After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Do you know where I am?

In fact, it’s not your fault.

Just before the spring, when snow still froze the whole world, Madeleine used the large-sized sleds invented by Robb to flexibly transport her troops. She had won several big battles and had already pushed the front line to the Capital of Saints.

At present, the vast area in the west of the Capital of Saints was under the control of West Gran. However, Mondra was unable to retrieve these lands for the time being, so he could only make preparations with the Capital of Saints as the core.

Last year, the army of Mondra was still at the city wall of Bright Road, but in just a year, it had become the queen’s army under the city wall of the Capital of Saints.

With the influence of the disgraceful video of Mondra, the queen still wanted to chase after him. However, the Capital of Saints was so formidable that it was easy to defend and difficult to attack as Mondra had run it for seventeen years. How could it be so easy to defeat? If they attacked rashly and suffered heavy losses, the situation of the war would be reversed.

Therefore, the queen must seize the opportunity that Robb made a city model for the movie and practice well. At least, she must let her most important Black Earth Knights, the air force and the royal magicians know everything about the Capital of Saints, and lay a solid foundation for the upcoming siege of the Capital of Saints.

In fact, the queen had more armies, the army of the undead, and the army of demi-humans. However, she also knew that these two forces couldn’t be used to shoot in the ‘Lord of the Rings’. If they wanted to join, they had to act together with the monsters.

That was absolutely impossible, even if it was for shooting a movie. She didn’t want to lose her reputation like Mondra did, so she had to give up.

“Well, since you’ve made full preparations, I’ll go pull the monsters over,” Robb said with a smile. “I’ve made an appointment with them in advance. They should have hidden in the mountain forest in the north last evening. As long as I go over and call them, they will come out.”

Hearing this, Madeleine was a little nervous. “they are so close? Damn it! My guards didn’t notice it at all.”

Robb said, “don’t blame them. It’s not a serious battle. I guess the scouts didn’t carefully monitor the surroundings. Haha, well, you just wait here. Don’t move. I’ll call the monster army over.”

In fact, Madeleine also wanted to go there, but she knew that she couldn’t call the monsters over even if she went there. On the contrary, it would cause more trouble, so she had to give up. She saw Robb with golden hair, wearing a priest robe, striding to the city wall and slowly floating up. His well proportioned body floated up without much strength, showing a relaxed look.

She seemed to have seen this figure before?

Of course, it belonged to Robb Smith. Although he had makeup, his disguise was not omnipotent. His back, figure, and movements could still be seen through.

However, Madeleine had “seen” the scene that Robb and Robb Smith appeared together, which gave her a strong psychological hint that these were “two people”. Therefore, although she felt it was familiar looking at the back of Robb, she would not think in the direction of Robb Smith.

Robb flew away from Gondor and went into the forest. Then he created an avatar.

Then he left his avatar in the forest, but his real body put on the goblin disguise, and suddenly turned into a green headed goblin.

The avatar was left in the forest for the time being. After a while, it would operate as well, while his real body walked towards the other side of the forest with the unique jumping of goblins. Soon, he saw the monster army who had been hiding for several hours.

The periphery of the army was the monsters he had seen before, including kobolds, goblins, thunder birds, harpies, behemoths, and so on. In the middle was a large number of demon soldiers. An abyssal archdemon, eleven abyssal demons, a large group of imps, succubus, howlfiends, little ghosts and other demons were waiting quietly.

Seeing that Robb was coming, the monsters were stunned. Then, a little imp guarding outside asked tentatively, “are you an ordinary goblin, or the military adviser that the demon king is waiting for?”

Robb giggled, “what do you think?”

The little imp said, “in my eyes, all goblins look the same. Only ghosts know who you are.”

Robb grabbed the little steel fork and stabbed it into the little imp’s butt.

“Ah, ah, ah!” the little imp screamed, “now I know. Please come in…”

Robb swaggered through a large group of messy monsters and walked to the innermost area. The other eleven abyssal demons were all staring at him, because these eleven fellows had all been beaten by Robb.

Without realizing that he was a villain, Robb chuckled and said, “Forgive Rima, your military adviser is back.”

“Who is Rima?” the abyssal archdemon said, “there is no one called Rima here.”

“Well, that’s just nonsense. Don’t take it seriously,” Robb said. “I’ve been lurking in Gondor for the past few days and have a clear understanding of the military layout of the city. There are two thousand Black Earth Knights, two hundred manticores, five hundred royal magicians, and six thousand mercenaries in Gondor, a total of nine thousand.”

“How did you get such a detailed number?” He asked

Of course, Robb couldn’t tell him that the cute Madeleine told him that. So he had to say, “of course I sneaked into the city and counted one by one.”

This was hard to believe. Before the abyssal archdemon opened his mouth, a demon who had been beaten beside him said angrily, “don’t talk nonsense. Do you think humans are so stupid? There is a goblin lurking around them, and nine thousand people have been counted one by one. But they haven’t found you? It’s impossible.”

As soon as he finished his words, he suddenly found that his the goblin had disappeared without a trace.

The demon, “eh? Why is it suddenly missing?”

“Because I’m in stealth!” Robb’s voice sounded, “I’m counting you one by one. Do you know where I am?”

The demons froze at the same time.

A few seconds later, the first abyssal demon to question him shouted, “I know. Stand still!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Robb showed up behind him and kicked him on the buttocks. “Idiot!”


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