After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 574

Chapter 574: What the hell are you doing here?

From the second day

Robb found that there were more and more girls coming to the chapel. All of them were young girls under the age of twenty. They were beautiful, wearing the most fashionable clothes and walking with hot steps. Everyone walked in front of him as if they were walking on the catwalk, and many girls would deliberately turn their heads and smile at him as they passed his stone table.

Robb had an illusion that he was a judge of a talent show, sitting upright on the judges seat, and then a group of girls who came to audition to be stars passed by him.

In this case, it would be a little embarrassing for him to not give a score.

He simply put a card beside him. When a girl passed by, he wrote a number on the card and raised it. It was 78 points.

Another girl passed by him. He raised his card and got 84 points.

For some reason, the elf elder also sat down next to him and took out a card as well. It was 76 points.

One day later, Baron Nuolun came as well…

A few days later, when a girl passed by Robb, a long row of judges would raise the cards in their hands.

Contestant No. 156 with 82 points in average!

Then Robb jumped up and said, “what the hell? You guys came to my chapel and sat in a row to grade the girls. What the hell is going on?”

The elf elder said in a serious tone, “you’re the leader of Westwind Town, and it’s not just your own business if you’re going to get married. It’s related to all the people living in Westwind Town, so as an important member of Westwind Town, of course we’ll help you.”

Motra nodded and said, “yes, you are right. We are here to give some advice. But we also know that aesthetic sense is a very wonderful thing. Godfather may not be interested in it. So we decided to use this way to get a more objective and consistent answer with the common aesthetic sense.”

Robb drove all these crazy fellows out of his chapel, and then turned to the crystal ball. “Don’t think I didn’t see it. You just raised a card at the crystal ball, and it said 43 points. What are you doing?”

With a dignified look on her face, the queen said, “I’m testing my own aesthetic sense and whether it meets the standard of the world.”

“What’s the result?” Robb said, “you only put 43 points on a girl with an average score of 82 points, which means that you are a lofty woman.”

“I’m the queen of a kingdom. What’s wrong with being a lofty person?” the queen asked.

“Then don’t get involved in the common aesthetic sense.”

“Let me see.”

“How do you change so fast?”

After more than ten consecutive days of torture, the chapel finally quieted down. There were fewer and fewer girls coming to look for opportunities, because they found that none of them had been chosen by Godfather. This meant that the rumor that “Godfather is interested in the beautiful daughters of the families in the town” last time was really just a rumor.

The girls were disappointed. They would never come to the chapel to bother him again.

However, the sculptor and mason came to the chapel’s door with bright smiles on their faces. “Godfather, we have finally finished what you wanted us to do.”

“Oh?” Robb was overjoyed. “Let me have a look.”

“Uh… We can’t take it over.” the two said awkwardly, “even if we shrank it a few hundred times, that city is still very large. We can only put it on a huge tray, and we can’t move it over.”

“Oh, right. Then take me there to have a look.”

Robb waved his hand and Lilian ran out with a smile. Not long after, a huge steam car came over. It was a very gorgeous tank, not as big as the old dwarf’s shabby tank last time. It was as big as a bus in the future, but it couldn’t accommodate as many people like a bus. There was no room for people to sit in it. There were only the gears and the wheels of the steam engine in its stomach. The place where people could sit was only a few small positions on the roof of the tank.

Even so, it was still a great invention.

When the tank arrived at the door of the chapel, it couldn’t enter because of the yard. The dwarf driver waved at Robb and said, “grandmaster blacksmith, let me drive you out.”

Robb smiled and said, “teach Lilian how to drive. I like beautiful female drivers.”

The dwarf driver laughed and said, “then I should ask a dwarf woman to drive here.”

“No! Please don’t!” Robb said. “After Lilian and Suofa learn to drive, I want other female drivers.”

Robb lazily got up from his stone stool, walked a few steps, and then sat on the steam tank.

On the left and right side of him, Lilian and Suofa sat beside him and went out with him.

The mason and sculptor sat beside the driver and showed him the way. “Turn left in the front and then turn straight. It’s our studio over there…”

The huge steam tank was running on the road at a slow and unstable speed.

However, it looked cool on the road.

The people on the west side of the road couldn’t help but scream when they saw this thing. However, the residents of Westwind town had already seen it several times, and the dwarf driver even scolded them seriously, “you bumpkins, haven’t you seen it before? Humph, this is my special car, not present in any other city. Because there is no good road to drive it in other cities. Hahaha, only the cement road here is good.”

After seven turns in the town, the tank arrived at a huge studio.

It was said to be a studio, but in fact it was a yard. In order to complete the task given by Robb, the mason and sculptor rented a big yard. There was nothing else in it. In the middle of the yard, there was an incomparably huge city model.

The core of the Capital of Saints was a huge city with a diameter of several miles. Although the model was several hundred times smaller than the original city, it was still eight or nine meters long and eight or nine meters wide.

The whole model was cast with cement and painted white, looking like a huge white jade.


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