After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 580

Chapter 580: Trained

There were men and women working together in this group of dwarves, and they were also carrying heavy iron hammers. Just as the dwarf leader said, both men and female dwarves were good at beating iron.

Robb’s eyes automatically filtered the female dwarves. It hurt his eyes too much. He waved to the dwarves and said, “how are you? how are you doing?”

“Very good!” a dwarf craftsman said happily. “Thanks to the care of the grandmaster blacksmith, we have a very happy life here. There are delicious food and drinks, and life is much more comfortable than our previous places. Our wives and children are also very satisfied. We have received orders one by one, and our workload is very full.”

Robb smiled and said, “that’s good.”

“It’s just that there are too many orders,” the dwarf leader said “You have ordered a lot of steam tanks here, while Miss Marian and Pobo have ordered several trains. These are all big guys, but we only have two thousand people. It will take us a long time to make them. Last time you asked us not to dig iron by ourselves and to buy iron for immediate use. I didn’t understand at that time, but now I understand. If we have to dig iron by ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to catch up with so many orders.”

Robb snickered and said, “then you can contact the other clans. You are not the only dwarves in Fengmo Continent, right? What about the other clans? If you write to coax them, the scale of production will be expanded, won’t it?”

“That’s a good idea,” the dwarf leader said. “The life here is so good. If we ask a few more clans of dwarves to enjoy the wonderful life together here, they will definitely not refuse.”

As Robb chatted with him, he passed through the village of the dwarves and came to another entrance to the cave. This was the passage to the army of the monsters. It was also sealed by a large iron door, and there was a group of dwarf soldiers guarding by the door. When they saw Robb, they bowed together and greeted, “grandmaster blacksmith!”

Robb said, “you just stay here. I’ll go out to see what the monsters are doing.”

A dwarf soldier opened the big iron door, and Robb walked into the dark passage. The dwarf leader still wanted to follow him. Robb turned his head and smiled, “it doesn’t matter. I can go there alone.”

The dwarf leader thought about it carefully and realized that it was true, so he had to give up accompanying him.

Robb put on the goblin disguise and instantly turned into an ugly goblin. Then, like a normal goblin, he walked happily along the cave towards the valley where the monster army gathered.

Not long after he entered, Robb saw a small group of kobold scouts carefully moving forward four thousand yards ahead.

Last time, the demon king was beaten by Robb several months ago. He was fine these months. The demon doubted his strength, and Robb also took the opportunity to be lazy. But a few months later, the demon king called reinforcements and began to move again. However, it seemed to have some misgivings, so it did not send army directly, but sent a squad of scouts first.

Robb noticed that these kobolds were all assassins. They were holding two daggers, sticking against the wall and moving forward quietly like shadows, looking very cautious. Because the small groups of scouts before them were all cleared up by the dwarves, and none of them could go back alive, so they moved very carefully.

Seeing that they were careful and afraid of being discovered, Robb felt it was very interesting to play with them.

As he walked forward, the kobold scouts also slowly walked forward. Not long after, the distance between the two sides was almost as close to that of breathing. Robb deliberately stamped hard on the ground, imitating the heavy sound of the dwarves walking.

The sound spread far away in an instant in the dark underground world. The group of kobolds obviously heard the sound, and their whole body tightened. The leader made a gesture, and then the whole group of kobolds dived together, disappearing without a trace.

Of course, they thought they were invisible, but Robb could see them clearly as long as he got close to a certain distance.

“There are footsteps ahead,” a kobold said in an extremely low voice. “It might be the footsteps of the dwarves. They are very heavy.”

“Only one person.”

“Then we can easily kill him.”

“Gee? Now the footsteps stopped. The dwarf didn’t move. Why did he stop?”

“Let’s take a few steps forward and see what he is doing.”

The kobolds kept moving forward stealthily, lowering their bodies and gently moving forward step by step. They knew that the dwarves were very powerful. Even if there was only one of them, they could still fight with a group of kobolds. Therefore, they had to get close carefully and not be found, so that they could kill him by surprise.

While they were walking, a voice suddenly rang in the ears of the kobolds, “Wow!”

It was a very loud shout, and it suddenly sounded near the ears of the kobolds. The kobolds looked ahead with full attention and carefully prepared to attack the dwarf. This was the time when their nerves were most tense. They did not expect that there would be a sudden scream in their ears, which made them nervous.

The kobolds jumped up at the same time, but this was a dark cave with a low ceiling. As soon as they jumped up, their heads hit the top of the cave, making a few muffled sounds.

The impact was a little heavy. One of the kobolds couldn’t bear it anymore. One of them fainted on the spot, and the other several who hit their heads also fell to the ground with their hands holding their heads. The rest of them seemed to have good tolerance or slow reaction, so they didn’t jump up. They just turned their heads in horror, trying to find out what it was.

However, they didn’t see anything.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know!”

“Are they enemies? Why don’t I see them?”

Seeing that they were so stupid and cute, Robb didn’t even bother to care about them. He guessed that these stupid kobolds wouldn’t be able to play any tricks, and the dwarf leader would teach them a lesson later.

He didn’t want to talk to them anymore. He walked forward and left these kobolds far behind. After a while, he came to the valley where he beat the demon king last time. He stood halfway up the mountain and looked down. Eh? The situation in the Valley this time was a little different from last time.

Last time he came here, the monsters were crowded together in a mess. But this time, they seemed to be very well behaved. The monsters were divided into different sections, looking very well behaved.

Robb went down the mountain and passed by several behemoths. Last time, when he did this, a behemoth tried to eat him, but this time, all the behemoths were obedient and didn’t move at all.

“Oh, you’ve been trained?” Robb suddenly understood.


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