After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 591

Chapter 591: The return of the king

The demons began to fight.

Once they were thrown into the battlefield, the situation would immediately change dramatically.

This race was truly the strongest race among the monsters, and their fighting capacity was incredibly strong.

The little imps crazily swung fireballs up under the city wall. Although the power of each fireball was not very great, it was comparable to that of a human low-level magician. The most important thing was that they didn’t need to chant to throw the fireballs, and they were all instantaneous. Only between the last fireball and the next fireball, they needed to rest for a few seconds.

Therefore, the frequency of their magic was far higher than that of human magicians.

What was more troublesome was that a large group of imps flew up, flapping their small wings and flying directly above the city wall. They looked down at the city guards and threw all kinds of instant magic at them. The city guards were all ignorant and were hit by the magic. If they were only injured, the dark priests would immediately cure them. But if they died in the battle, they could only be carried into the small room, waiting for Robb to resurrect them.

The fireballs kept smashing the city walls, making the soldiers who were guarding the city dare not even poke their heads out. They couldn’t defend, and the ladders of the monsters were smoothly placed on the city walls. A group of orcs and ogres climbed up the ladders crazily. The scene was like the end of the world.

A Black Earth Knight came over with a shield in his hand and loudly commanded the archers to clean up the little imps in the sky. Suddenly, a succubus climbed up the ladder. She waved her hand, and a peach heart shaped magic flew out and slapped the Black Earth Knight. The Black Earth Knight stiffened, and the command slowed down. Involuntarily, he walked towards the demon.

In front of the succubus, he was still in a daze. The succubus threw out a long whip and wrapped it around the Black Earth Knight’s neck. With a crack, his neck was broken. The poor Black Earth Knight “died” and was carried into the room.

Madeleine shouted, “the first city wall can’t be guarded anymore! Retreat to the second defense line according to our military exercises.”

All the soldiers had already found out all the streets and defensive works in Gondor and had carried out many military exercises. As soon as they received the order, they immediately retreated to the second line of defense with ease.

However, a group of hellhounds and howlfiends rushed out of the demon army at an extremely fast speed. They were all demons that ran on their limbs. They were very fast and nimble, and were good at penetrating through the streets. In the blink of an eye, they blocked several soldiers who were retreating to the second line of defense.

They were separated from the second line of defense, making it impossible for them to successfully return to their defensive positions. Soon, all the armed men were “killed”. If it weren’t for the help of the air force, their corpses would have been almost unable to take back the resurrecting room.

Seeing this scene, Madeleine couldn’t help but feel a little shocked. It turned out that the small quick troops could be used to cut off the retreat of the enemy’s first defense line. How powerful! I can learn this move. When we attack Mondra’s lair, our army can also send very fast werewolves, leopards, cat folk, and so on to imitate these hellhounds and howlfiends’ tactics.

Madeleine kept studying and observing!

The loophole in her own defense would be the loophole of Mondra in the future, and the tactics used by the monsters when they attacked the city would become the tactics used by Madeleine when she will attack Mondra’s lair in the future. This was really a battle of killing two birds with one stone, and she had benefited a lot.

However, even though she had benefited a lot from the fight, Madeleine still felt it was a little unbearable.

The demons’ troops were too powerful, and the monsters had an absolute advantage in number. The second line of defense was about to fall, and they were about to lose it.

With a swish, a red shadow flashed beside Madeleine. She suddenly turned her head and saw a monster jumping down from the sky and landing beside her. It turned out that this abyssal demon came double-legged dragon, ready to directly take over the commander in chief of the human army.

As soon as it landed on the ground, it gave Madeleine a punch.

Madeleine didn’t slow down. She dodged sideways, and the demon’s fist missed. The air was rubbed by its fist, making a whistling sound. It seemed that its fist was strong.

“Watch out, sir!” several Black Earth Knights rushed over from the side.

The demon’s punches were all blocked by the Black Earth Knights’ shield walls. Then, the shield wall suddenly cracked from the middle. Madeleine rushed out from the crack in the shield wall, and the holy sword in her hand waved a black light. “Dark Sword!”

“Hahaha! Chick, you are quite strong, but it’s useless. You will only become a delicious meal in my plate. Should I start from scratch or eat from feet first?” the demon laughed and dodged Madeleine’s long sword. He waved his claw at her.

A group of people and a monster fought against each other.

This time, the command system was also temporarily paralyzed. Facing the powerful abyssal demon, Madeleine could not command while fighting. She had to shout, “Vice commander, the command is temporarily yours.”

A magic swordsman jumped out from the crowd. He was the one who had chased after Elsie before. Later, Robb had persuaded him to retreat. (Chapter 112)

It turned out that he was the vice commander of the Black Earth Knights.

He had planned to help Madeleine deal with the demon, but when he heard the order, he had to give up. He took over the command and loudly ordered the soldiers around him to resist the surging monsters.

However, it was useless to resist now. Half of the outer walls of Gondor city had been destroyed, and a large number of demons had poured into the city. The battle could be said to be a sure loss.

An actor among the soldiers suddenly shouted, “where are the reinforcements? Where are our reinforcements?”

“Aragorn will come!” another actor said, “he will definitely come to save us. A real king will definitely appear and save his people.”

The two actors stood on the battlefield of beacon of war and spoke the lines in a voice mixed with emotions. Beside them, there was a photographer who was desperately taking close ups.

This strange scene made a demon who was about to rush up to kill stunned. “What king? These humans are already doomed. Why are they still talking nonsense?”

“Aragorn, come and save us.”

In fact, there was no such disgusting lines in the original book. After reading it, the modern generations would definitely feel disgusted, but these ancient people would like it very much.

Just as the two actors finished their lines, a golden light suddenly lit up in the western wilderness. Aragorn… Wearing the armor of a king, he carried a golden sword in his hand and appeared.

“The return of the king!”


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