After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 592

Chapter 592: Seems like danger is cooking

In the original work, Aragorn didn’t have a flamboyant golden sword, but Robb deliberately made one here. After all, the Lord of the Rings he is recording was different from the original work. For example, the angle of view didn’t always lock on the two hobbits, but gave Aragorn a lot of scenes, and he seemed to be the main character of this film.

Therefore, he must have a flamboyant golden sword. He deliberately put a golden gem on the sword to make it more flamboyant.

His appearance immediately attracted the attention of all the monsters. They all turned around to look at him and saw his tall figure with his back to the sun.

The abyssal archdemon said, “here comes the reinforcements from Westwind town. That person should be the strange priest from Westwind town.”

Standing next to him, Robb, who was in the shape of a goblin, said, “isn’t this just a good chance for him to come? What we want is to surround and kill him. We can defeat him here. Now he doesn’t have a steam tank by his side, nor does he have the wall of Westwind town. This is the best opportunity to defeat him.”

The abyssal archdemon nodded, “yes, you’re right. Monsters! The most crucial battle has come. This strange priest is our biggest enemy. Let’s work together to defeat him.”

After saying that, he turned around and said to Robb, “Mr. Goblin, you will also make a move, right?”

“Of course I will make a move.” Robb patted his chest and said in a righteous indignation, “as an monster, I have an irreconcilable hatred with humans.”

“Well, then we don’t have to be afraid of him.” the abyssal archdemon waved his hand and said, “let’s go and fight against the reinforcements from Westwind town.”

Although some demons had just thrown themselves into the urban warfare, because of the large number of them, there were still many demons that were not involved in the attack. There were still nine abyssal demons left behind, as well as the abyssal archdemon, and a large number of behemoths that were not good at attacking the city. Now they will be used to deal with the reinforcements from Westwind town.

They dashed towards him and shouted, “kill him!”

Robb slowly waved the bright golden sword in his hand forward and shouted, “kill them!”

Then, the most classical scene of “Lord of the Rings 3” appeared. Tens of thousands of soldiers of the dead swarmed out from behind him

“Skeleton soldiers?” the demons were overjoyed.

Skeleton soldiers were not a big deal. They were also extremely low-level and extremely useless scum monsters in the monster army. Even if there were many of them, so what? The powerful demons were not afraid of the skeleton soldiers at all. A giant monster like the behemoth could kill a group of skeleton soldiers with a single kick.

The demons charged at the skeleton soldiers aggressively, as if they could kill all of them with just a casual charge.

Then, the two armies crashed into each other


They were on the verge of collapsing!

It was not that the skeleton soldiers had been turned over, but the demons had been turned over.

“What kind of skeleton soldier is this? Fuck!” An orc looked at the skeleton soldier in front of him in disbelief. The scum soldier had knocked the orc out with a slight bump. It was impossible that there was great power in its thin bone shelf. However, he turned his head and saw something more horrible. Several skeleton soldiers climbed on the back of the giant behemoth and attacked it back and forth. In a few seconds, the giant behemoth was chopped down by the skeleton soldiers and fell to the ground with a loud bang.

“What the hell are these skeleton soldiers?” the orc was shocked.

Not only he was shocked, but also the demons were all shocked. They saw that this group of skeleton soldiers were incomparably ferocious. They could kill whoever they caught or killed. The orcs were chopped down with one attacks, and the ogres were chopped down with another attack. The goblins weren’t even of importance. The hellhounds were knocked down with a single slash. The

It was as if they were chopping melons and vegetables, making the monsters cry.

It was not until they met a powerful monster that they finally faced a wall.

An abyssal demon punched over a skeleton soldier and shouted, “this skeleton soldier has magic buffs, a very powerful one too.”

Another demon was kicking a skeleton soldier away. He replied loudly, “it must be the magic that the strange priest gave to them. As long as we kill him, these skeleton soldiers will return to normal.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

The two demons pounced on Robb at the same time.

Robb could kill them with just two punches and kicks, but he won’t. He was shooting a movie now. He was Aragorn, not Godfahter of Westwind town. He couldn’t underestimate the enemy easily.

He must show sound and light effects to make the audience in front of the TV station satisfied.

His subordinates wanted him to show mercy, so he had to warn himself in this way. He waved his golden sword and fought with the two demon.

This battle was very interesting. Attack and retreated. One person and two demons were fighting fiercely, and the result could not be determined for a long time. However, the skeleton army beat the demon king’s army one after another.

The abyssal archdemon said, “it turns out that the two demons are almost as strong as this strange priest. I thought he was very powerful. Go to the two abyssal demons, quickly end the battle and remove the magic on the skeleton soldiers as soon as possible.”

Two more abyssal demons broke through the skeleton array and joined Robb’s side.

Therefore, he became a man against four demons.

A strange thing happened. Just now, Robb fought against two demons at one time, and it seemed that he was in great danger. In theory, he would be doomed if he added two more demons. But unexpectedly, after adding two more, it still seemed the same.

“Eh?” the abyssal archdemon was stunned. “What’s going on?”

Robb, as the goblin, said seriously, “I think you have to add two more demon.”

“Yes,” the abyssal archdemon agreed. He waved his hand and another two abyssal demons pounced on him.

Now there were six, but it was still difficult. It looked as dangerous as before.

“This is a little strange!” the abyssal archdemon said angrily. “Everyone, just go.”

Now it was nine, but it was still the same as before.

Abyssal archdemon: (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻

He frowned and said, “I feel that something is wrong.”

“Maybe you should go to the battle yourself, so that you would know who this strange priest is,” said Robb, shrugging his shoulders

“That makes sense,” the abyssal archdemon said. “Mr. Goblin, please help me command the army for the time being. I’ll go up and feel the bottom of this priest.”

He pulled out a magic sword and jumped into the battle ring, chopping at Robb.

Therefore, now there were ten demons or nine abyssal demons and one abyssal archdemon. However, the result was still the same.


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