After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 582

Chapter 582: That goblin is here

The expressions on the demons’ faces were very complicated. “In other words, we traveled thousands of miles from our home to the black pine mountain just to help you beat up a goblin?”

The demon king who had been beaten said pitifully, “yes! The main goal is to deal with the goblin. In fact, I don’t care about the strange priest in Westwind town.”

The abyssal demons were speechless

After a strange silence, a demon said angrily, “is there any mistake? I don’t believe that there will be someone who can defeat an abyssal demon.”

“Yes, it’s impossible. Are you mistaken?”

“Is it interesting to deceive us to go so far?”

The ten abyssal demons without wings began to discuss and the crowd was furious.

He said with a sad face, “is it necessary for me to make up such a shameful thing to lie to you?”

The abyssal archdemon said in a deep voice, “everyone, don’t be suspicious. My son won’t lie in this kind of thing. No one will make up such an easily exposed lie.”

The demons exchanged glances with each other. Although they didn’t dare to oppose what the archdemon said, they obviously didn’t believe it.

At this moment, a little imp flew over with a steel fork in its hand and flapped its wings. As soon as it entered the room, it shouted, “Your Highness, something is wrong. A goblin is making trouble outside and beat us.”

The abyssal demons were speechless

The demon king who had been beaten trembled and could not speak.

The other demons frowned and asked, “what’s wrong? A goblin… beat you up?”

The little imp cried and said, “the group of imps outside the door were all bullied by the goblin. He even asked me to come in and tell the demon king that his old friend goblin has come to him and he had information to tell him.”

The once beaten demon king screamed and hid behind the abyssal archdemon. “It’s it, it’s it, it’s…”

The abyssal archdemon also frowned and said, “when it comes to that goblin, he will be here soon. Let him in. I’d like to see if he is as powerful as my son said.”

The other ten demons laughed weirdly, “haha!”

“Now that you’re here, it’s good to see it. Let me hang it with one hand.”

“I will only use one finger.”

“I can kill him with one blow.”

“My eyes can kill it alone!”

Seeing that these abyssal demons were so confident, the little imps was relieved. In the eyes of the little imp, these demons were all top masters of their own race, and each of them was a super monster that could cause trouble to one side. Now, there were eleven abyssal demons gathered here at one time, there was nothing to be afraid of?

It said in a hurry, “then I’ll go out now and call the goblin in.”

“Hurry up!” the abyssal archdemon waved his hand.

The little imp spread his wings and flew out. After a while, he returned to the ground crack and saw Robb sitting there leisurely. But the dozen little imps surrounding him just now were all gone.

“Where are my companions?” the little imp who sent the message, asked

Robb pointed at his bottom and said, “after you sent the message, they still didn’t give up and insisted on fighting with me, so… I beat them all down and piled them up as chairs.”

The little imp was speechless

It took a closer look and saw more than a dozen little imp overlapping like a tower, and Robb was sitting on this group of imps. His movements were extremely arrogant and his attitude was very unfriendly. “You, you arrogant goblin, go in. The demon king is willing to see you.”

“Humph!” Robb patted his buttocks and stood up. “If you had let me in earlier, there wouldn’t have been so much trouble.”

He walked towards the deeper part of the crack in the ground, folded up the little monsters used as chairs and dropped down with a bang. The imp gave a miserable snort and said, “this guy is even more evil than a demon.”

He walked to the door of the room where he beat the demon king last time. There were a few succubi standing there.

The appearance of a succubus was closer to human beings, and they were all women with beautiful features. They had large breasts and bottoms that were very shameless, and they deliberately wore revealing clothes, which could barely cover the key points.

They were monsters that lured the males of other races and then sucked their souls. They were ferocious and evil, far from being as cute as the demons in cartoons.

Robb looked around at the reinforcements of the demon race and sighed in his heart, [there are really many reinforcements. Last time I came here, I didn’t see many demons. But this time, they came here with many monsters, which means that they are serious.]

When he passed through the two guarding succubus, the two demons even ogled at Robb. But he ignored them and went straight through the door to the place where he beat the demon king last time.

He looked around and saw the demon king who had been beaten up by him last time and discussing with Mondra and the archbishop in the video. He was curling up behind an abyssal archdemon with wings. This demon had a pair of beautiful black wings, which looked mighty and domineering. Its face was powerful and ferocious. Beside him, there were two rows of monsters.

“Wow, there are so many demons this time.” Robb applauded and said, “I really admire you. You are so powerful.”

Several abyssal demons wanted to jump out and attack Robb, but the abyssal archdemon in the lead stopped them with his eyes. He turned to Robb and said in a gloomy voice, “goblin, tell me your purpose.”

“Here’s the thing,” Robb said. “A few days ago, I investigated near Westwind town and found that there was a new city in the southeast of Westwind town. Its name is Gondor, which looks mighty and domineering. It seems to be very extraordinary. I wonder if you can take it and make it black, then it will be very suitable to be used as a demon city. Dear abyssal demons, do you want to think about attacking it again?”


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