After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 588

Chapter 588: I saw him

The abyssal archdemon was kicked by a dog. He stood up from the ground with embarrassment and said, “ah, what did you do? Why can’t I see you after you used stealth?”

Robb, “that’s because I’m too strong. You’re too weak to see me. Do you understand?”

The demon didn’t dare to speak.

The abyssal archdemon cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Goblin, it’s really eye opening for you to sneak around. No wonder you can count the enemies clearly. With your help, I’m more confident in our victory in this war. Let’s discuss how to fight this battle before it gets too late.”

Robb smiled and said, “I’m not as good at fighting as you are. I can only put forward some ideas in the general direction.”


Robb said, “after we take down the Gondor, we will build our own Demon Kingdom and raise humans as livestock. Therefore, this battle can also be regarded as a war to establish our kingdom. I think we have a reason to make our army look more serious and rank all kinds of monsters into a square array, forming a huge and beautiful array. We will display our powerful strength at the front of Gondor.”

The abyssal archdemon thought it over. It didn’t seem to be useful, but it didn’t do any harm. Let’s do it.

Robb continued, “what’s more, Gondor is magnificent and easy to defend but difficult to attack. If we use the traditional attacking methods before, I’m afraid we will be seriously injured or even die. Why don’t we use some tools?”

The so-called monster’s traditional attacking method was actually that everyone would attack the city side by side, and then all kinds of monsters would use their own characteristics to attack the city. To put it bluntly, they would attack randomly. Robb had used a very euphemistic method to say that.

The abyssal archdemon also felt that the way those intelligent monsters fought was very stupid. Hearing Robb’s words, he could not help but ask, “using tools? What tools?”

Robb said, “of course it’s the same offensive tools used by humans, such as the throwing machine, the car slamming, and so on. I happen to know how to make these. We can ask the slightly intelligent orcs to make the weapons and mix them in the army. It will definitely have a miraculous effect when we attack the city.”

The abyssal archdemon thought it over and thought it made sense! It would be the best if he could copy the human’s city offensive weapons. Since he knew what to do, he should hurry up and do it. “But, will it take too much time?”

“Of course not!” Robb said, “I have a way to make everyone make the weapons for attacking the city faster.”

He also used the method to let the workers work quickly in Westwind town. After applying BUFFs to the group of orcs, they quickly began to cut trees and make the weapons to attack the city. Anyway, it didn’t need to be very exquisite. Just a simple trick would be enough. The army of the monsters was very powerful. In just an hour, they created several simplest weapons to attack the city.

Of course, an hour was a long time, and Robb’s avatar could only last for half an hour. He used the excuse of peeing to sneak out and make a new avatar. He returned his avatar to Gondor and came to Madeleine. “The monsters are ready. They are about to attack the city.”

Madeleine immediately became nervous when she heard this.

However, Robb smiled and said, “don’t be nervous. Just focus on the drill. As long as I’m here, you won’t lose this battle.”

Madeleine had never fought a battle with Robb and had never seen Robb fight personally. She had only heard a lot about him from the intelligence and was a little confident in his fighting capacity. But from her point of view, she still hoped to fight the battle with her own strength as much as possible, because the most important thing in this battle was the siege of the Capital of Saints. If she used Robb to fight, it would be for nothing.

“I will try my best to fight this battle, and I hope that Godfather will not make a move.”

Robb shrugged and said “I have to fight, at least… I have to give your soldiers the resurrection technique, right? But I can’t keep resurrecting soldiers in front of the monsters, which will frighten them to death. After the battle starts, I will hide in a room in the city. If any soldier dies, tell your people to bring the corpse in, and I will resurrect them in the room, then they can continue to fight.”

Madeleine froze for a moment and thought, [such a convenient way to fight? This meant that there would be a steady flow of soldiers and no one would die? Then what kind of battle would the enemy fight! No, I can’t think of that. I have to try my best to fight with the existing people, not a soldier that can never be used up. Otherwise, my strategy and command will be in trouble.]

Soon, the war began!

The monster army came out of the woods and slowly approached Gondor.

What a huge team! According to Robb’s instructions, they arranged an orderly array, just like the standard and good-looking array in the original book of the Lord of the Rings 3, with a terrifying aura.

There were more than 50000 monsters here. As soon as they came out, the scene was extremely shocking. The wilderness north of Gondor was almost filled with the array arranged by the monsters, and the densely packed heads were surging on the wilderness. In these square legions of monsters, from time to time, there was a huge throwing machine, and a behemoth that was far taller than ordinary monsters. There were imps, double-legged flying dragons, thunder birds, and so on.

Judging from their momentum, an ordinary human town would not even think of fighting, and would directly open to escape.

But Madeleine wouldn’t run away!

Not to mention Robb.

The monsters didn’t expect that when they were lining up in front of the army and threatening the humans, several photographers who came from Westwind town were hiding in the woods on both sides of the military array, including commander Elsie. They carried a camera with “detection” on them and secretly photographed the movements of the army from afar

“What a wonderful scene!” said Elsie “I’m sure that when it’s broadcast in the cinema, it will make all the audience excited in an instant. Number one, you focus on taking the big picture of the whole military array. Number two, you focus on the details, using the camera to capture the close-up shots of monsters like the behemoths, abyssal demons, etc. number three, you focus on Gondor, the nervousness when the city’s guards see the monster approaching…”

Several cameramen did their jobs and tried their best to adjust their equipment.

The man in charge of the number two suddenly laughed and said, “I saw from the camera that Godfather has transformed into a goblin!”


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