blush, Robb felt that it was almost enough. With a smile, he reached out a hand to her and said, “well, since you are not satisfied with the said work, are you interested in working in my chapel? I need a maid who is good at cooking, good at taking care of people and is gentle and kind. Blue hair is a first, but golden hair is also good.

Lilian was overjoyed. She reached out her hand and put it with Robb’s. “master, I’m back.”

Robb smiled and pinched her little hand. Suddenly, Lilian suddenly bent forward. She was standing, while Robb was lazy on the stone stool. So she looked down and gently kissed Robb’s face. As soon as she did that, she retreated. Then she burst into laughter and ran into the chapel.

“Wow!” seeing her receding figure, Robb couldn’t help but touch his face. “This girl has become more proactive.”


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