After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 579

Chapter 579: The demons are about to make a move again

The Black Earth Knights circled crazily in the white city to look through everywhere.

“Ah, these houses are all solid. No one can live in them.” one of the soldiers shouted.

“It’s a model after all.”

“Then where do we sleep in this city? Can we sleep on the streets?”

“How about putting up tents on the street? It’s very interesting.”

“Look here. There is a building that can accommodate people. It’s a weapon hiding room. We can live in this house.”

“That’s great. There are still many rooms like this.”

“The palace is also empty! Hey, I have a bold idea. How about we live in the palace?”

“I want to have a try!”

“Sir, I also want to try the feeling of living in the royal palace.”

If this was a real capital city, the soldiers would not dare to live in the Royal Palace even if they had captured the enemy city, because they would be suspected of trampling on the authority of the royal family, which would cause the king’s dissatisfaction and suspicion. But the city in front of them was just a fake city, not a real one.

Madeleine walked into the Royal Palace and took a look at it. Then she stepped out and said to her subordinates with a smile, “it’s just a model for shooting a movie. The Royal Palace is only beautiful in appearance, without any decorations inside. Why are you so happy to live in such a Royal Palace?”

The soldiers broke out in a sweat and rushed into the palace. Sure enough, there was no table or chair inside, and there was no grand feeling.

Madeleine laughed and cursed, “don’t play there anymore. We are here for business. After figuring out the city structure, we will be divided into two groups. One is to guard the city, and the other will attack the city. BEGIN!”

“Yes, sir!”

Robb stood outside the city and looked at them for a while. Seeing that they were having a good time, he couldn’t help smiling. It seemed that these soldiers regarded this place as a “tourist attraction”, which was also a good business. In the future, he could build a similar scenic spot in the tourist attractions of Stone Canyon. He didn’t need to use the gigantification technique, but just make a small city out of cement. It didn’t need to be too big. All he needed to do was to build a small castle. He wanted to let the tourists have fun inside and experience the feeling of nobility living in the castle. Perhaps the tickets would be sold out instantly.

However, this was not what he needed to do most now.

The castle was ready, and there were even free mass actors. Next, it was time to bring the army of monsters. He wondered how those monsters were now.

Robb hadn’t been to the monster army for a long time. It was time for him to go there and have a look again.

When he was about to go, his phone rang, It turned out to be the call from the dwarf leader. “Grandmaster blacksmith, the monsters are itching to move. From yesterday on, a small group of troops came through the tunnel. They have already known that the crypt lord was killed by us, and that the hole has become a dwarf village. I feel that the monsters are gathering and getting ready to attack our village.”

“Oh?” Robb said, “wait a minute. I’ll be there soon.”

A few seconds later, Robb returned to his chapel. He saw the dwarf leader standing by the stone stool and waiting for him. As soon as he saw him, he said anxiously, “ah, you’re back.”

Robb asked, “how is it going?”

The dwarf leader said, “the monsters haven’t launched an attack yet. It’s just that a small group of scouts are close to our underground village. Our race is very experienced in underground war, so we easily defeated the small group of scouts without letting any of them escape. However, if these scouts don’t go back, the demon king will definitely be on guard, and there will be more scouts coming later.”

Robb, “Okay, I happen to need the monsters to cooperate with my movie. I’ll take this opportunity to go down and have a look.”

The dwarf leader took a look at the sewer lid beside him, and his face was a little embarrassed. “You want to go down? But… The sewer is now full of dirty water and stinky…”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind the stench!” Robb said with a smile.

The dwarf leader laughed happily and said, “humans are good in this respect. They can be clean when they are clean, and when they are dirty, they can also be dirty. They are not like elves who can’t bear any dirt at all, and they are not like us who don’t like to be clean.”

Humans were the most flexible of all races. This might be the reason why humans could occupy the largest area of the continent.

The dwarf leader opened the sewer lid and jumped in.

Robb fetched the “goblin disguise” from a distance and didn’t wear it for the time being. He held it in his hand and slowly climbed down the stairs with his other hand.

Since the sewer was put into use, Robb had never gone down. As soon as he went down, he smelled an unpleasant odor, which was the combination of shit and urine, very unpleasant.

Robb couldn’t help but pinch his nose and said, “Wow, the smell inside is really bad. It’s spring now. I dare not imagine it during summer. It seems that the sewer needs some ventilation, or the stench in summer may cause an explosion.”

The dwarf leader said, “explode? How will that happen?”

Of course, the dwarf leader didn’t understand this kind of chemical knowledge. Robb didn’t explain the principle, but said directly, “in a word, you should find a few places that can be ventilated, dig through to the upper ground, and make a vent. The vent should be placed in a far place to not let out poisonous gas into the town.”

The dwarf leader wrote down Robb’s request.

The two of them walked in the sewer for a while and arrived at a fork. This was the place where the monster army dug out the sewer. Now the fork was sealed by a heavy iron door. It was specially made by the dwarves to separate the sewer from the village.

The dwarf leader pushed open the big iron door and went in, followed by Robb.

Then they walked through a long and dry tunnel. Instead of the unpleasant smell of sewer, they smelled hot, steel and fire works.

After turning a corner, they arrived at the village.

A few months ago, this place was still the territory of the crypt lord. There were many poisonous mosquitoes and beetles crawling around, but now, it had become a lively village underground, and a relatively large underground factory.

The cave was surrounded by strange small caves, and there was a dwarf living in each of them. In the middle of the cave, there was the public worksite of the dwarves. There was a huge factory, with red furnaces, huge hammers, and big gears.

A half built steam tank was tilted to the side, and a group of dwarves were adjusting its steam engine. Seeing Robb, the dwarves jumped up together and said, “ah, grandmaster blacksmith, welcome to the dwarf village.”


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