After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 575

Chapter 575: Grow, grow, grow, grow

Robb fell in love with this model at first sight. It was really domineering.

In fact, the real Capital of Saints was not so domineering, because it was a city where many people lived, so it was not pure white. It was built with stones of various colors, and the city walls were mottled and damaged. The city was full of dirty water as well.

However, the model in front of him was pure white, clean white, without any tarnishing, which made it look several times more beautiful, holy and noble.

After looking through the whole thing, he looked at the deeper details

The details were not something that a mason could do. They were all carved by the sculptor. The grids on the city wall were carved very carefully. The palace model’s outer wall was also carved with all kinds of decorative works. The knight statue on the square and the hero statue in the pool were lifelike in every detail.

“This thing is really good.” Robb gave the thumbs up to the two.

It was the highest honor for the people in Westwind town to get the praise of Godfather. The two grinned from ear to ear, and of course, after that, they would receive a generous reward, which was inevitable. The most important reason why Godfather could be loved so much by the people is because he never cheats people of their rightful pay.

“Godfather, at your request, several important buildings were not solid, but hollow,” the mason said. “However, even if the model house is hollow, no one can enter it, so we can’t shoot a movie there, right?”

The sculptor next to him immediately slapped the mason and said, “are you a fool? Godfather can make people smaller, and then you can go in.”

The mason was suddenly enlightened.

However, Robb smiled and said, “it’s not advisable to shrink people, because I want to take a picture of the army of monsters attacking Gondor. At that time, I can’t make the army of monsters shrink one by one, right? That’s an entire fifty thousand army. I’ll go crazy if I shrink them one by one.”


However, Suofa beside him understood and said, “if you can’t make the enemy smaller, then you have to make yourself bigger. Godfather, are you going to make this model city bigger?”

“That’s right,” Robb said with a smile. “However, this thing is a model with a scale of one hundredth of the scale, which means that I have to make it bigger. I’m not sure if I can succeed or not. Anyway, I have to have a try to know everything.”

In the game, Robb really couldn’t make a thing hundreds of times larger, but in this world, he felt that he could do it, because he found that although he followed the game rules, in this world, sometimes he could break the limit of the game rules.

For example, last time when the army of the desert kingdom attacked the city, Robb used a healing wave to treat his own soldiers.

In the game, the healing wave couldn’t bounce so many times, no matter how high Robb’s stats were.

But in this world…

This meant that his data was too inflated. In the game, it was bound by the limit set by the system, but in this world, it could break through the limit. It was probably because of the fusion of the game world and the real world.

Robb stretched out his hand and lifted up the huge model with a width of eight or nine meters.

This thing was all made of cement and was very heavy, but it was as light as nothing in Robb’s hand. He raised it above his head with one hand.

Robb smiled and said, “if I test it here, it will frighten the townsmen. I’d better go out and find a wide wasteland to try it. You can go about with your own business. I’ll come back after the test.”

He used a flying skill and flew into the sky with the huge model, flying out of Westwind town.

Once the model of the Capital of Saints was restored to its original state, it would take a few miles of space. It was really not easy to find an open space to try it.

Robb thought, [where should I test it? There are many mountains and forests near Westwind town, so it is difficult to find a few miles of wide flat ground]

He thought about it for a while. Last time when he took the train to Bright Road, he saw a very broad wilderness to the south side of the railway. It was the only flat place nearby, so he decided to take the test there.

Soon, Robb shadow fell over the wasteland.

Looking down, he found that this wilderness was really wide. It was probably five miles around, and it was more than enough to set up the core city of the Capital of Saints. The north side of the wilderness was a long railway, connecting Bright Road and Westwind town.

Then it’s decided!

Robb didn’t go down and directly played in the air. He had to hold the model in his hand so that the transformation technique could work on it.

According to the rules of the game, the player was not allowed to use the transformation technique on “items”. He could only use the transformation technique on the “character”, and then the “item” carried by the “character” would grow bigger with the “character”.

Therefore, the only way for Robb to make the city model bigger was to hold it in his hand and make it a part of him. Only in this way could the city model grow bigger with his transformation technique.

“Gigantification!” Robb’s body began to grow, grow, grow

The city model in his hand also began to grow bigger, bigger, bigger

At the same time, a whistling steam train was running from Bright Road to Westwind town.

In this train, there was a group of special people who disguised as people from all walks of life and hid in each carriage.

They were the dark judgers of the Church of Darkness. In a word, they were killers.

Although the queen had successfully killed the archbishop of the Church of Darkness and delayed the time for the Church of Darkness to attack Robb, the new archbishop had taken office a few days ago.

The new archbishop knew that the old archbishop was killed by an assassin, so he was very careful and prudent. He hid well, and there must always be a group of people following and protecting him when he went out. The queen couldn’t find a chance to kill him again. Besides, the queen was also cautious and couldn’t make a move recklessly.

The new archbishop took over the unfinished task of the last archbishop and sent the dark judgers to Westwind town.

Of course, people in the Church of Darkness knew much more about Godfather in Westwind town than those from the Church of Light. They were very clear how powerful Robb was. Therefore, the first priority for these dark judgers was not to make a move immediately, but to scout, spy, watch and then take action


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