After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 576

Chapter 576: A great god from heaven, holding the giant city in his hand

These dark judgers did not gather together, because it was easy to see to be exposed as a large group when they acted together, so they were scattered everywhere in the train.

Two of them pretended to be dark priests. Another two pretended to be small merchants and his servants, trying to see if they could start a business. Two of them moved to be travelers, and even two beautiful assassins pretended to be beautiful girls who ran away from home, intending to pretend being lonely and helpless.

They had made full preparations this time!

Of course, they were very clear that the assassin team of the desert kingdom was completely doomed in Westwind Town, so they planned to carry out the assassination plan with a more professional and cautious attitude.

The assassins were anxiously waiting to arrive as Westwind Holy City from train. However, the other passengers beside them suddenly became restless. Someone leaned over the window and shouted, “oh my God! Come and have a look!”

“Ah, what did yoi see?”

“A giant descending from the sky, with a huge city in his hand!”

“What’s going on?”

“Honey, take the baby out to see the God.”

The train was in chaos, and countless passengers were rushing to the left window.

The train attendant was frightened and shouted, “Do not all pile up on the left. Be careful not to make the train roll over.”

Of course, the dark judgers couldn’t sit still any longer. As assassins, it was also very important to gather information. They also followed other passengers to look at the left window of the carriages.

Looking through the window, they saw a horrible giant floating in the sky of the wilderness in the south. This giant was probably hundreds of yards high, and he held a city with a radius of several miles in his hand. The city was snow-white all over, spotless. It looked so imposing that people could not help but kneel down.

The dark judgers were dumbfounded and opened their mouths in surprise.

The other passengers in the carriages were not much better. Most of them were confused, and only a very small number of people were able to speak. They even shouted, “what’s going on?”

“A giant has descended from the sky!”

“What kind of city is that? The city of the sky?”

All the people on the train were staring at Robb!

However, Robb didn’t care that there was a small train in the north of him, which was like an earthworm. He only cared about the city he was holding. Hundreds of times of the transformation technique had consumed a lot of Robb’s magic power. Fortunately, he knew that it was difficult for him to do this, so he brought a few blue mana bottles he rubbed out in advance. After he used the blue mana bottles, he immediately recovered.

[Don’t panic. Slowly put it on the ground. If it is put too fast, the concrete buildings will also break.]

As Robb warned himself, he slowly descended from the sky and placed the huge city on the wilderness to the south of the railway

However, no matter how gentle his movement was, it was inevitable for him to make a “boom” sound!

For ordinary people, this sound was like the cracking of the sky and the earth.

“Is this a city that the Heavenly God has entrusted to us from the sky?”

“Oh my God!”

“Oh my God!”

At this time, a passenger suddenly shouted, “ah, I see the face of this giant clearly… Isn’t… isn’t this Godfather?”

“Oh, yes, this is Godfather. I also recognize him.”

“Oh, I see. It’s him. No wonder.”

“I always knew that Godfather is very powerful, but I didn’t expect him to be so powerful. How tall is he? A few hundred yards, the same size as a mountain.”

“Where did the huge city in his hand come from? Did it come from the sky?”

“Maybe it’s the place where the gods live, the holy city!”

“Did he bring us a holy city from the sky?”

At this time, Robb had already stabilized the city. Gondor finally appeared on the south side of the railway, towering over it, looking cool and handsome.

Robb also had time to pay attention to other things now. He stood beside the city model and looked up. He saw a small train passing by. He waved at the train with a smile and said, “Hello, comrades.” he was in a state of gigantification now. As soon as he opened his mouth, his roar like a giant echoed in the air.

All the people on the train couldn’t help but reply in unison, “Hello, Godfather!”

“Enjoy your trip,” Robb said, “I’ll be busy with some chores here. See you in Westwind town later.”

What else could the passengers do except to answer obediently?

The dark judgers in the train were rendered speechless

The two dark judgers dressed like priests couldn’t help but whisper to each other. One of them said in a low voice, “is this the person we are going to plot against?”

The other one said with a bitter face, “it seems so.”

The first one said, “how can we kill him? Tell me how to stab a giant god who is hundreds of feet tall and can hold a city flying in the sky to death.”

The other one said with a bitter face, “I don’t know either.”

“Is there anything wrong with the mission?”

“I think we’ll need to take the next train to Bright Road as soon as we arrive at Westwind town. We’ll think about it after reporting what happened here to the archbishop,”

“We have no choice.”

All the dark judgers in the train lost their fighting spirit in an instant and lost the confidence to continue the mission, as if they had become salted fish.

Therefore, as soon as they arrived at Westwind Town, they immediately bought a return ticket and took the train back. Of course, Robb didn’t know about it at all. He didn’t even know that the assassins had come to Westwind town. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t care.

Robb was still looking around his city. It was a perfect city. He retreated a little far away from the big city, and then removed his gigantification skill. Sure enough, the city did not shrink, but he himself had shrunk.

This was a BUG in Dark Blade. If a character was transformed into a giant with the object in his hand, and during the process of the transformation, the object was thrown to the ground and left the character. Then, when the role’s transformation technique was removed, the item’s transformation technique would not disappear. He had to voluntarily remove it, or the item’s transformation technique would not be automatically removed until the server does its weekly maintenance.

Robb entered Gondor in his normal state.

Only when he was in it could he feel the great power of the white city. It was really cool. While walking inside, Robb recorded, “two real giant crossbows should be placed here.”

“We need a stone cart here.”

“The house here is empty. I need to arrange a group of actors and actresses in it. When the enemy attacks the city, they will run out of this room and join the battlefield…”


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