After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Get him down

There were many things in this world that were helpless. For example, there were things that had two ways to deal with, but according to human nature, you had to choose plan A, but according to justice, you had to choose plan B.

Justice was always on the opposite side of human nature!

This was also the reason why heroes were worshiped, because heroes could always overcome human nature and firmly walk on the right path.

Robb said, “tell me, what’s going on outside this area?”

Xuelu said in a low voice, “after we saved Perseus, Mondra and Yingsi launched a large number of guards to search the whole city, so the four of us had to hide everywhere. But our enemies separated the blocks with guards, and then searched inch by inch. We can’t move out of this abandoned house. Sooner or later, we will be found by them.”

“Oh?” Robb leaned close to the window. The broken window didn’t even have glass or paper. He stretched out half of his face and looked out. Outside the window was an old street full of dirty water. On both sides of the street were some dilapidated houses. It seemed that this block was a slum.

Looking at the distance of the street, he saw a large group of soldiers in white armor searching from house to house. The streets on both sides were full of guards.

Robb smiled and said, “you asked me to come here to save your lives. Do you want me to do something? Rush out and kill all these people? Then kill Mondra all the way into the royal palace. You know, this is not my style. I’m not a bloodthirsty person, and I hate such a way to solve problems.”

Xuelu said “I know you’re not that kind of person. We didn’t want you to help us. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to take the risk. We have to kill the archbishop by ourselves. All you need to do is to help us escape from the Capital of Saints first. Now that the city is heavily guarded, we can’t find a chance to deal with the archbishop in such a short time. If we want to leave Capital of Saints first, we can hide in a nearby village for a few days. When the security relaxes again, we can come in to find another opportunity. “

“I see. But it’s easy to leave.” Robb said, “I happen to have something to do here, so you just wait here. I’ll go out to make a mess to attract the attention of the city guards. When the guards are all led away and the city is in chaos, you can sneak out.”

“What are you planning?”.

“To record it,” Robb took out his camera and chuckled. “I’m going to make a picture of this city and take it back to make a large-scale model.”

Xuelu was speechless

Gorda and Jike burst into laughter. It seemed that Godfather was playing something interesting again. No matter how serious the matter was, he could turn it into a game.

However, Baron Perseus didn’t know much about Robb. Although he had heard a lot of information about Westwind town later and knew that Robb seemed to be very powerful, his eyes darkened. In this era of extremely inconvenient information, what was heard so far away was often not the original face of the matter.

He was confused and said, “you want to attract the attention of all the guards in the city alone? That’s too dangerous. In that case, even if we escape, you can’t escape.”

“It’s okay. I’ll fly around the sky, so they can’t catch me,” Robb said with a smile. “Of course, even if I walk on the ground, they won’t be able to catch me.”

Baron Perseus was speechless

The three of them said they didn’t have any retorts. The three of them said in a low voice, “Okay, we’ll find an opportunity to escape.”

Robb jumped out of the window. The dirty street outside was far less managed than Westwind Town, and it was also not as well managed as Bright Road. The people in the slums looked absent-minded and all of them were like walking corpses. In the distance, a group of soldiers were walking this way. They saw a priest standing in the middle of the street who seemed to be dressed very well, but they didn’t care. They thought he was just a priest who came to the slum to get followers.

Robb thought about whether he should put on a mask or not, but on second thought, he didn’t think it was necessary. No one here knew him, so he decided to do it directly.

Using his flying skill, he flew straight from the street and soared into the sky. He floated above the block of the slum, not too high, only twenty or thirty yards high.

This action startled the people around. Whether it was the poor people or the soldiers who were searching for the key criminals, they were all shocked by the sudden flying Robb.

Someone shouted, “oh my God! Flying! It’s a flying skill!”

“The most advanced wind magic.”

“Then who is that priest?”

“What is he doing? He has a strange thing in his hand that swept around us.”

“Is that a holy weapon?”

The residents and soldiers of the Capital of Saints had never seen a camera, and there was even no cinema here. Who knew what it was?

A group of soldiers raised their heads and roared, “Father, come down from the sky at once. Flying is prohibited in the skies of the Capital of Saints. Please tell us who you are and what you are doing. Otherwise, don’t blame us for hitting you down.”

No capital would allow unidentified people to fly in the sky, so their request was reasonable.

Robb made a face at the crowd and said, “if you are not convinced, come and hit me.”

“Damn it!” a general cursed angrily, “this man is so arrogant. Archer, shoot him down.”

Several soldiers bent their bows and arrows, aiming at the sky. Whoosh, whoosh, the sound of arrows breaking through the air rang out continuously. Robb didn’t fly high on purpose, so these arrows swept the ground and filled the large space in front of him.

Robb could have ignored these arrows. Anyway, they would just miss, but he couldn’t go too far in order to lure away the soldiers who were patrolling the street and create a chance for Xuelu and the others to leave. So he laughed and flew aside quickly. All the arrows missed. Robb deliberately lowered his altitude and flew at a very low altitude. He swept over the a soldier’s head and said, “Hey! Grandchildren! If you are not convinced, come and hit me.”

The soldiers didn’t have the time to search for any “important criminals”. They all left the street they guarded and ran after Robb.

Robb was flying like a crow in the sky, while the soldier were chasing after him like yellow dogs on the ground!

A large group of people rushed out of the distance, and they came to a street corner in front of him, a large group of soldiers who were responsible for guarding there. Suddenly, a person flew over from the distance and laughed above them. “Wow, there are also a group of grandsons here.”

Before the soldiers could figure out what had happened, they saw a large group of soldiers chasing after them from afar. They roared, “brothers, get that guy down from the sky. Hurry up and get him down.”


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