After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 567

Chapter 567: Lilian became bolder

Lilian used to be a shy girl. Although she had been with Robb for a long time, she had never done anything intimate with Robb.

Because she was very clear about her identity. There was an insurmountable gap between the master and the slave. She didn’t dare to try to cross the gap.

But now the situation was different. She was no longer a slave, but a civilian, a commoner per se.

With the transformation of her identity, the gap between them disappeared automatically, and their attitudes would naturally be a little different.

Robb was very happy to see such a change. Of course, other women in the chapel were the same. Everyone was happy for Lilian’s return and their meals.

After dinner, Robb heated up the water in the “hot spring pool” with fire magic. Then he changed into a pair of swimming trunks and soaked in the pool. The weather was still cold. Although it was already spring and there was snow everywhere, it was the best to soak in hot spring in this situation.

Lilian put a tray full of kebabs on the edge of the pool and said, “Godfather, the kebabs are ready. Hurry up and eat, or it will turn cold.”

Although she had become a maid, she didn’t call him master. Instead, she called Robb Godfather like the others, which made Robb feel a little regretful. Although he didn’t mean to enslave others, he felt great when he heard the beautiful little maid call him master.

He couldn’t help saying, “Lilian, I’m not used to the way you call me now.”

“Well, what should I call you?” Lilian asked

Robb wanted to laugh and said, “how about you call me ‘Golden Buddha’?”


Lilian asked, “what does it mean?”

Robb wanted to explain, but he suddenly thought of something and shrugged, “forget it. If you call me like this, the author will be scolded. You’d better do as you like.”

This topic was skipped by Robb. He picked up a kebab and put it into his mouth.

Half of his body was soaked in the comfortable warm water, with a skewer in his hand. Beside him, there were beautiful maids to look at. Such a life was really good. Robb planned to hum “life has reached its peak”. But suddenly, he heard Lilian next to him whispering, “Godfather, can I…”

Robb, “?”

“Can I… come and soak in the pool too?”

“Wow!” Robb didn’t know what to say for a moment. After a few seconds, he responded, “of course no problem.”

Lilian blushed and hid herself in the chapel quickly.

In fact, the girls who temporarily lived in the chapel would occasionally take a hot spring bath. However, except for Xuelu, no one else would take a bath when Robb was still there. Instead, they would take a bath secretly when Robb was not at home or when he fell asleep.

Last time, when Robb went to Bright Road to learn how to make magic items, the five girls left at home went to the hot spring together and had a good time. Unfortunately, they were hit by the shrank Robb when he came back.

Later, Robb didn’t go to Bright Road anymore, and Xuelu, the fire magician, also left. The girls at home also didn’t go to the hot spring pool anymore, in case they get seen by Robb and get embarrassed again.

Robb didn’t expect that Lilian would ask to soak with him?

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Lilian came out. She had changed into a yellow one-piece cotton swimsuit. When she arrived at the edge of the pool, she felt a little awkward, but soon she gave up being reserved and quickly dived into the water.

She was a little shy. She only exposed her head to the water. Her long golden hair bloomed like a flower on the water, spreading out

Seeing Lilian’s head floating on the water, Robb was very happy. Although he was not in love, he was not a low EQ idiot. He basically understood what Lilian’s actions meant.

“Lilian, come closer!”


Her head, which was floating on the surface of the water, moved a little closer to Robb

Robb reached out and held her waist under the water.

As expected, she didn’t dodge or struggle at all. She just let him hold her in silence, as docile as a sheep. However, Robb could still feel her body trembling slightly. It seemed that she was still very nervous.

Well, she had just crossed their identity gap. Although she tried hard, she still couldn’t adapt to it so soon.

Robb whispered in her ear, “take your time. Don’t worry.”


The two of them quietly leaned together, looking at the stars in the sky and the bright moon. Their happiness slowly spread and filled the whole hot spring pool.

The next day, in the morning.

“Godfather! Good morning!” Elsie ran to Robb in a hurry and said respectfully, “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is almost done. We only need one scene now, and it’s the ‘Attack and Defense of Gondor’ written at the end.”

“Oh? That’s all?” Robb said with a smile. “It’s almost done. That’s great. In fact, I’ve been getting a little tired of filming recently. I just want to finish it as soon as possible and never do this again.”

“Ahem!” Elsie felt a little embarrassed.

He immediately said, “shooting a movie is really doesn’t deserve the wise divine might of Godfather. What you need to do is to benefit human beings and save their lives…”

“Stop!” Robb laughed and cursed, “It wasn’t so obvious before. Why are you in a hurry?”

Elsie smiled awkwardly and thought, [of course it’s because Eddie is here. That guy bootlicks hard. If I don’t work harder now, I’m afraid that my status will be affected.]

Robb said, “let’s get to the point!”

Elsie had to get back to business. “Here is the thing. At the end of the script, the offensive and defensive battle in Minas Tirith is clearly written in your script. It needs to be filmed in a towering, majestic and magnificent city, so that it will feel like fighting a duel under the Capital of a king. However, we don’t have such a scene to shoot this plot now.”

“Oh, there is no Minas Tirith, right?”

Elsie said with a little regret, “in the past, the whole city of Bright Road was white, and it was very suitable to be used as to film this scene. But since it was captured by the queen, it has turned into a black city. I heard that the queen felt that her political power was stable, and she was ready to change the name of that city to Dark Road. It was not suitable to be used to shoot this scene. Where should we find a suitable city?”


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