After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 571

Chapter 571: Angel

Arrows, arrows, arrows, wind blades, lightning…

All kinds of things were being shot at the sky!

However, it was useless. As long as he flew fast enough, the magic and arrows couldn’t catch up with him.

After circling the slums a few rounds, all the guards on the streets around were attracted and followed him everywhere. Therefore, Robb deliberately slowed down, so that the people on the ground could follow him. Then, he flew to the nearest city gate.

There were more guards at the city gate, and more and more attacks were launched into the air. Even huge crossbows raised their heads and shot at him randomly.

Robb intentionally flew above the city gate at a very low altitude. He even stretched out his hand to touch the helmet of a guard of the city gate. How could the guard stand such humiliation? He was so angry that he roared and followed him along with the city guards.

Robb saw from a distance that in the short few minutes that the guards of the city gate were attracted by him, the three adventurers and Baron Perseus had climbed down the wall and jumped into Xuelu plain outside, heading far away.

Now that they had successfully escaped, Robb could get down to business. He took the camera and circled above the Capital of Saints, shooting left and right, especially at the places where defense was built well. He needed to take good pictures of the places where there were more guards, less guards, and no cave of hidden weapons. These were the materials he needed when he was shooting the movie. Anyway, no matter how much there is, he could take them all.

Of course, the most important thing was the Royal Palace in the center of the city, which was an indispensable part for shooting the movie.

He was circling over the royal palace to shoot, dodging the arrows of the royal palace guards. All of a sudden, a middle-aged man came out of the royal palace. Robb had seen this face in the short video. Mondra raised a dazzling staff inlaid with gems and waved it towards the sky.

A huge fireball flew out from the tip of the staff and hit Robb head-on.

From the size of the fireball, Robb could tell that it was not an ordinary fireball, but an explosion.

Its power was several times stronger than fireball. Once it hit the target, it would explode violently and swallow the target in an instant. It was quite powerful.

“Yo, Mondra is actually a powerful fire magician?” Robb felt that he had obtained meaningless information. His body gently tilted to one side, and the flame explosion brushed past him without any problem.

Obviously, Mondra was a little exasperated. “Damn it! Get that damn man down from the sky. Where is the air force? Where are the griffin knights?”

“Great! The air force is coming! That guy can’t be so arrogant when the air force is coming,” the soldiers of Madeline’s troops cheered in the distance

Robb turned his head and saw a large group of griffin knights rushing towards him. They seemed to have taken off from the garden behind the palace. It seemed that they were stationed in the garden behind the palace, which was useful information. This arrangement was useful for him when he will shoot the scene.

He picked up the camera and shot fiercely at the knights.

Those griffin knights were a little confused and thought, [we are all here now. Why isn’t he running away? He’s even pointing at us with a strange thing? What is that?]

The commander of the griffin knights shouted, “disperse and dodge. That might be a long-range magic tool of the enemy. He wants to use that to defeat us.”

The griffin knights were shocked. According to the principle that they must be careful about “magic tools” they had never seen before, they scattered elegantly.

In the next moment, the knights pulled out their spears and threw them at Robb from afar. In a flash, the spears flew in the air, looking much more terrifying than the bows and arrows.

Robb spun and dodged the spears, as if he was dancing gracefully. Where his camera pointed, the griffin knights quickly flew to dodge for fear of being hit by the unknown.

“What the hell is this guy doing?” Mondra spluttered, “what is the air force doing? Why can’t they defeat him?”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry.” the archbishop of the Church of Light stood beside him. “I’ll summon angels to deal with him. I don’t believe that he can defeat angels.”

“Oh, yes! Call the angels out.” Mondra was overjoyed.

The archbishop started chanting. This chant was a little long and the magic power it required was also extremely great. He chanted for a long time and raised his hands to the sky. A golden light spread out from his body. Then, the clouds separated, and an angel with a big sword hands rushed out of the clouds.

It circled above the head of the archbishop, then, the archbishop pointed at Robb, and the angel understood. It opened its pair of Xuelu white wings and rushed towards Robb.

“Wow, angels, real angels.”

To be honest, it was the first time that Robb had seen this kind of thing, and he felt it was quite fresh. Then he remembered the assumption he had put forward not long ago. Angels might just be a race that she just lived in a seclusion in the clouds. This race had reached a certain agreement with the Church of Light, helping it to deceive people.

He didn’t know whether his speculation was true or not, but there was an angel in front of him, which must be carefully studied. He quickly turned the camera and aimed at the angel.

This angel looked like a young man in his twenties. He was wearing white armor. There was a pair of long white wings on his back, and his whole body was filled with golden light. However, he didn’t lose feathers when he flew.

Angels thought the camera was an unknown magic tool as well, just like the griffin knights. It turned aside and dodged the camera. Then, it rushed forward, brandishing the big sword in its hand and slashing at Robb’s chest.

Robb intentionally tested the angel’s strength and did not dodge this sword attack.

With a muffled sound, the sword did not MIss, but hit Robb successfully. Then, the angel waved again, “Hit”, “Miss”, “Hit”, “Miss”, “Hit”, “Hit”

He was good at swordsmanship and hit Robb several times in a flash.

Robb thought to himself, [Angels are so agile. Compared with my agility, her hit rate is actually quite good. However, the attacking power is too low. 640HP is the most painful sword strike, and only 320HP with the lightest sword strike. Its fighting power is even lower than that of Motra from the desert kingdom.]


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