After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 568

Chapter 568: I need your city information

The offensive and defensive battle in Gondor was the last battle of the movie! It was the most exciting part. They had to film a good one.

Robb also felt that he couldn’t let it go so easily.

However, the choice of where Gondor would be was really a problem. He said to Elsie, “in addition to Bright Road, which other large-scale cities in the world are suitable for shooting the battle of Minas Tirith?”

Said Gorda “The Capital of Saints, the capital of Norma, and the capital of Big Tang. These three capital cities are all magnificent and extraordinary, and they are all very suitable for shooting. Oh, right, the capital of Big Tang is designed in an Eastern fashion, which is not suitable for shooting in our movie. In other words, the Capital of Saints and Capital of Norma are the most suitable for shooting the scene. “

“I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to use these two cities to fight against the monsters.”

Elsie was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh “Indeed, it’s not appropriate. The capital of Norma is the territory of the old Church of Light, so it’s impossible for us to shoot the movie there. If we lure the monsters to attack there, it will cause a very serious foreign problem. As for the Capital of Saints. It’s still in the hands of Mondra. Mondras and the demon are working together. It’s impossible for us to lure the monsters to attack there to shoot the scene.”

“Well, what you said is indeed a big problem.”

Robb said, “is there no other city suitable?”

“If… If we paint Bright Road white again…” Elsie said, “then we will discuss with the queen and lure the monsters to attack Bright Road and shoot the scene there…”

Robb shook his head and said, “don’t even think about it. The queen is not a naughty child. How could she agree to do such a stupid thing just to make a movie?”

Things were getting tricky!

This was the biggest trouble in making movies in an era without special effects. If you couldn’t synthesize Gondor with a computer, you could only shoot on the spot. Which leader was willing to take out their capital city to cooperate with you in shooting movies? Are you insane?

“How about we use Westwind prison to make it through?”.

“It’s impossible,” Robb shook his head. “The scale of Westwind prison is too small. I’m afraid that the audience will be very angry. If your reputation is bad, the box office will die. This is the final work of the series. If the final scene collapsed, the whole series will become a joke.”

“But… We really can’t find a filming site…”

Robb frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, a light bulb lit up on his forehead. “Yes! Elsie, go to mayor White Birch Town and find some who has already mastered the use of cement. Also, go to the Elves to find an sculptor who is good at carving.”

Elsie was shocked. “Godfather, are you going to make Minas Tirith with cement? Then… How much cement and processes do you need to build such a huge city? With the strength and resources of our Westwind Town, it will consume too much energy to build a real white city.”

“I’m not a fool. I won’t waste cement like that,” Robb said with a smile. “I just want to make a small city model. Go ahead. You’ll know what it will do when I finish it.”

As the number 1 bootlicker of Robb, Elsie trusted him very much. Now that he had said so, of course, he had no objection. He went to find the carpenter and a sculptor.

Robb took out the crystal ball used to communicate with the queen and rubbed ] it

Soon, the phone was connected and the Queen appeared in the crystal ball. Her forehead was covered with sweat, and she was wearing a sports attire. It seemed that she was jogging just now. “Why did you call me early in the morning? It’s disturbing my exercise!”

“You’re not exercising. You’re just losing weight. You’ve gained a lot of weight recently, haven’t you?”

The queen was enraged. “What are you talking about? I’ll give you a chance to change your words.”

“I didn’t say anything.” Robb wanted to get to the point. He didn’t want to argue with the woman for the time being, so he didn’t want to hurt her. “Miss queen, I have a small favor to ask you for help.”

“No, No. I’m very busy. How can I have time to help you?”

“Miss queen, you are so slender and charming…”

“Oh, what can I do for you? Tell me.”

Robb said, “here’s the thing. I hope you can do me a favor. Send a manticore knight to fly up to the sky with a crystal camera. Take a 360 degrees picture of Bright Road. Take a picture of the whole city’s structure, especially the key parts of defense. I want to have a reference.”

“What are you going to do?” the Queen’s voice sounded a little vigilant. “Such a crazy and unreasonable request. How dare you lie to me to help you just because you praised me for being slender?”

Robb said, “I don’t want to do anything bad. I just want to use it as a reference and make an equal scale model.”

The queen squinted and asked, “what do you want to use this model for?”

“Just for a movie.”

“Nonsense!” the queen said, “You should have known that I can’t sell my military secrets to make a movie for you. I don’t doubt what you are going to do to. Anyway, you are lazy and powerful. If you really want to attack Bright Road, you don’t need to scout the defense arrangements of Bright Road at all. But… Once the movie is released, everyone in the world will know the structure of Bright Road. How can I rest assured in the future?”

“Well, this… Is indeed a problem…” Robb was a reasonable person. What the queen said was reasonable, and Robb had nothing to say.

“But I don’t have anything else to consult with.” Robb said, “in order to make the movie more realistic, I really need some city information.”

The queen snorted and said, “I can’t help you. Please find another leader.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the sound of “beep, beep” suddenly rang in Robb’s pocket. This was the most primitive telephone ring. Robb took out a very small crystal ball from his pocket. It was the “mobile phone” he had just taken out a few days ago.

He took it in his hand and saw the caller ID, which showed “000001”, which was the number of Xuelu.


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