After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Notoriety spreads thousands of miles

Mason, in position!

Sculptor, in position! The two of them sat in a row respectfully and listened to Robb’s orders.

With a magic item in his hand, Robb said to the two with a smile, “come on, you two help me to make a beautiful work of art.”

He used his large TV to release the air shooting of the Capital of Saints. “Look, this is a magnificent city, that is about to be used by me to shoot Gondor in Lord of the Rings 3. What I want you to do is to copy it.”

The mason and the sculptor were not very knowledgeable, so they didn’t recognize that the city in the video was the Capital of Saints. The two of them looked at it carefully for a while, and could not help but shake their heads and sigh. “What a big city. It’s too big. How can we copy it just with the two of us?”

Robb said with a smile, “I’m not asking you to make the whole city as it is, like the civilian residential areas around the city, which can be omitted, but the middle part, the core urban area is required. Let’s just reduce it in size by a few hundred times.”

“Oh?” the sculptor finally understood what he meant. He had also done something that is at a reduced scale, such as carving a small stone figure or an axe. Every sculptor had done such a thing.

Robb said to the mason, “you’re responsible for the construction. Make a few cement models. After that, it will be painted white.”

Then he turned to the sculptor and said, “you are responsible for the post-processing. You should deal with all the details of the model, and every tiny part should be lifelike.”

The two nodded and bowed together. “We will do what Godfather asked us to do well and make sure you are satisfied.”

Robb said, “this thing should be done as soon as possible. In order to speed up your progress, you can come to me to get a few BUFFs before starting work every day.”

Godfather’s BUFF was a famous thing in Westwind Town, such as for mining, building houses and the railway and so on. The workers could come to Godfather for BUFFs before construction.

With this BUFF, they were not only powerful, but also agile. They could walk as fast as if they’re flying. A person could be like a dozen of people, and the process of his work was dozens of times faster.

After the two left, the crystal ball on the Robb table lit up again.

When the phone was connected, the Queen’s dignified face appeared in front of him. “You had a good time in the Capital of Saints.”

Robb smiled and said, “Wow, you learned about it so soon?”

The queen said, “don’t forget that my spies are in the Capital of Saints. I can even take the video of the plot of Mondra, the archbishop and the demon. If I don’t know that you have made a scene in the Capital of Saints, it will mean that my intelligence network is completely blind.”

Robb said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Weren’t you going to save Xuelu and her companions? You flew all over the sky and beat the angel. Are you saving someone or making trouble?”

Robb grinned mischievously and said, “I helped them distract the city guards, so that they can take advantage of the chaos to leave.”

The queen squinted and said, “That’s impossible. There are countless ways to help the four people out of the city. Why did you have to fly in the sky? You must have done something else.”

“Humph! A smart woman is not cute.” Robb said, “I did do something insignificant, but I like to tantalize people and keep them in suspense, so I can’t tell you now.”

Hearing this, the queen was very angry, but she also knew the habits of Robb. When he tantalized others, the more angry you were, the happier he would be. So at this time, don’t be angry with him, and show a cool expression, making him unable to be proud.

The queen quickly changed the topic. “Now your reputation in the Capital of Saints is completely ruined. The people there were fooled by the Church of Light. They all think that you are the son of the Evil God and treat you as a monster.”

“Oh, I see. Finally, my infamy has spread thousands of miles? I’m so happy,” Robb said wickedly “With such a good reputation, I can easily grab good women, go to the countryside, fish… It’s good. Look at me now in Westwind town. Every time the townsmen look at me, they seem to look at me as their father. I want to do something bad to them, but I don’t have the heart to do anything bad to them. This is the disaster of having too good a reputation. Alas, to be honest, there are several families’ daughters in the town who are very beautiful. I want to take them, but I can’t do it because of face.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Robb noticed that the Queen’s expression was becoming more and more strange, and her eyes seemed to be full of hostility. He couldn’t help asking, “what’s wrong? You didn’t jump up and curse me because of jealousy after hearing what I said just now. Instead, you look weird. What’s wrong?”

The queen said, “just now when you were talking about those unknown words, Elsie just came over from behind. He probably didn’t want to disturb our conversation, so he stood behind you all the time. He silently didn’t say anything. But after hearing what you said just now, a look of epiphany appeared on Elsie’s face, and then he quickly retreated. I feel that there is a good show soon.”

“What?” Robb was sweating and thought that something bad was going to happen.

He turned around and saw a group of soldiers waiting outside the chapel.

Elsie was standing in front of the soldiers and said in a serious tone, “Godfather has a crush on the beautiful daughters of several families in the town, but it’s not easy for him to deal with them because of his dignity. As his subordinates, we have to share the worries for our boss. Let’s stop talking nonsense. Go to the town immediately and catch all the beautiful girls for him…”

“Screw you!” Robb suddenly appeared behind Elsie and kicked him to the ground. He said to the soldiers, “don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense. Am I the kind of person who tries to grab the daughters of others? I remind you that no matter what you do, you must have a sense of right and wrong, and a great conscience. Even if it is an order from your superior, if there is something against the right values, you must insist not to do it. Do you understand?”

The soldiers bowed, “got it.”

“If you understand, you can leave now,” Robb said. “Anyway, don’t do anything evil.”

He sat back on the stone stool and said to the queen opposite the crystal ball, “Hmph, look, I’ve already stifled the matter in the cradle.”

The queen squinted and said, “really? As a leader, you don’t know how much impact your witty words will have, do you? Let’s wait and see.”

The queen was right

Although the soldiers didn’t do anything bad to snatch good women, they couldn’t help but exaggerate the matter. Therefore, there was a piece of gossip in Westwind Holy city, which made the girls ecstatic — Godfather was interested in the beautiful daughters of several families in the city.


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