After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 577

Chapter 577: I want to use this battle as a drill

The city, which had been enlarged by Robb’s gigantification technique, couldn’t really be used as a city, because its original size would be restored every Tuesday. It was absolutely not feasible to use it as a residence, but it was more than enough to use it as a prop for the movie.

Robb walked around the rooms of the place and studied where to add props and decorations. Then he returned the model to its original size, picked up the city model, and returned to Westwind Holy city.

He had studied it for a long time, so when Robb returned to his church stone stool, the train had already arrived at the station and stopped at the train station opposite the chapel. The platform was full of people who had just gotten off the train. These people were still shocked, and they hadn’t completely digested what they had just seen.

Seeing Robb come back, the group of people roared, then rushed out of the platform, ran to the outside of the chapel yard, and kowtowed to Robb desperately.

Robb had no choice but to wave at them again. “Hello, comrades!”

In the evening of that day, the Queen’s call also came. “Hey! What the hell are you doing? My spy reported that you ran to a barren land in the middle of Westwind town and Bright Road and made a snow-white city out of nowhere. The train was so shocked that it made a loud noise. When the news spread, I’m afraid that all the people in the whole land would be scared crazy.”

“Wow, your information gathering is still so fast,” Robb said. “Miss queen, I have to advise you to use your intelligence system in a more useful place. Don’t waste your manpower surrounding me all the time. It’s useless for you to scout my place so clearly.”

The queen squinted, “get to the point! You haven’t answered my question yet.”

“All right,” Robb said, shrugging his shoulders. “I think you are smart enough to have guessed it. Last time I went to the Capital of Saints to make trouble and flew around in the sky, in order to take a sample of the entire city structure of the Capital of Saints. After I came back, I made a concrete model according to the appearance of the Capital of Saints, and then made the model bigger, which is the city mentioned in your intelligence…”

The queen couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. “If you can create a city in this way, then you can create a lot of cities at any time.”

“It’s not that great,” Robb said with a smile. “This kind of forcible transformation can only last for a week at most, so it can’t really be used to build a city. I just want to use it to finish my movie. My movie needs to shoot a scene with an attack and defense in a white city.”

The queen thought for a while and understood everything. “That is to say, you temporarily enlarged the city model of the Capital of Saints with magic, and then you will lure monsters to attack the fake city. Then you can take the opportunity to make the movie, right?”

“That’s right!” Robb said with a smile. “You should know that I have already ordered some workers to make props yesterday, such as the javelin machines, the huge crossbows, and some colorful flags and badges that will hang in the city. In a word, after all these things are ready, I will go lure the monsters to attack the city.”

The queen sighed slightly and said, “others are extremely nervous when they hear that the monsters are coming. Only you are still thinking about playing. You can use the monster army as props for your movie. If I have that ability, the movie I made would also be box office hit.”

“Whether the box office is popular or not has nothing to do with fighting capacity,” Robb said. “You rely on your ability to tell stories. I don’t think you are good at telling stories, so why don’t you find someone who knows how to tell stories to be your scriptwriter? You just need to be an investor. Don’t mess around.”

The queen thought carefully about the practicability of this matter and decided to give it a try.

Seeing what she was thinking, Robb was about to hang up the phone. Suddenly, the queen raised her head and said seriously, “I have a very serious request. I hope you can agree.”

“What?” Robb asked, “it’s rare to see you so serious. What are you talking about?”

“I’ve always been very serious, okay? Who is as skinny as you?” the queen said seriously before she continued, “the filming of the battle in that white city requires an army to guard the city, right?”


The queen said, “I want to use my army to perform this play. Don’t worry. I won’t charge you a copper coin as the temporary actor fee.”

Robb understood at once. “Oh, you want to use my movie as a military exercise?”

Robb guessed the reason as soon as the queen finished her words. He couldn’t help but snort, “it’s really annoying to talk to smart people. Yes, I want to use this battle as a drill, and prepare for the future attack on Mondra.”

Robb said, “but the main theme of this battle is that the monster attacks the human city, and the human soldiers will guard the city desperately. You want to exercise the ‘offensive’, which seems a little inappropriate.”

“I don’t need to practice attacking,” the woman said. “Let my soldiers guard the city. Only in the city defensive battle can they feel which part of the city is most easily neglected and become the breakthrough point of the enemy.”

Robb thought it over and found that what she said was reasonable.

“Well, that makes sense,” Robb said. “But if I agree, it means that I’m helping you deal with Mondra, which will destroy my absolute neutral position in the war.”

“You have watched the conspiracy video of Mondra, the archbishop, and the demon,” the queen said. “For such a person, should you still maintain an absolute neutral position?”


Robb found that he had been convinced. In the past, he had remained neutral because he hated to be involved in political struggles. However, due to the plots of Mondra and the archbishop, the political struggles had evolved into racial struggles.

Although Robb didn’t like to be involved in political struggles, he would stand on the side of humans without hesitation in the race struggle, and would never allow monsters to hurt humans.

“Okay,” Robb said, “anyway, I only have more than 500 professional soldiers here. The number of soldiers is not enough to shoot such a big scene as the attack and defense of Gondor city. It’s not professional to invite mass actors to act. For the artistic and great performance of my movie, I’ll just use your soldiers. I believe that you will definitely send the best soldiers to participate in this exercise, which can guarantee the wonderful degree of my movie.”

“Yes,” the queen said seriously. “The troops attacking the Capital of Saints will certainly be my most elite troops. I will ask Madeleine to lead the Black Earth Knights to participate in this drill.”


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