After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 572

Chapter 572: He is the son of the evil god

The Angel hit Robb several times in a row. Mondra, the archbishop, and the city guards who were watching the battle on the ground could not help but shout out loud.

“That flying bug is so annoying! Finally there is something to deal with him.”

“Angels are the best!”

“Of course. He is an angel.”

While they were chatting happily, they didn’t know that the angel’s several strikes had hit Robb, but couldn’t cause substantial damage to him at all.

Robb threw himself continuous healing magic that would automatically recover his health every two seconds. He didn’t care about the weak angel’s attacks and carefully looked at his body.

Obviously, it was not a magic creature. Those magic creatures that were created out of nowhere were usually bloodless and fleshless, with only one thought. For example, water elementals, fire elementals, wind elementals, void walkers, and so on, they were not real races, but summons created by magicians with their magic power.

But the angel in front of him was flesh and blood. Robb even touched him and felt the touch of his skin.

However, while it was obvious that the angels was a man. When he touched it, it seemed to be gay. Robb didn’t want to touch it for the second time. If he touched it again, he would vomit.

He said, “sure enough, you are a living creature, not the kind of strange or unreal summons.”

Angel, “what are you talking about?”

Robb asked, “where does the angel race usually live?”

“Heaven!” the angel roared and waved his sword again.

Robb smiled and said, “then I really want to know whether heaven is the world of gods or just a castle in the air where your angel race lives. It’s just like how the demon race built a city in the heart of the earth and named it hell.”

“Nonsense.” The angel waved his sword and attacked crazily. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he attacked, the damage could not keep up with the continuous healing that Robb had added to himself. He attacked several times in a row, but as long as he healed once every two seconds, Robb would become healthy again.

“If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it. Do you think I’m interested in it? I’m just curious and don’t want to get to the bottom of it. It’s enough for you to take the opportunity to attack me while I’m asking, right?” Robb said with a smile

Angel: “.”

Robb reached out and grabbed the angel’s big sword. He thought for a while and said with a smile, “I thought it was a great weapon, but it turned out to be an ordinary steel sword. Don’t you think it’s too unsightly to use a steel sword for a race like you guys who are regarded like Gods by the Church of Light? Use some better weapons.”

Angel: “.”

Before he could figure out how to teach Robb a lesson, Robb kicked the angel in the stomach.

This kick was so powerful that the angels felt as if his internal organs were almost broken by it. That power was simply not something that a human could possess. Robb was likely the only monster that could make such a terrifying attack. It was so painful that he couldn’t even keep his wings flapping. He fell backwards and fell into the garden of Mondra’s palace. A loud bang stirred up a large area of dust.

The audience were all dumbfounded!

From their point of view, it was a human who kicked an angel down from the sky. This was a bit unreasonable. What the hell was this?

Of course, more importantly, they saw with their own eyes that angels was knocked out, which slightly shook their faith in the God of light. How could angels be defeated so easily? It was impossible! Unless what we usually hear is fake.

The archbishop reacted quickly and shouted, “he is not a human. He is the son of the Evil God. He is the child of the Evil God and a human. The evil incarnation and the source of evil that will bring disaster and destruction to the world. We must stop him, so that we can embrace the light.”

His words dispelled everyone’s doubts. If he was the son of the Evil God, it was not strange that he could hurt angels.

Robb was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh in the sky. He thought, [I’m God’s father. Why do you say I’m the son of God now?]

But it didn’t matter. Robb didn’t want to argue with the stick. It was so annoying. Besides, he had something important to do. He continued to carry the camera and took photos.

He clapped left, right, front and back, followed by a group of griffin knights, constantly throwing spears at him, archers and magicians on the ground constantly shooting at him, but these were not problems, and could just be ignored.

Even the angel, who was kicked by Robb, flew up again. He was covered in mud and looked a little embarrassed. He flapped his white wings and chased after Robb all day long, but Robb’s interest in him had completely disappeared. He didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He just asked him to chase after him and only cared about the urban structures.

After a long while, Robb took a clear view of all the places in the Capital of Saints.

He smiled at the exhausted pursuers and said, “thank you, everyone. I have finally finished what I wanted to do. I have no time to waste on you anymore. Goodbye.”

After saying that, he quickly opened an invincible shield to cover himself and began to try to return to the town!

Although even if he didn’t have an invincible shield, no one could hurt him, if he was hit by the enemy, the his return to the city would be interrupted. Therefore, he needed to open an invincible shield. He was surrounded by a ball of golden light, and all the attacks would disappear without a trace when they met the golden light.

However, Robb himself maintained a stiff posture in the golden ball of light. A few seconds later, he disappeared without a trace.

The people who had been surrounding him just now suddenly lost their target. They all stopped and looked up at the sky with strange eyes, looking for Robb’s shadow. But Robb had already returned to the chapel cemetery in Westwind Town, so they could not find him.

With a dark face, Mondra said, “search the whole city to see if the son of the Evil God is still hiding in the city. We must find him.”

The soldiers scattered in confusion.

The archbishop looked at the angel in the sky, and the angel was also looking at him. After the two exchanged a look, the angel soared into the sky and disappeared in the clouds.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians in the city were all at a loss.

What happened that day was recorded in the records of the old Church of Light, which was called the visit of the son of the Evil God. Later, the old Church of Light was completely alienated and no longer in charge of great power. The truth was finally revealed. This day was changed to the visit day of Godfather.


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