After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 578

Chapter 578: I’ll need to negotiate nicely with the demons

A few days later, on Tuesday, at noon.

A steam train carrying soldiers in black armor and black helmets drove to the side of the wilderness.

There was no train station here, but the train still stopped here. Then Madeleine jumped out of the train first, followed by a large group of Black Earth Knights. They set up a huge military array along the railway line.

Madeleine was still dressed in the same way. Her black armor covered her whole body, and her figure could not be seen. One could only see her beautiful face. This face had the fortitude that should not belong to a woman, but also a trace of gentleness that only women would have. However, ordinary people could not see her gentleness, and she would only show it to one person.

She walked a few steps towards the wilderness on the south side of the railway. Her heavy iron boots stepped on the soil of the wilderness. Although she was not heavy, her armor was very heavy, and a footprint could be seen on the soil.

“There is nothing here.” a Black Earth Knight looked at the wilderness in front of him and frowned. “We have agreed that there will be a fake Capital of Saints here.”

Madeleine said, “don’t worry. Just wait for a moment. We have an appointment with Godfather in Westwind town at 12 o’clock at noon. There are still ten minutes left.”

“Can he really make a city in ten minutes?”

“Didn’t you hear the news?” another Black Earth Knight said, “at that time, people sitting on the train said that there was a giant god descending from the sky, holding the holy city in his hand and gently putting it on the ground. It was only a few minutes…”

“Who would believe th…” before the Black Earth Knight could finish his words, he saw a black dot flying in the air. The black dot flew very fast and swept to the sky a few miles away from the north. Now he saw clearly that it was a person with a huge city in his hand.

Then, the man and the thing in his hand began to grow larger, larger, larger

Although it was a few miles away, they could see it clearly after it grew larger. The Black Earth Knights exclaimed together, “it’s a priest with a city in his hand!”

“It’s coming down!”

“He put the city on the ground… Oh my God! I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.”

All the members of the Black Earth Knights were attracted by Robb’s excellent performance.

There were really two completely different feelings when someone heard something from intelligence and saw it with his own eyes, as if they were reading a novel and watching a movie.

If it weren’t for the fact that Robb’s enemies and friends were unknown, the knights present would have knelt down halfway.

Most of the wilderness was occupied by this huge city. The people of the Black Earth Knights had just faced an empty land, but now they were facing a huge and powerful city. Standing in front of such a city, they could not help but feel a little affected by its aura.

“So the Capital of Saints is like this?”

“The Capital of Saints? That’s a fake capital city! There is only one real capital city in the Kingdom of Gran, and that is the black earth tower. Although it has been destroyed by the black dragon, we will rebuild it sooner or later,” Madeline turned around and scolded her subordinates.

The Black Earth Knight immediately bowed and said, “it’s my fault.”

When the two of them were talking about this, Robb came over. After he put down the city, his body kept shrinking, while shrinking towards Madeleine and the others. When he walked two meters in front of Madeleine, he had shrank to the size of an ordinary person.

“Hey, Duke Madeleine, long time no see.”

Madeleine didn’t show any special attitude towards Robb. She said in a businesslike manner, “Godfather, long time no see. Well… Mr. Robb Smith, how is he doing now?”

You start to ask as soon as we meet eachother? How anxious are you? Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, “not bad. His wind magic is a little good, and his magic item making skill is not bad.”

Hearing what he said, Madeleine was immediately happy. “If you praise him even a little, then he must be very powerful. After all, you are so powerful that ordinary people would not be praised by you.”

Robb was speechless

This was a typical way to amuse herself. She forced a word in other people’s words and diverged her thoughts in the direction she wanted.

However, since she was praising him, Robb would not blame her, He pointed to the city behind him “This is the Go… Ahem… The lair of Mondra. According to the agreement, I have put it out and you can go in and play by yourselves. But you have to remember that you must withdraw before 6 o’clock next Tuesday morning, or it will shrink sharply. If you still stay in the city at that time, you might become tiny together, or you might be squeezed into the shrinking city in an instant and die there.”

Hearing what he said, Madeleine and his Black Earth Knights were shocked. “The consequences are so serious?”

“Yes!” Robb said, “so remember to withdraw before 6 o’clock next Tuesday morning. I will come back to set up the city for you at 12 o’clock at noon.”

“Got it,” Madeleine nodded. “When will the monster army attack the city?”

“Well, I still need to lure the monster army,” Robb said with a smile. “You know, monsters are not that obedient. I’ll need to negotiate nicely with the demons so that they will listen to me.”

Madeleine knew what he meant at once. She couldn’t help but feel a little confused. “Godfather, you have watched the video as well. The monster in the lead must have called in reinforcements. There will be several demons, and even archdemons. The monster army should have improved its strength again. You must be careful.”

“If I dare to lure them to attack the city, you don’t have to worry about their strength,” Robb said with a smile. “You can concentrate on your military exercise here.”

Madeleine nodded and didn’t say anything more. She turned around and said to the Black Earth Knights, “attention, every captain. Lead our people into the city. First of all, walk around every street and alley of the city, find out all the key defensive points, and find the best attack and defense routes…”

The Black Earth Knights answered in unison, “yes, sir!”

These Black Earth Knights were well-trained and didn’t need more specific instructions. They each led an army into the city, and soon their teams occupied all the defensive spots in the city

The city, which used to be empty, became very lively with these knights in it, as if the whole city had come to life.


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