After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 581

Chapter 581: It hit me

Soon, Robb entered the crack in the ground that he had entered last time.

As soon as he walked in, he saw a large group of imps, probably more than a hundred of them. They weren’t here last time. It was obvious that they were the reinforcements sent by the demon race.

The little imps looked smaller than goblins, but in fact, they were much stronger than him. They were almost all red, with a pair of black ears, a long black tail, and a pair of very small wings. When their small wings flapped desperately, they could fly.

As soon as Robb walked up to the group of little monsters, they looked at Robb together. A little imp raised its steel fork and waved at him. “Hey, goblin, this crack is not a place you should enter.”

“Why?” Robb pretended not to understand. “I just want to go inside and report the information to the demon king.”

The little imp giggled, “monsters like you are not qualified to enter.”

“Is it because you think I’m weak?” Robb said seriously, stretching out his arm as thin as a toothpick and making a gesture as if he is flexing his biceps. “I’m very strong.”

The little imp laughed, “your green arms look like a green branch, and the biceps bulging up on them are like the flesh on the legs of mosquitoes. Hahaha!”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “but it can’t cover up the fact that I’m very strong.”

The little imp was speechless

They found that this goblin was not only weak, but also very stupid. Perhaps his intelligence was too low, and he could not even understand what was strong and weak.

A little imp with a small steel fork suddenly flew to the back of Robb. He waved the steel fork in his hand and stabbed Robb’s butt with the three sharp teeth on it. “Haha, get out of here.”

Robb twisted and grabbed it.

The little imp was stunned for a moment. [what quick movement.]

Before he could think of a second thought, Robb turned around and went to the back of the little imp, stabbing the steel fork into the bottom of the little imp.

“Ah!” the little imp screamed, covering his buttocks and flying into the sky.

Robb said to the other little imp, “look, I said that I’m very strong.”

The other little imps were a little confused, but in an instant, they reacted and a ball of fire almost jumped up in their hands at the same time. It was a fireball.

Although the little imps were the weakest in the demon race, it also had the ability to instantly fire balls, which was even stronger than a beginner human magician. In a flash, more than a dozen fireballs attacked Robb together.

Robb had planned to kill these guys in a second, but when he thought that they were going to be the temporary mass actors for his movie, it was not convenient for him to kill them. He jumped left, right, left and right, and those fireballs flew past him. None of them hit Robb, but they shot the kobolds far behind who stuck their heads out to watch the play.

“Hey, that’s enough,” Robb said with a smile. “I’m already kind enough to talk to you. Don’t force me to make a move.”

The little imps also began to feel that something was wrong. At such a close distance, more than a dozen fireballs were all dodged. How could he be so agile? It seemed that they couldn’t treat it as an ordinary goblin.

A little imp said, “what on earth do you want to do?”

Robb, “I’m going to find the demon king and report some military information to him.”

“It’s too suspicious,” the little imps said. “Tell me what information you have. I’ll help you report it.”

“I can’t do that,” said Robb, imitating the words of the little imps. “A demon like you is not qualified to intercept my information.”

The little imp was furious!

“How about this? Go inside and inform the demon king that an old friend goblin has come to him,” Robb said with a smile.

“Goblin.. old friend?” the little imps looked at each other. Obviously, they didn’t know that the demon king had been beaten up by him before. After all, the demon king wanted to save face and wouldn’t say such a shameful thing. They came here to help, but they only heard that there was a powerful priest here, not because they heard that there was a powerful goblin.

A little demon said, “Okay, wait here. I’ll go in and inform him.”

It opened its small wings and flew deeper into the crack in the ground at a fast speed. In a flash, it came to the deep underground, where Robb had hit the demon king last time.

And the situation here was much different from last time.

The magma was still flowing. The whole cave was turned red by the magma. Although it was early spring and it was cold outside, it was very hot here. A big demon with wings and looked dignified and domineering sat on the chair where the abyssal demon had sat last time.

However, the demon without wings last time stood obediently next to the chair with his hands down.

On both sides of these two people, there were two rows of abyssal demons without wings. Five of them on each side, a total of ten abyssal demons.

This could be considered a rather terrifying demon army.

When the little imp flew in, they were discussing business.

An abyssal demon whispered, “there are a total of eleven abyssal demons here, and an abyssal archdemon. What are we waiting for? We should immediately attack the human town, unless it is the human capital city, no town can block our full attack. No matter how powerful that strange priest is, can he resist the siege of so many abyssal demons?”

Sitting in the chair, the abyssal archdemon said in a deep voice, “my son, tell them why.”

It turned out that the abyssal demon Robb had beaten up last time was the child of the abyssal archdemon. He had been beaten, so he had asked his father to help him vent his anger. His father was a respected abyssal archdemon in the demon race, so he had pulled ten more abyssal demons to help him with his fists. That was how things were now.

The abyssal demon who had been beaten stood out with a sad face. “Everyone, that priest is indeed very powerful, but I don’t think we can’t defeat him. Now the most important problem is that there is a strange goblin, who I don’t know if it is an enemy or a friend…”

Speaking of this, the abyssal demon’s face turned a little red. Fortunately, his skin was red. Even if his skin was a little red, it was not a big problem. No one could see that.

“What’s wrong with that?” another abyssal demon asked.

The abyssal demon sighed, “I have never had the nerve to say it, but now it’s time to solve the problem. I have to say that not long ago, a very powerful goblin came and asked me to send troops to attack the prison in Westwind town. Of course I refused. As a result… It beat me.”

All the abyssal demons present were speechless


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