After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 590

Chapter 590: Finally it’s my turn

The royal magicians straightened up. Once the Black Earth Knights steadied themselves in front of them, they could fire without scruple. In an instant, dozens of fireballs and ice arrows flew towards the behemoth at the same time. Although the beast was powerful, it was only physically strong, and its magic resistance was not very good. A lot of fireballs and ice arrows hit its body continuously and exploded one after another.

Its huge body stiffened and then slowly fell back. With a bang, the earth and the mountains shook, crushing a large area of goblins.

It was not easy to defeat such a huge monster. This was not a game, but the real world, with weak bodies fighting against a giant monster that was several times higher than them… It was not easy even to pass the psychological test.

Robb gave these brave people a thumbs up from afar.

At this time, the air force of the monsters also moved. The double legged dragon, the thunder birds, and the harpies were the first to fly. They rushed towards the sky above Gondor in a black mass.

Normally, the queen would have many enchanted barriers, such as air defense, anti-long-range magic, anti-transmission. However, Gondor was a temporary model city without these enchanted barriers, so the air force of the monsters easily rushed over the city.

A dragon swooped down from the sky, grabbed the shoulder of a soldier, and then threw him down from the sky. The poor soldier’s head fell on the ground, and in an instant, his soul went to the underworld. He was immediately carried into a room by another soldier, resurrected, and marked as “dead”.

“Watch out for the sky!” shouted the other soldiers


“Where are the manticore knights!”

In the garden behind the Royal Palace, a large group of manticore knights rushed out. There were not many, two hundred, but in fact, a manticore knight should be considered as two layers of fighting power, one from the manticore, and the other from the knight on its back.

The manticores rushed to the army made of the double legged dragons, the thunder birds and the harpies.

The harpies let out a loud roar and released a large number of wind blades.

However, the manticores weren’t cowards. Even without the order of the knight on its back, they slid to the left and right to dodge, dodged the wind blades, and rushed to the front of the harpies. Their scorpion tails swung to stab them, and the harpies screamed and fell down from the sky.

Scorpion venom was not a joke!

The knight on its back was not idle either. They used their bows and shot arrows at the enemy air force, and more harpies fell.

The air forces of both sides collided with each other and flew in the air. It was so lively.

The photographers were thrilled.

At the same time, for the monsters…

A group of abyssal demons looked at Gondor in front of them, relaxed. The battle seemed to be very bad now, but it was a good news for the monsters. Right now, none of the members of the abyssal demon race had taken action. All of them were low intelligent monsters attacking the city, and they were able to fight against the human army in this way.

Then, when the abyssal demons participate in the battle later, the result would be self-evident.

The abyssal archdemon laughed and said, “Mr. Goblin, you’re right. It’s the right time for us to attack Gondor. The city has just been completed, and they haven’t set up a defensive enchanted barrier yet. There are only nine thousand soldiers inside. This is indeed the most suitable time to attack. If they draw the defensive magic arrays and move tens of thousands of residents, it will be really difficult to attack.”

The magic defensive array could help defend the city, while the residents could be transformed into the local army and logistic troops at any time. Therefore, it was easy to defend a big city but difficult to attack. But now Gondor did not have such a magic array.

In the past, the abyssal archdemon had some doubts about Mr. Goblin, but now seeing the combat power of Gondor, he felt that his suggestion was completely correct and no problem at all.

Robb said in a low voice with a smile, “so we’d better fight harder. After we capture this city and wait for the reinforcements from Westwind town to come and kill them, we can immediately wave our troops to Westwind town and bring down two cities in a flash.”

“Hahaha! That’s right!” the abyssal archdemon waved his hand and said, “warriors of the demon race, prepare to join the battlefield and let these humans know what an overwhelming advantage is.”

Hearing this, Robb was secretly happy in his heart. [very good. Since you are going to launch a big attack, the other team I have prepared in advance should also take action.]

He turned back to his avatar. At this time, the avatar was still sitting in the small room, resurrecting people. He turned his head and smiled at the soldiers beside him who were “already dead” and said “There will be corpses later. Put them down first. They will be resurrected after I come back. I have to go out to shoot my scenes.”

Robb himself played as Aragorn in the movie. The next scene was that when the monster army was about to attack Gondor, Aragorn would lead the reinforcements to come, which is why this movie was called “the return of the king”. He was going to play “the return of the king”.

He hid himself first, then flew out of Gondor and came to a forest a few miles away from the west of the city. Here, a large group of actors were already ready. There was a handsome elf who acted as the elf prince, the dwarf leader who acted as Gimli , and another person, Number 32.

Number 32 didn’t come to be an actor, but to order the mass actors. Behind him stood a large group of dead soldiers, which were indeed all skeleton soldiers.

In the original work of the Lord of the Rings, Aragorn finally called in the army of the dead to reverse the situation. Of course, Robb had to use this plot here. And in Westwind Town, there were two necromancers who were good at manipulating the dead, one was number 8, and the other was Number 32.

Number 8 was a cautious man and didn’t like to make trouble. But Number 32 was a good actor, so he had him to help with this scene.

Seeing that Robb was coming, Number 32 hurried up and asked, “is it my turn to come out?”

“Well, almost!” Robb put on the clothes of Aragorn and said with a smile, “but remember, you won’t show up. You will control the skeleton soldiers to come out and attack. Remember, you are not acting. You really want to kill the monsters.”

Number 32 was embarrassed. “But… My strength…”

“Don’t worry about your strength.” Robb patted him on the shoulder and said, “anyone who works for me will suddenly become stronger for no reason. Do you believe it?”

Of course, everyone believed it. Everyone knew that Godfather’s Buff effect was miraculous. It could make a worker lift a big stone of over a thousand pounds and walk fast. Number 32 was overjoyed. “Are you going to give me a strong BUFF and let me go to kill monsters? Haha! That’s excellent. Finally it’s time for me to be a hero.”

“Cut the crap!” Robb said, “you are not allowed to appear in the camera. I will BUFF your skeleton soldiers.”

Number 32: “…”


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