After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 586

Chapter 586: The queen spent a lot of money

That evening, Robb sat on his beloved stone stool again.

The Queen’s dignified face appeared in the crystal ball. “I’ve received a report from Madeleine. Your Gondor city did a good job. She used that city to carry out a drill today and gained a lot.”

“Oh!” Robb replied, “it has laid a good foundation for you to attack the Capital of Saints in the future, right?”

“Yes,” the queen was not afraid of answering this question at all. “One day, I will take over the Capital of Saints and tear that villain Mondra into pieces.”

“Wow, it’s not good for a woman to be so murderous.”

The queen squinted her eyes and didn’t bother to answer such a boring topic. She changed the topic and asked, “have you arranged for the monsters? When will they attack Gondor?”

“Yes,” Robb said with a smile. “Moreover, I will continue to provide arrangements for them, making sure that they are properly arranged.”

The queen had seen Robb pretending to be a goblin, so she knew that he must have done something with his identity. But Robb didn’t have a livestream, so she didn’t know what exactly he had done. She guessed that he must have used some crazy way of “negotiation”.

She sighed slightly and said, “although I know it’s just a show, please don’t pretend to be serious. If the monster army loses control and really breaks through the city and hurts Madeleine, it’s not good.”

Robb thought to himself, [nonsense! Madeleine is so cute. Why would I let the monster hurt her? I’m afraid you think too much.]

“Don’t worry. For the sake of my disciple Robb Smith, I will take care of Madeleine.”

“Well, that’s good.”

At this time, the night fell, but the street lights were all on in Westwind Town, and the townsmen were still having a good time. A group of carpenters from White Birch were carrying the huge crossbow down the mountain and putting it at the train station. They were waiting for the train tomorrow to send the huge crossbow to Gondor and put it at the head of the city.

When they passed by the door of Robb’s chapel, they waved at Robb to show their appreciation. “Godfather, thank you for finding another job for us.”

Robb waved at them with a smile and asked, “have you been working more recently?”

“Yes, a lot more.” the carpenters smiled and said, “now that the urban construction is very fast. We have to use them everywhere. We can’t finish even if we have work a lot.”

“That’s good,” said Robb happily

The carpenters said, “it’s all thanks to Godfather.” then they left with the huge crossbow.

After a while, the dwarves came over with a large number of weapons and defensive equipment. These were all prop clothes, which were actually real weapon armors, not fake ones. They waved at Robb and said with a smile, “grandmaster blacksmith, here are the old weapons and armors you wanted to use.”

Robb smiled and said, “pile them up at the train station. The train will send them to Gondor tomorrow.”

The dwarves muttered, “why do you borrow old ones instead of making new ones?”

Robb said, “of course we should use old ones. When shooting a movie, we should pay attention to the sense of reality. If the soldiers’ armors and weapons in their hands are all new, it’s too fake.”

“Oh, no wonder.” the dwarves laughed and said, “I thought that the grandmaster blacksmith would only use the steam tank to fight against the enemy in the future and no longer intend to make ordinary weapons and armors.”

Robb, “it’s not a big deal to only have tanks. The cooperation between foot soldiers is also very important.”

The scale of the movie was too large, and there were countless props needed. In this era without special effects, every soldier had to play it seriously. The cost of shooting this scene in Gondor was really not low. If it weren’t for the low payment of actors in this era, they wouldn’t have been able to shoot.

The queen on the other side of the crystal ball couldn’t help but sigh faintly. “You are really willing to spend so much money on a movie. In fact, I also want to shoot such a large-scale war movie like you, but I don’t want to spend so much money on it.”

Robb said, “it doesn’t matter if I spend too much. I just need to make it back. The production costs of the movie will eventually become the box office payment for me.”

The queen sighed, “that’s because your movie can afford the box office. What if I can’t?”

“Well…” Robb had no choice but to shrugged and said, “I have to give you blessings.”

Poor Miss queen. She is a very wise and powerful woman, but I don’t know why she is not good at shooting movies. It’s impossible for her to make a lot of money by shooting a movie and then arm the army to push the dream of defeating Mondra to come true.

Of course, this was definitely not because the queen was not good enough, but because this audience did not know how to appreciate her interests.

Time passed quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, it was time for Robb and the monsters to attack Gondor.

During this period of time, Gondor shrank and gigantified twice. It had done it two times, which meant that another two weeks had passed.

Madeleine led the Black Earth Knights to thoroughly understand the structure of Gondor in the past two weeks. The Black Earth Knights was divided into two armies, one attacking and the other defending. They had also practiced for many times. Every soldier kept in mind all the details of the battle in Gondor.

Of course, they didn’t want to cooperate with Robb in shooting the movie, but to prepare for killing Mondra in the future.

Early in the morning, Robb came to Gondor. Together with him, there were several photographers, each holding a camera, intending to take photos of this “great war” from multiple angles at the same time.

At this time, Madeleine was commanding the people of the Black Earth Knights to push a huge crossbow to the city wall beside the city gate. Seeing that Godfather was coming, she quickly curtsied to him and asked, “are you ready?”

“Well, I’m going to inform the monsters to attack the city now. What about you? Are you ready?”

“I’m almost ready,” Madeleine said. “There are two thousand soldiers of the Black Earth Knights, two hundred members of the manticore knights, five hundred members royal magicians, three hundred members of dark priests and nuns. There are a total of nine thousand people who have entered the city. Now, the whole Gondor is guarded like an iron bucket.”

Robb was a little shocked when he heard this number. They sent so much here? How many trains had it taken to get so many people here?

At this time, it was still the spring ploughing period, when Miss Queen brought in 6,000 people for the drills, how much farmland had to be uninhabited? With Miss Queen’s habit of loving the people like her children, she should compensate these people, that is, a large sum of money, which is really hard to do.

It seemed that the queen also cherished this hard won opportunity. After all, Robb was a man of casual character. If she missed this opportunity, she might not be able to persuade Robb to help her arrange a drill in the Capital of Saints next time.


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