After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 584

Chapter 584: A good talk is still needed

If he didn’t want to take it by force, he had to hide.

However, the magic power of these demons was great, and the size of their magic was also large. The fireballs and ice arrows were big, and their flying speed was also fast. Seven or eight magic flew from both sides at the same time. It was not easy to dodge them.

As soon as he raised his hand, he became more agile. Then he leaned back

Unfortunately, Robb’s bullet dodging action was made by an ugly green skinned goblin. His hands were thin and his legs were thin, and his figure was not good, so his movements were also ugly, just like the action of an alien from the crazy aliens.

Seven or eight magic scratched his body, but none of them hit him. All of them hit the ground behind him. On the wall of the cave, there was a magic explosion. The whole ceiling of the cave shook, and powder fell down to the ground. The magma was also surging in the magma river, making the lava giant in the cave give out a deep roar.

Robb laughed and said, “Wow, your magic power is quite good. Your momentum is amazing! I really admire you!”

This was something worth celebrating. The powerful magic power of these monsters meant that Robb’s movie could be more beautiful. Its sound and light effects would be good. The audience will be very happy, and the last part of the three movies would be a big success. After that, Robb would retire. Anyway, he was almost tired of playing with movies.

The demons were slightly stunned. They didn’t expect this guy to be able to dodge their magic like this. It was simply insane.

They raised their hands together and wanted to shoot a second round of magic again, but Robb was tired of it. He really had no interest in dodging. He rushed out first and kicked a demon in the face.

Seeing Robb’s close combat, the demon beside him was afraid of hurting his companion by mistake, so he could no longer use magic. They had no choice but to wave their fists and claws to fight in close combat. Robb kicked them one by one, with his left fist and right kick, and a few back kicks. His figure and the demons swayed back and forth, so fast that no one could see them clearly.

In just ten seconds, the ten abyssal demons all fell to the ground in strange shapes.

There was only the demon king who had been beaten by Robb last time, and his father, an abyssal archdemon.

The demon king, who had been beaten once, was really smart and did not attack this time. However, he did not expect that his ten compatriots would be defeated so quickly. It was only ten seconds. The abyssal demons were all knocked down by one goblin. Who would believe him?

Any of the abyssal demons here would pose a huge threat to a small city of human beings. Human beings had to send out at least heroes, or teams of brave adventurers, or an army to defeat them, but this goblin easily defeated ten abyssal demons.

Sitting on the chair, the archdemon, who didn’t move at all, was actually wavering in his heart!

It was very clear that although it was a level higher and much stronger than the other abyssal demons, it was not able to defeat the ten so easily. At least it had to have a hard fight. However, the goblin in front of him didn’t look like he was fighting hard at all.

In this respect, the goblin should be stronger than him.

The abyssal archdemon knew that something bad was going to happen, but it was a high-level demon, not a low-level demon that was full of water in its head. It was even more intelligent than human beings. In the face of this situation, it racked its brains and thought, [this goblin doesn’t look like a friend, but he didn’t kill my subordinates. It was all my subordinates who attacked him first, so it ended up like this. It looks like it’s coming to negotiate with us. That is to say, this goblin may not be an enemy and may be able to win over. If I make such a powerful goblin my ally, our race may really be able to come out of the underground world, turn Fengmo Continent into our territory, and use all the humans as our pets.]

At this time, Robb also turned his attention to the abyssal archdemon. “Well, now that I’ve finished fighting, do you still want to come to practice in person? You guys, if I don’t practice with you, you really won’t listen to me carefully.”

The abyssal archdemon said, “I don’t have such a plan.”

Robb, “Wow! Finally a talkative person is here!”

The abyssal archdemon said, “I think you have proved with your own strength that you are qualified to win the respect of the demon race, so I intend to have a good talk with you.”

“You should have done it earlier.”

“Well, Mr. Goblin, let’s continue the topic you just talked about when you came in.” the abyssal archdemon put on a serious face and said, “if I’m not mistaken, you’re here to ask us to send the army to attack a human city.”

Robb said, “yes, this city is in the southeast of Westwind town. Its name is Gondor, and its whole body is snow-white. It’s a towering and magnificent city. It’s easy to find it by the railway.”

The abyssal archdemon said, “we know a lot about the terrain nearby. I’ve never heard of this Gondor.”

“It’s normal that you haven’t heard of it,” said Robb “This town was built by Godfather in Westwind town not long ago. That city is very strong and mighty, making it as great as the royal capital city. At present, the city has begun to accumulate soldiers. Obviously, the queen has arranged such a city to deal with you. As long as you send your troops to attack Westwind Town, the heavy soldiers in Gondor will immediately be launched and will go all out to support Westwind town and join hands to deal with you]

Hearing what he said, the abyssal archdemon became more worried. Indeed, if a new city was built in the southeast of Westwind Town, it would be able to send troops to support Westwind town at any time, and also Bright Road. It was impossible that this city had no strategic meaning.

Of course, the key here was whether the city really existed or not.

The abyssal archdemon hurriedly shouted to the outside, “send a team of harpies to scout it out. Hurry up.”

The harpies after all were good at using the wind magic. After receiving the order, they immediately soared into the air and went southeast.

The speed of an ordinary eagle was about 200 kilometers per hour, while the speed of a harpy was faster.

Dozens of miles was a piece of cake for the harpies. Not long after, the group of harpies reported, “a new city appeared on the wilderness in the southeast of Westwind town. It’s white all over, majestic and powerful. The Black Earth Knights are also stationed in it. When they saw us, they immediately shot arrows into the air. We didn’t dare to look down carefully, but there is no doubt that there is a huge city guarded by a large army there.”


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