After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 583

Chapter 583: Forgive me. I’m just a goblin

The faces of the monsters suddenly became strange. They had thought that the little monster, who was guarding the door, would come in and say something arrogant.

The demon king who had been beaten last time immediately shouted, “nonsense! Last time you asked me to send troops to the prison in Westwind Town, and you also said that it was the weakness of the priest in Westwind town. As long as I beat Westwind prison, I can kill him. I sent my soldiers there, but they were all killed, and no one came back.”

Robb said, “that’s because the troops you sent were too weak. If they are strong enough to take down Westwind prison in one go, the priest would have been killed by you long ago.”

The abyssal demon who had been slapped shouted, “I won’t believe you anymore.”

Robb said, “how can you not believe me? I ran so far out of kindness to bring you information and pointed out the direction of your life. But you don’t believe me. It’s really a dog biting its owner. You don’t know the good people.”

“Don’t care about the details.” Robb said, “anyway, let’s make it clear. You have to fight in Gondor no matter you believe me or not. If you cooperate with me to attack Gondor, we can finish after a good talk. If you don’t cooperate, we will have to be as reasonable as last time.”

The demon king, who had been beaten, was startled and wanted to run, but he immediately realized that he was not fighting alone this time. He had ten abyssal demon partners, as well as his father, an abyssal archdemon. With such powerful strength, it was impossible for him to be afraid of a mere goblin.

It burst into laughter and said, “how dare you, goblin? I couldn’t do anything to you last time, but this time, I have so many abyssal demons here, and my father is here too. How dare you be so arrogant? You really don’t know what to say about death.”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “forgive me. I’m just a goblin. I’m not intelligent enough. I’ve been uneducated since I was a child. I really don’t know how to write death.”

The ten abyssal demons looked at each other and felt strange in their hearts. [How dare he speak in such an arrogant tone? Was there any mistake? Was it because this goblin was too stupid to understand fear, or was it so powerful that it was fearless?]

No! Although the goblins’ intelligence were low, they was born timid. Especially when it didn’t have the numerical advantage. How could it dare to provoke so many abyssal demons?

As for his strength, it was even more ridiculous. They had never heard of a powerful goblin.

An abyssal demon suddenly stood up and turned to the demon king who had been slapped. “I don’t know what’s the point of talking nonsense between you and a goblin. Such a thing can be pressed to death with a finger. Why bother?”

He was about to do what he said. His body flashed, and he jumped in front of Robb. His movements were agile. He really stretched out a finger and pressed down on Robb’s forehead.

From his point of view, if his finger hit Robb’s forehead, the force on his head would definitely kill him.

However, his finger missed!

All of a sudden, the goblin in front of him disappeared. When the demon realized what had happened, he found that the goblin had come to his back. It held the demon’s waist with both hands, and then leaned back. Another German suplex.

The demon laughed in his heart. [you think you can hurt me? I only need to use a little strength to break free from your attack… No!]


The demon’s head was stuck into the hard ground.

The demon king who had been slapped covered his face with his hand. “Ah, I’ve also taken this move.”

All the abyssal demons were speechless

This situation was a little unreasonable. Another abyssal demon jumped up. Before it could say anything, Robb said first, “I knew you were not going to talk nicely from the way you jumped up.”

“Cut the crap. Go to hell.” the abyssal demon waved his fist and smashed it into Robb’s face.

The next moment, Robb grabbed his wrist and threw it over his shoulder.


The abyssal demon’s back was embedded in the ground, creating a huge crater in the shape of “太”.

The demon king who had been beaten shouted, “ah, this move too…”

The third abyssal demon suddenly jumped up. This time, Robb didn’t want to talk nonsense. He directly grabbed the demon’s shoulder, and then picked him up like a sack and finally threw it into the sky. The demon spun N circles in the sky, and when it fell to the ground, the whole demon was embedded into the ground.

The demon king who had been beaten shouted, “ah, ah, ah, even this move, I have also suffered.”

Robb clapped his hands and asked, “who else?”

All the abyssal demons were speechless

The scene became eerie quiet, and all the demons were unable to speak. It was not until now that they realized that the demon king who had been beaten was not joking. It was really unbelievable that there was such a powerful goblin.

Robb said, “with all due respect, all of you, listen to me…”

Before he finished his words, an abyssal demon suddenly waved his hand and threw out a fireball. At the same time, the several demon beside him also took action. Fireball, ice arrow, lightning… All kinds of magic were launched at the same time. The demons’ magic were much more powerful than those little imps outside. The power of such a magic attack was equal to that of a human archmage. It was amazing. In fact, even a human hero would find it difficult to deal with them. He had to go through a lot of hardships and endless efforts to defeat such abyssal demon.

Seven or eight abyssal demons of this level attacked at the same time. It was really terrifying at that time.

However, it was not a problem for Robb. He only suffered a few hundred HP from an angel’s attack. It was estimated that the fighting capacity of these demons was almost the same as the angel’s. With the law of the word that the magic of demons at the same level was greater than physical attacks, if these magic hit him, at most two thousand HP would be dealt. If seven or eight magic attacks added up, it would be only ten thousand.

But he didn’t want to eat it by force, lest he frighten the demons. At the same time, he would also leak some information. These demons were in contact with Mondra and the Church of Light. If they sent his information to them, they would also use the information to compare and analyze, and they might be able to guess who he was.


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